Thursday, 31 May 2012

'Bas2604': Straight Ahead

 Amid the opening week of Nottingham Live satellites, the Black Belt Poker League pulled up on Tuesday for the second leg of its fifteenth outing, players competing for a package to Dusk Till Dawn and the chance to compete at the live felt.

With Berajo picking up the bubble, 20 players were guaranteed a reward, of which included Blue Belt Jamie StilettoMafiosa Burland and reigning Nottingham Live Champion Stuart diiscostu Hyson.

However, despite the fierce competition, it was a Yellow Belt who triumphed, Bradley bas2604 Straight topping a 113-strong field after defeating Mike sceaga2 Shaw heads-up for the $152.55 booty.

As a result, he's now secured a seat in the Second Chance SNG - alongside last week's winner Bruce UsainZeus88 Jones - and will be guaranteed a shot at a Nottingham Live seat whether he captures the overall crown or not.

1st  bas2604 -- $152.55
2nd  sceaga2 -- $90.40
3rd  TFMonty007 -- $56.50
4th  TeeDeeEye1 -- $45.20
5th  ToddCoxeter -- $39.55
6th  FishFuct -- $33.90
7th  NPStars1 -- $28.25
8th  gathechippy -- $22.60
9th  gnomeeeee -- $16.95
10th  ourkidsid -- $11.30
11th  diiscostu -- $6.78
12th  Acarey -- $6.78
13th  ryang3691 -- $6.78
14th  StilettoMafiosa -- $6.78
15th  blackbeltkickbox -- $6.78
16th  livinghope2 -- $6.78
17th  13kendo13 -- $6.78
18th  PhilDee64 -- $6.78
19th  dougiepete -- $6.78
20th  jojosiejo -- $6.78

133 are placed in the standings with ryang3691 leading the way after padding his runner-up spot from Leg 1 with a solid 13th place finish the second time around. He's closely followed by livinginhope2 whilst the aforementioned Jones slips to third after a below-par 54th.

1st  ryang3691 -- 237 points
2nd  livinginhope2 -- 214 points
3rd  UsainZeus88 -- 204 points
4th  wiggy7 -- 202 points
5th  TeeDeeEye1 -- 201 points
6th  DucksDontMOO -- 195 points
7th  13kendo13 -- 192 points
8th  eixip50 -- 189 points
9th  losbert40 -- 188 points
10th  ourkidsid -- 186 points
11th  Berajo -- 185 points
12th  ToddCoxeter -- 184 points
13th  Bartukbb -- 178 points
14th  FalconAyr -- 176 points
15th  AlRawling -- 174 points
16th  liquidpoker101 -- 172 points
17th  PhilDee64 -- 172 points
18th  sceaga2 -- 168 points
19th  TableKnight -- 163 points
20th  jojosiejo -- 163 points

As mentioned, our Nottingham Live satellites set sail this week. The first winner was NinjamanUK in Monday's $15+1.50 freezeout, whilst TheZartog echoed the achievement in Tuesday's $5+0.50 rebuy.

1st  NinjamanUK -- Nottingham Live seat ($200+20)
2nd  daveyb15
3rd  veg41
4th  Kevish47
5th  StilettoMafiosa

1st  TheZartog -- Nottingham Live seat ($200+20)
2nd Touagorimou -- $58.50
3rd  BubbleCloud -- $39.00
4th  BobbersAllin -- $19.50
5th  TheSimian -- $13.00

Meanwhile, AMANESS13 cracked a tough Mulligan that included three Purple Belts: Touagorimou, cheekyweeguy, myteamouse:

1st  AMANESS13 -- $135.00 (50 Belt Points)
2nd  45683ah -- $90.00 (30 Belt Points)
3rd  ourkidsid -- $45.00 (10 Belt Points)
4th  TableKnight -- $30.00 (5 Belt Points)
5th  losbert40 (5 Belt Points)

And Dawn bagpussrocks Cooke earned herself a luxury chip set in the Merchandise Madness Orange Belt freeroll:

1st  bagpussrocks -- Black Belt Poker Chip Set
2nd  stevegw -- Black Belt Poker Hoodie
3rd  Brunson888jnr -- Black Belt Poker Goodie Bag
4th  sixnout -- Black Belt Poker Goodie Bag

With a completely different lineup of finalists for Leg 2, League XV is wide open and ready for plucking as we head into Leg 3. If you fancy winning an all-expenses paid package and competing alongside the Black Belt Poker pros at DTD, then be sure to join us at 19:30 each and every Tuesday, whilst also taking a stab at our satellites. See here for the full schedule of tournaments.

Even if you don't have an account with Black Belt Poker, then it's not too late to join in the fun and partake in our many tournaments. Opening one is easy: simply click here
download the poker client and follow the step-by-step provided.
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Sunday, 27 May 2012

Play Notts Live for a Fiver

 The sun may be shining and the weather sweet, but on August 10-12, the poker action will be hotter than ever as Black Belt Poker return to the East Midlands for Nottingham Live II.

Beaming a ray of value into the popular Dusk Till Dawn Poker Club, the Black Belt Nottingham Live will be a $200+20 No Limit Hold'em tournament with a 40-minute clock and 15,000 starting stack.
The Nottingham Live offers players the unique opportunity to turn a little into a lotto, but starting tonight, you'll have the chance to qualify for even less with our weekly satellites.

Not only can you qualify for as little as five bucks, but we're also guaranteeing an incredible four seats into the Main Event each and every week.

The full satellite schedule is as follows:

$15+1.50 No Limit Hold'em Freezeout
Mondays, 20:00, 1 seat guaranteed into Nottingham Live

$5+0.50 No Limit Hold'em Rebuy/Add-on

Tuesdays, 20:00, 1 seat guaranteed into Nottingham Live

$30+3 No Limit Hold'em Freezeout
Wednesdays, 20:00, 2 seats guaranteed into Nottingham Live

All the above satellites are now available for registration in the online cardroom lobby. If you don't already have an account, then opening one is easy: simply download the poker software and follow the step-by-step process provided.

Alternatively, you can purchase a token via the Black Belt Poker Store. To use Spending Points, sign in to the online community, select Store and find your chosen satellite in the Online Tourney Tokens tab

To register for the Nottingham Live, you can either buy in directly by locating the tournament in Scheduled > Black Belt Tournaments >Nottingham Live Day 1A/1B or by purchasing a token from the Black Belt Poker Store.

Don't forget that League XV continues tomorrow with the overall champion across the eight legs receiving an amazing package into the Nottingham Live. With just one leg in the bag, it's not too late for you to make your mark - and remember, all leg winners are automatically entered into our Second Chance SNG to play for a second seat.

See our promotions page for all the details.

Thursday, 24 May 2012

'UsainZeus' Sets Pace in League XV

This week, players were once again cordially invited to dine on a feast of value and taste the incredible offers being served at Chez Black Belt Poker.

The entrée for the evening was the return of the Black Belt Poker League, celebrating its milestone fifteenth outing with the same fantastic offers that have made is such a permanent fixture among the community.

First prize this time around is an amazing package to the recently announced Nottingham Live, with all leg winners competing for a seat in the Second Chance SNG. Meanwhile, anyone who participates in all eight legs will receive 200 Belt Points just for turning up!

119 took their seat at the table for the opening course, including Black Belt Poker pros Neil Channing, Jamie Burland and Ross Jarvis. Also present was Gary browndog0 Brown who was playing the first of his eight free tickets courtesy of the Season Ticket Giveaway.

The former Champions were also suited and booted and ready to dig their fork into the meaty action: 99Ranny, JHobbit1, bornTOflirt, Werrrrd, StilettoMafiosa, ChipRead77, TeeDeeEye1, russellhansen, myteamouse and reigning Champion Craig ChipRead77 McKelvie.

McKelvie's crown-defending venture got off to a lukepawarm start when he finished in 57th; the tree-topping honours instead went to Bruce UsainZeus88 Jones who bested a tough final table - that included Black Belt and UKIPT Champion Sam KODDZILLA Razavi - to knock back the $160.65 first prize.

1st  UsainZeus88 -- $160.65
2nd  ryang3691 -- $95.21
3rd  KODDZILLA -- $59.50
4th  omnipokerist1 -- $47.60
5th  losbert40 -- $41.65
6th  Touagorimou -- $29.75
7th  wiggy7 -- $29.75
8th  livinginhope2 -- $23.80
9th  DucksDontMOO -- $17.85
10th  45683ah -- $11.90
11th  KBV1TALS -- $7.14
12th  BGlan -- $7.14
13th  myteamouse -- $7.14
14th  TableKnight -- $7.14
15th  tandy26 -- $7.14
16th  4KSuited -- $7.14
17th  Barty1uk -- $7.14
18th  eixip50 -- $7.14
19th  BubbleCloud -- $7.14
20th  liquidpoker101 -- $7.14

Jones' victory comes fresh off a run that would make his Bolt-like namesake look lethargic; impressive performances in the iPOPS iced and garnished with a juicy cherry: second in the inaugural Samurai for $3,030.

And now he's pacesetting in League XV!

1st  UsainZeus88 -- 144 points
2nd  ryang3691 -- 136 points
3rd  KODDZILLA -- 132 points
4th  omnipokerist1 -- 128 points
5th  losbert40 -- 125 points
6th  Touagorimou -- 122 points
7th  wiggy7 -- 119 points
8th  livinginhope2 -- 116 points
9th  DucksDontMOO -- 113 points
10th  45683ah -- 111 points

The following day, 34 Orange Belts battled it out for training treats in our latest Freeroll. The winner was Purple Belt Colin cheekyweeguy Timms who will now be attending Saturday's Academy for the grand total of… zero.

1st  cheekyweeguy - Black Belt Poker Academy
2nd  MajorMustad - One-to-One Enlightenment
3rd  bagpussrocks - 2 Dojo Session Tickets
4th  stevegw - 1 Dojo Session Tickets

Kevin S0lution Birt may have bubbled the Freeroll, but he was back to winning ways in the Mulligan when he toppled the in-form UsainZeus88 to capture the $121.50 first prize.

1st  S0lution -- $121.50 (50 Belt Points)
2nd  UsainZeus88 -- $81.00 (30 Belt Points)
3rd  Touagorimou -- $40.50 (20 Belt Points)
4th  JHobbit1 -- $27.00 (5 Belt Points)
5th  ChipRead77 (5 Belt Points)

This week witnessed more action than a first date with yours truly, but next week is set to be even more turbulent with the start of our Nottingham Live Satellites, kicking off with a $15+1.50 freezeout at 20:00 on Monday with one seat guaranteed. There will also be a $5+0.50 feeder at 21:00 into Wednesday's $30+3 satellite, in which we'll be guaranteeing an incredible two seats.

And, of course, the League will be back for its second leg at the usual time of 19:30. With only one leg in the bag, there's still time for you to make your mark, but be quick; UsainZeus88 is running hotter than the sun and you can't afford to let him get too far in front.

Even if you don't have an account with Black Belt Poker, then it's not too late to join in the fun and partake in our many tournaments. Opening one is easy: simply click here download the poker client and follow the step-by-step provided.

Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Neil Channing Wins WSOP Package

On Sunday night, 2008 Irish Open Champion Neil Channing proved his worth at the cyber felt by securing his ticket to Vegas and winning a WSOP package worth $13,000.

Not only will he now get to play the $10,000 Main Event, but he'll also receive flights, spending money and seven nights accommodation at the exquisite Wynn Casino. Any of Vegas' 'temptations' will have to come from his own pocket.

Channing was one of 39 in iPoker's weekly $500+25 qualifier, which also included Blue Belt Jamie Burland and former League winner Bob Bulman, the latter of whom retrieved his buy-in in eighth.

The victory comes less than a week away from the next Black Belt Poker Academy: WSOP: Winning Your Seat & Surviving Vegas, which takes place on Saturday, May 26 at Aspers Casino, Stratford.

If you would like to pick his brains and find out exactly how he won his seat, then grab a ticket now by emailing Alternatively, you can purchase a seat through the Black Belt Poker Store.
Joining Neil will be Jamie Burland and Alex Rousso, both of whom have extensive experience in playing the WSOP Main Event and its many qualifiers.

See here for further details.

"I'd already had a crack at few of these," revealed Channing, "but with the Academy just around the corner, I thought I'd better go ahead and win one.

"We're hosting a number of great satellites at the moment with packages to suit everyone, so hopefully this Saturday I can help others win their seat and join me in Vegas."

Channing isn't the only Black Belt Poker player who'll be playing the Series for a cut-price. In the very first satellite, Green Belt Chris Nicol won a package for just $66 and will now be vying for millions of dollars in the Main Event.

See our promotions page for details of all satellites.

Monday, 21 May 2012

Return of the Samurai

Samurai are fierce, but noble warriors, known for their loyalty, courage, and ability to bounce back even stronger after suffering a setback or tasting defeat.

On Thursday, August 30, we're giving you another chance to reenter the battlefield and showcase your never-say-die attitude with the return of The Samurai.

To buy in directly, locate the tournament in Scheduled > Black Belt Tournaments > The Samurai and select 'register'. Alternatively, you can purchase a token from the Store with Spending Points.

If you don't yet have an account, then opening one couldn't be easier: simply click here to download the poker client and follow the step-by-step process provided.

The Samurai is Black Belt Poker's biggest online tournament, pitting amateurs and pros alike as they fight it out over a $10,000 guaranteed prize pool. Entry costs $250+25 with players competing with the same weapons: a 5,000 starting stack and 12-minute clock.

Last time, Alan fatty49 Vinson became the first ever Samurai Champion when he defeated 56 others to capture the crown and $4,480 first prize.

The lineup was tougher than a two-dollar steak with the likes of Toby Lewis, Praz Bansi, and Rupert Elder, but there were also 19 qualifiers who earned their seat via Black Belt Poker.

As before, there will be a selection of satellites and feeders into Samurai available via the Black Belt Poker cardroom. Keep your eyes peeled over the coming weeks for further details.

Forget the Seven Samurai, we haven't found a second one yet. Maybe it'll be you...

See our promotions page for all the details.

Thursday, 17 May 2012

Academy: Winning Your WSOP Seat

It's WSOP season once again and the bright lights of Vegas are beckoning as players look to win a golden ticket to the biggest event of the year.

But like many, you may find yourself bemused and bewildered by the array of choices available and unsure as to the optimal path to securing your seat.

Don't fear, as help is at hand.

On Saturday, May 26, Black Belt Poker will be returning to Asper's Casino, Stratford for its latest Academy: WSOP: Winning Your Seat & Surviving Vegas.

The time around, attendees will be treated to a wealth of experience and knowledge courtesy of our trio of mentors: Alex Rousso, Neil Channing and Blue Belt Jamie Burland, all of whom have attended the WSOP on multiple occasions.

Although the main focus of the day will be on satellites, other topics will be covered including Main Event strategy and tips on surviving Vegas. There will also be an optional last-longer for attendees in Asper's £50 freezeout with the last man or woman standing winning a free seat into a future Academy.

The full schedule is as follows:

     12:00     Introduction: 2012 WSOP Satellites
     12:15     Workshop - Live Satellite Simulation
     13:00     Online Satellite strategy
     13:15     Workshop - Online Satellite Simulation
     14:00     Break
     14:15     Online Satellite Hand Analysis
     14:45     WSOP M.E: Early Stage Strategy
     15:00     Workshop - WSOP M.E. Simulation
     15:45     Break
     16:00     WSOP M.E: Mid-Stage Strategy
     16:15     Workshop - WSOP M.E. Simulation
     17:00     Mini Workshop - Surviving Vegas
     17:55     Seminar Ends
     18:00     Optional £50 Tournament (with Last-Longer)

Tickets remain a bargain-bucket price of just £99. To secure your seat, simply drop us a line at, where you'll then be guided through the various payment options. Alternatively, you can purchase a ticket with Spending Points via the Black Belt Poker Store.

On Tuesday, May 22, we're offering players the chance to qualify for just $10+1 in an exclusive Academy satellite. The action starts at 20:30 and the tournament can be located under: Scheduled > Black Belt Tournaments  > Academy Qualifier.

Whether you're planning a visit to Vegas or not, this will prove an invaluable experience for anyone wishing to refine their satellites skills for any event. So don't delay, book your seat now to avoid disappointment and we look forward to seeing you in the October Nine.
See our training page for further details.

Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Merry Men in League XV

For the League's fifteenth venture, we're forming a band of merry men by giving away two free seats into the recently announced Black Belt Nottingham Live II, including an exclusive package for the overall champion.

Set to return to the Dusk Till Dawn Poker Club on August 10-12, Nottingham Live will once again see players battle it out across the live felt for the paltry price of $200+20, with the usual array of bounties, bonuses and added value.

But before you reach for that cyber wallet, however - we're offering you a bargain-bucket route to the East Midlands with our latest Black Belt Poker League, spanning eight legs starting from 19:30, Tuesday, May 22.

The eventual champion in the final standings will receive accomodation, travel expenses, and free entry into the Main Event, as well as a personalised Black Belt Poker hoodie and those all-important bragging rights.

Meanwhile, the remaining top 10 will win satellite tokens and Belt Points, whilst all leg winners will be automatically entered into a Second Chance SNG to compete for a second Nottingham Live seat. In addition, anyone who participates in every leg will earn a loyalty bonus of 200 Belt Points.

The event will appear in the lobby under Scheduled > Black Belt Tournaments and costs $5+0.50 to enter. You can also buy in using Spending Points by purchasing a token in the Black Belt Poker Store.
Points for each leg will be awarded in reverse order, so that in a 50-runner event, 50th would earn 1 point, and 1st 50 points. The top 10 finishers per leg receive the following additional points:

1st          25 Points
2nd         18 Points
3rd          15 Points
4th          12 Points
5th          10 Points
6th          08 Points
7th          06 Points
8th          04 Points
9th          02 Points
10th        01 Point

Prizes will be awarded as follows:

1st         Nottingham Live Package & Personalised Hoodie
1,000 Belt Points & $30+3 Nottingham Live satellite token
3rd         800 Belt Points & $30+3 Nottingham Live satellite token
4th         700 Belt Points & $15+1.50 Nottingham Live satellite token
5th         600 Belt Points & $15+1.50 Nottingham Live satellite token
6th         500 Belt Points & $5+0.50 Nottingham Live satellite token
7th         400 Belt Points & $5+0.50 Nottingham Live satellite token
8th         300 Belt Points & $5+0.50 Nottingham Live satellite token
9th         200 Belt Points & $5+0.50 Nottingham Live satellite token
10th       100 Belt Points & $5+0.50 Nottingham Live satellite token
Last time, Orange Belt Craig McKelvie became the newest League winner when he took down the fourteenth League to date. As a result, he got to participate in our inaugural $250+25 Samurai on May 3 where he finished a credible 12th place. First prize paid $4,480.

Tom Drew and Adam Saunders have both done it twice, but next time - as the giant blue finger would say - it could be you...

Previous Winners:

League I:       Adam Saunders
League II:     Mark Brassington
League III:    David Meunier
League IV:     Andy Brisland
League V:      Trevor Myers
League VI:     Mark Ranson
League VII:    Tom Drew
League VIII:   Trevor Ingman
League IX:     Jamie Burland
League X:      Tom Drew
League XI:     Robert Bulman
League XII:    Mark Atkinson
League XIII:   Adam Saunders
League XIV:    Craig McKelvie
League XV:     ?...

To download the software, simply click here
and follow the step-by-step process provided.

For more information on the Black Belt Poker League, see our promotions page.

Monday, 14 May 2012

Black Belt Live Returns to Nottingham

Robin Hood was famed for his generosity, and Black Belt Poker will be echoing that sentiment as we return to Dusk Till Dawn for this year's Black Belt Nottingham Live.

Nottingham Live II will take place on August 10-12 and will feature the usual splash of added value including Belt bonuses and pro bounties. Already confirmed are Black Belts Neil Channing, Richard Ashby and Sam Razavi.

Registration is now available via the cardroom lobby at Scheduled >  Black Belt Tournaments > Nottingham Live Day 1A/B.

If you don't have an account at Black Belt Poker, simply download the poker software and follow the step-by-step process provided.

The Main Event will be a $200+20 No Limit Hold'em Freezeout with two start-days leading to Sunday's final. The structure will involve 15,000 starting stacks and a 40-minute clock, meaning players can enjoy a deep-stacked tournament at an affordable price.

To cater for bankrolls of all sizes, satellites will be available from Monday, May 28 until August 1 with fours seats guaranteed every week, whilst Orange Belts and above will also be treated to freerolls. See our tournaments page for full details.

"We're starting to get the hang of these live events," commented Neil Channing, "but now that we've done a few, it's a challenge to keep making each one better and I look forward to that challenge. Luckily, DTD undestand that looking after the players is the solution and that's why we're delighted to go there again."

Last year, Stuart 'The Dyson' Hyson became inaugural Champion when he bested a field of 492 to capture the title. He took away $15,500 after toppling Daniel Robertson heads-up, including $1,500 in added money for being an Orange Belt and eliminating bounty Nick Wealthall.

With an increased buy-in this time around, the rewards will be even bigger! So secure your seat now and ensure you join the hundreds of other merry men in Nottingham as they look to (Friar) Tuck into all the sumptuous value on offer.

Check out our promotions page for further details.

Monday, 7 May 2012

WSOP Warrior Master League

For those of you who donned tassels and facepaint as a kid, shook the imaginary ropes in your bedroom, and bamboozled your own reflection with unfathomable promos, we're offering you the chance to finally fulfill that childhood dream and become the Ultimate Warrior.

In this case, however, you won't be running to the wrestling ring, but into the squared circle of the poker world as the WSOP Warrior Master League returns for its second outing.
This time around, we're serving up in excess of $100,000 in prizes, including an incredible 15 packages to the World Series of Poker. There will be four Main Event packages, with the winner, the Ultimate Warrior, receiving the full Warrior Package worth $16,300!

The $100,000 plus in prizes will be awarded as follows:

1st               The Warrior Package ($16,300)
2nd              Main Event & Side Events Package ($15,050)
3rd               Main Event Package ($13,100)
4th               Main Event Package ($13,100)
5th               Side Events Package ($5,945)
6th               Side Events Package ($5,945)
7th               Experience Event Package ($3,745)
8th               Experience Event Package ($3,745)
9th               Experience Event Package  ($3,745)
10th             Experience Event Package ($3,745)
11-15th        WSOP Side Event Package ($3,550)
16-20th        Mega Satellite Token ($2,625)
21st-50th      WSOP Experience Super Satellite Token ($1,650)

The League will run from May 7 to May 28, with players competing in six MTTs for a one-time fee of $200+15. After the six legs have concluded, the top 50 in the standings will progress to a Grand Final where points will be worth double.

But don't delay, as the WSOP Warrior Master League kicks off tonight, at 20:00, with the opening leg: a good ol' fashioned No Limit Hold'em freezeout. And if you're quick, you can purchase a token in the Store using your Spending Points.

Event #1:     Mon, May 07 - No Limit Hold’em Freezeout
Event #2:     Wed, May 09 - No Limit Hold’em Turbo Freezeout
Event #3:     Mon, May 14 - No Limit Hold’em Six-Handed Freezeout
Event #4:     Wed, May 16 - No Limit Hold’em Deep Stack Freezeout
Event #5:     Mon, May 21 - No Limit Hold’em Deep Stack Turbo Freezeout
Event #6:     Wed, May 23 - No Limit Hold’em Six-Handed Freezeout
Grand Final:  Mon, May 28 - No Limit Hold’em Freezeout

If you're unable to make tonight's opener, then you can still participate by entering our Registration B option, which will enable you to play Events #2-6. And you won't be at a huge disadvantage as the leaderboard will take into account your best five performances.

Last year, Black Belt Poker player Hasmukh Khodiyara became Ultimate Warrior when he topped the league for a Main Event package. He then went on to cash in two WSOP events for over $20,000. 

To follow in his footsteps, locate the WSOP Warrior A Super Satellite and click 'register'. (For Events #2-6, select WSOP Warrior B Super Satellite.)

If you don’t currently have an account, then signing up is easy: just download the poker client
the software and follow the simple steps provided.

For full details of this year's WSOP Warrior Master League see our promotions page.

Alan Vinson Becomes Last Samurai

Last Thursday, players were invited to sharpen their swords and prepare their battle cry for the first ever Samurai, a $250+25 freezeout exclusive to Black Belt Poker players.

56 warriors entered the battlefield in the end, and what a fearsome lineup it was with bracelet holders and EPT winners sharing the felt with our many qualifiers, four of whom had secured their spot via the previous night's mega satellite.

Accompanying the likes of Scott Shelly, Richard Ashby and Praz Bansi, were Rupert Elder and Toby Lewis, whilst Blue Belts Ross Jarvis and Jamie Burland also came along for the ride.

As David Lloyd spurted first blood, the early action also witnessed the demise of Nottingham Live Champion Stuart Hyson, TV presenter Ashley Hames, and former Blue Belt David Docherty.

With the money nearing, Neil Channing - who had earned his spot for just $5.50 - was one of the remaining soldiers until he suffered the wrath of Bruce UsainZeus88 Jones to fall in 10th. With League winner Craig McKelvie shoving before him with A-Q, Channing re-jammed Q-Q only for Jones to call with A-K and spike a second bullet for a crucial double K.O.

After lordmatt0 felt the splash of the bubble and won the suffix to his moniker, and Elder and Simon ourkidsid Herrick dropped in eighth and seventh, we had our final table of six with Jones roaring loudest. But when Nik Persaud's three-bet shove with K-9 was picked off by Alan fatty49 Vinson's A-7s, it was the Vic veteran who led the way.

Dave deadlydaveLDN Eames was no longer deadly when he departed in fifth, before being joined on the cyber rail by PieceOfHeaven in fourth. And when Richard generalshifty Hurst's coin was buttered the wrong side with J-J versus Vinson's A-K, we were down to our final two gladiators.

After a brief clash, it was Vinson who emerged as the last Samurai, forcing Jones to settle for second and $3,030. The victor, meanwhile, collected $4,480 of spoils and took his throne as the Lord of the Samurai.

1st  fatty49 -- $4,480
2nd  UsainZeus88 -- $3,030
3rd  generalshifty -- $1,890
4th  PieceOfHeaven -- $1,400
5th  deadlydaveLDN -- $1,050
6th  NikPersaud -- $840
7th  ourkidsid -- $700
8th  ididntsodont -- $560

The Samurai proved a fun, yet competitive event with both pros and amateurs alike locking horns, whilst also proving that you don't need to spend hours working your way through a four-figure field to win a handsome sum.

With a $10,000 guarantee and a deep-stacked structure, our quarterly Samurai is an exciting event that all players should be adding to their schedule. Qualifiers will be restarting in the next week or two, so keep your eyes peeled as we once again begin our quest to find the next true Samurai.
For more information on Samurai see our promotions page.

Friday, 4 May 2012

Morris Dances into Samurai

We were joined by two fat ladies earlier this week as 88 hopefuls invested $5+0.50 into the eighth and final leg of the Black Belt Poker League.

Their ultimate goal was varied: a handful were still in contention for a star prize; some were looking to sneak into the top 10; whilst others were merely playing for the craic, or ensuring they secured the 200 Belt Points in loyalty bonus for competing in all eight legs - whatever the motive, the field was hungrier than a Hasbro hippo, and everyone wanted to garnish their eight-week venture with a win.

In what has become a rare occurrence, the League XIV crown was wide open as we entered the final battle, and when League leader David liquidpoker101 Manders slipped on a banana peel early doors, eyes lit up like Christmas lights with second place Sean 10Royals Lassman the new favourite to capture gold.

It was all change on the final table with a completely different lineup to the week prior, but one key name shone out like a beacon: Craig ChipRead77 McKelvie. McKelvie had commenced proceedings in a modest seventh place, but his fourth place finish in the home straight was enough for him to top the table at the death and turn off his monitor as the latest Black Belt Poker League Champion.

1st  TheSimian -- $121.00
2nd  yuoravinalaf -- $81.40
3rd  browndog0 -- $61.60
4th  ChipRead77 -- $41.80
5th  Berajo -- $30.80
6th  griffiyid7777 -- $23.10
7th  sceaga2 -- $18.70
8th  CareybearBBP -- $15.40
9th  G3OFF -- $13.20
10th  gnomeeee -- $11.00
11th  brigal19 -- $11.00
12th  JosseWales -- $11.00

First and second prize offered a free seat into the inaugural Samurai, a $250+25 online freezeout with a $10,000 guaranteed prize pool. Whilst ChipRead77 undoubtedly snapped up one spot, the second was somewhat more contentious as 10Royals and Simon ourkidsid Herrick finished on the exact same tally.

In the end, the two runner-ups opted to split the prize points 75/25 and also any potential Samurai winnings, with ourkidsid chosen as the soldier to enter the Samurai battlefield - and as you'll read later this week, it proved to be a lucrative decision.

1st  ChipRead77 (540 points) -- Samurai Seat & Personalised Hoodie
=2nd  ourkidsid (533 points) -- Samurai Seat
=2nd  10Royals (533 points) -- 1,000 Belt Points
4th  BoatDrink (526 points) -- 750 Belt Points
5th  liquidpoker101 (518 points) -- 600 Belt Points
6th  PhilDee64 (495 points) -- 500 Belt Points
7th  gnomeeee (489 points) -- 400 Belt Points
8th  myteamouse (488 points) -- 300 Belt Points
9th  sandy1611 (478 points) -- 200 Belt Points
10th  7onyB (476 points) -- 100 Belt Points

11th  JosseWales (469 points)
12th  sprinterz (456 points)
13th  bagpussrocks (456 points)
14th  TeeDeeEye1 (455 points)
15th  Touagorimou (455 points)
16th  S0lution (454 points)
17th  Stewboi (450 points)
18th  thehingster (443 points)
19th  russellhansen (435 points)
20th  adygolf (431 points)

Despite the conclusion of the League, the excitement was far from over as the lineup of esteemed leg winners still had a shot of playing the Samurai via the Second Chance SNG, an eight-handed encounter that including Leg 8 winner Simon TheSimian Morris.

Completing what was a fantastic story, he defeated Matthew The8ofSpades Cox heads-up to tie up his seat, and prove that even if you've come last in Legs 1-7 (admittedly, a tough feat), you can still taste glory by taking down the final leg.

1st  TheSimian -- Samurai seat ($250+25)
2nd  The8ofSpades
3rd  mikeymixitup
4th  russellhansen
5th  lionrampant27
6th  PhilNe2Q
7th  DConTour1
8th  DSchauzerSoze04

Of course, the League wasn't your only path into the Samurai as on Wednesday we hosted a $30+3 Super Satellite with four seats guaranteed into the following night's Main Event.

The lucky winners were an eclectic bunch, and included 2008 Irish Open Champion Neil Channing who - along with eixip50 - would be playing Samurai for a mere five bucks after qualifying through one of seven feeders.

1st  NeilChanning -- Samurai seat ($250+25)
2nd  deadlydaveLDN -- Samurai seat ($250+25)
3rd  99Ranny -- Samurai seat ($250+25)
4th  eixip50 -- Samurai seat ($250+25)
5th  Elysiumjay
6th  Werrrrd
7th  sprinterz
8th  UsainZeus88
9th  losbert40
10th  NPStars1

In other news, our latest Orange Belt Freeroll was the usual hotly contested affair, with former Blue Belt Gavin TFMonty007 Hall and Northern Poker Stars head honcho Ken NPStars1 Johnston the feasting on the two sumptuous rewards: a free seat into Sunday's iPOPS Main Event.

1st  TFMonty007 -- iPOPS Main Event seat ($125+15)
2nd  NPStars1 -- iPOPS Main Event seat ($125+15)
3rd  stokelad112
4th  BoraBoraBoy
5th  ourkidsid

And, finally… this week's Mulligan, graced by 25 of Black Belt Poker's finest, and won by Chris losbert40 Osborne.

1st  losbert40 -- $150.00 (50 Belt Points)
2nd  JHobbit1 -- $101.25 (30 Belt Points)
3rd  G3OFF -- $56.25 (10 Belt Points)
4th  nickhem1 -- $37.50 (5 Belt Points)
5th  Ourkid888 -- $30 (5 Belt Points)

Our congratulations go out to all of this week's winners, and in particular League XIV Champion Craig ChipRead77 McKelvie whose last-gasp triumph means he's now joined a very illustrious list indeed.

If you're already feeling those withdrawal symptoms, then don't fear, as League XV is right around the corner with kick-off scheduled for Tuesday, May 22.
Even if you don't have an account with Black Belt Poker, then it's not too late to join in the fun and partake in our many tournaments. Opening one is easy: simply click here download the poker client and follow the step-by-step provided.

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