Thursday, 28 March 2013

No Chop for Lamonby

It was all systems go this week as the Black Belt Poker League returned to Super Tuesday, this time offering two lucky players a free seat into Samurai, an exclusive $250+25 freezeout with a $10,000 guaranteed prize pool.

A total of 117 were determined to get off to the best possible start, but only one could achieve that goal: Orange Belt Paul 2LAMCHOP2 Lamonby, who less than a week ago had earned a free one-to-one session with acclaimed coach Jared Tendler courtesy of the Mental Mayhem Orange Belt Freeroll.

This score, however, netted him $146.29 in spondoolies, while second place finisher Mark VBlueBBP Varela received $99.45. Failing to make the money but finishing in a credible 33rd place was reigning League Champion Mark bornTOflirt Atkinson.

1st  2LAMCHOP2 -- $146.29
2nd  VBlueBBP -- $99.45
3rd  themeatball -- $76.05
4th  PastiemanCnAC -- $54.11
5th  myteamouse -- $38.02
6th  WiseOwlBB -- $30.71
7th  HammerHorror -- $24.86
8th  TeeDeeEye1 -- $20.47
9th  0LuckyBeerLady0 -- $16.08
10th  russellhansen -- $14.04
11th  kippery -- $14.04
12th  forgot2piknik -- $14.04
13th  eixip50 -- $12.28
14th  BlackMadonna26 -- $12.28
15th  sandy1611 -- $12.28

As a result, the initial standings are as such:

1st  2LAMCHOP2 -- 142 points
2nd  VBlueBBP -- 134 points
3rd  themeatball -- 130 points
4th  PastiemanCnAC -- 126 points
5th  myteamouse -- 123 points
6th  WiseOwlBB -- 120 points
7th  HammerHorror -- 117 points
8th  TeeDeeEye1 -- 114 points
9th  0LuckyBeerLady0 -- 111 points
10th  russellhansen -- 109 points
11th  kippery -- 107 points
12th  forgot2piknik -- 106 points
13th  eixip50 -- 105 points
14th  BlackMadonna26 -- 104 points
15th  sandy1611 -- 103 points
16th  clevski -- 102 points
17th  floppingjim -- 101 points
18th  baligirl13 -- 100 points
19th  ToddCoxeter -- 99 points
20th  moriarty3 -- 98 points

With just one leg in the bag and extra points for making the final table, it's not too late for you to join in if you missed Leg 1. The League is open to all Yellow Belts and above, and takes place every Tuesday at 19:30.

Also enjoying fruitful times is Adam JHobbit1 Saunders, who completed an impressive double by taking down the Deepstack Mulligan and Orange Belt Freeroll in the same night. For the latter, he's earned $100 of sponsorship in Neil Channing as he heads to Dublin for the Irish Open in a bid to repeat his winning performance from the 2008.

1st  JHobbit1 -- $67.50 (50 Belt Points)
2nd  stevegw -- $40.50 (30 Belt Points)
3rd  Touagorimou -- $27.00 (20 Belt Points)
4th  dionysian (10 Belt Points)
5th  S0lution (5 Belt PointS)

1st  JHobbit1 -- $100 sponsorship
2nd  Ourkid888 -- $50 sponsorship
3rd  ourkidsid -- $25 sponsorship
4th  TheSimian -- $25 sponsorship

This week witnessed the announcement of East End Live II, which will grace Stratford shores this May 10-12. We're not hanging around; satellites are already up and running, with the first one taking place tonight at 20:00. The buy-in is $30+3 with one seat guaranteed, and for those practising disciplined bankroll management, there's a $5+0.50 feeder an hour earlier at 19:00.

To buy in directly, simply locate the tournament in Scheduled > Black Belt Tournaments and click 'register'.

To download the software, simply click here and follow the step-by-step process provided.
Previous reports:

League XIX Starts Tonight

Wednesday, 27 March 2013

East End Live Returns to Stratford

The Olympics may be forming a distant memory, but the games will continue in Stratford with Black Belt Poker's latest live event.

East End Live II will span three days from May 10-12 with players choosing from two starting days before advancing to Sunday to battle it out over a $50,000 guaranteed prize pool.

After a successful debut last year, East End Live will be returning to the popular Aspers Casino in Westfield, which boasts a 65,000-square foot casino and 24/7 poker room.

Registration is already available in the Black Belt Poker lobby under Scheduled > Black Belt Tournaments. Alternatively, you can purchase a token from the Black Belt Poker Store.

The buy-in will be $200+20, but to cater for bankrolls of all sizes we're hosting a plethora of satellites, starting with a $30+3 freezeout tomorrow at 20:00 with one seat guaranteed.

"We're delighted to be returning to Aspers for East End Live," commented Black Belt Poker co-founder Neil Channing. "It's quickly become one of the best places to play poker in the country, and if last time is anything to go by, players can look forward to another fun and exciting event."

Last year, 20-year old Sonny Pomroy became the inaugural Champion when he defeated a field of 391 to capture the illustrious title and $13,300 first prize.

If you're yet to attend a Black Belt Live event and would like to not only follow in Sonny's footsteps, but also experience a deep-stacked tournament at an affordable price, then make sure you join us this May.

Let the games recommence!

See our promotions page for more details, including FAQ.

Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Channing Sales to Victory

The Spring Sales kicked off with a bang last night as Black Belt Neil Channing proved he's more than just a face by taking down the opening event.

The action commenced with the $20,000 Guaranteed Rebuy, a tournament that usually costs $50+5, but was sliced in half to just $25+2.50.

A total of 303 took advantage of the discount, but it was the 2008 Irish Open and 2010 GUKPT Champion who led the way with a first place finish for a marvellous $4,162.95.

Must be nice.

He wasn't the only Black Belt Poker player to reap the rewards; picking up the bronze medal for $2,378.75 was 'Pepper4000', while 'Pokerchu38' collected $324.37 in 11th.

"Having spent the whole day telling people how great the Spring Sales events are, I convinced myself that I just had to play," beamed Channing. "It was around three hundred players and about seven hours later that I saw the amazing graphics that pop-up when you win an event on Black Belt Poker.

"It's lucky I'm such a great salesman."

Although Black Belt Poker were unable to make their mark on the Omaha event later that evening, there's another chance tonight with the $10,000 GP Freezeout at 19:00.

The buy-in is usually $50+5, but we're once again slashing the price by 50 percent so you can battle it out for the same fantastic guarantee at the reduced cost of $25+2.50.

The Spring Sales is a series of 30 tournaments with discounts of up to 70 percent, along with 4 added-money events. In total, we're guaranteeing over $600,000 in prize pools.

Discounts include the $30+3 Wednesday $25,000 GTD which is now just $10+1, and the $200+15 $200,000 Sunday Special which has been knocked down to a mere $120+10.

If you think you can echo the achievement of Channing, then check out all the events now via the Black Belt Poker lobby under Scheduled > Spring Sales.

See the boards to keep up with all the action and update other members on your progress, or use the hashtag #bbsales when Tweeting.

Click here for more information on the Spring Sales.

League XIX Starts Tonight

Two weeks ago, Yellow Belt Mark bornTOflirt Atkinson raised the bar when he took down League XVIII, capturing his second League crown in crushing style and earning himself a free seat into the upcoming East End Live II.

For the League's nineteenth outing, we're swapping brick and mortar for the cyber felt and inviting Black Belt Poker's finest warriors to battle for one of two free seats into Samurai.

Armed with a $10,000 guaranteed prize pool and a $250+25 entry fee, Samurai is a quarterly online tournament exclusive to Black Belt Poker, meaning you don't have to defeat hundreds of opponents to win a major prize.

There are weekly satellites from as little as $5+0.50, but with League XIX you can qualify for free. The first leg takes place tonight, Tuesday, March 26 and costs just $5+0.50 to play. The tournament is open to Yellow Belts and above.

As usual, the League will run over eight legs, taking place every Tuesday at 19:30. The event can be located in the lobby under Scheduled > Black Belt Tournaments. You can also buy in using Belt Points by purchasing a token in the Black Belt Poker Store.

Points for each leg will be awarded in reverse order, so that in a 50-runner event, 50th would earn 1 point, and 1st 50 points. The top 10 finishers per leg receive the following additional points:

1st          25 Points
2nd         18 Points
3rd          15 Points
4th          12 Points
5th          10 Points
6th          08 Points
7th          06 Points
8th          04 Points
9th          02 Points
10th        01 Point

This time, we're also giving away satellite seats to those who make it into the top 10, but just miss out on a star prize. Meanwhile, positions 11-20 will all receive 100 Belt Points a piece:

1st         Samurai Seat & Personalised Hoodie
2nd        $35+3.50 Samurai Mega Satellite Seat
3rd         $35+3.50 Samurai Mega Satellite Seat
4th         $35+3.50 Samurai Mega Satellite Seat
5th         $35+3.50 Samurai Mega Satellite Seat
6th         3 x $5+0.50 Samurai Satellite Rebuy Seats
7th         2 x $5+0.50 Samurai Satellite Rebuy Seats

8th         2 x $5+0.50 Samurai Satellite Rebuy Seats
9th         $5+0.50 Samurai Satellite Rebuy Seat
10th       $5+0.50 Samurai Satellite Rebuy Seat11-20th  100 Belt Points

We're also offering all leg winners who missed out on the top two spots one final bite of the cherry in a Second Chance SNG. The SNG will take place the week following the final leg of the League on Tuesday, May 21, with the last man sitting reaping the same rewards as the overall winners and earning free entry into Samurai on May 22.
This means that even if you're in last place with just one leg to go, you still have a chance of winning the star prize!

And it doesn't end there. Anyone who manages to sweet-talk the Mrs. (or Mr.) and escape to the computer to play all eight league legs will be rewarded with an additional 150 Belt Points. That's extra value just for turning up, regardless of your final position in the standings!

BornTOflirt dominated the most recent League. Next time - as the giant blue finger would say - it could be you...

Previous Winners:

League I:            Adam Saunders
League II:           Mark Brassington
League III:          David Meunier
League IV:          Andy Brisland
League V:           Trevor Myers
League VI:          Mark Ranson
League VII:         Tom Drew
League VIII:        Trevor Ingman
League IX:          Jamie Burland
League X:           Tom Drew
League XI:          Robert Bulman
League XII:         Mark Atkinson
League XIII:         Adam Saunders
League XIV:         Craig McKelvie
League XV:          Stephen Dickson        
League XVI:         Robbie Ayres
League XVII:        Spencer Lawrence
League XVIII:       Mark Atkinson
League XIX:          ?...

To download the software, simply click here and follow the step-by-step process provided.

Thursday, 21 March 2013

Monkey Magic Bimonthly Freeroll

We've got some great monkey news for you today as Black Belt Poker announce their latest loyalty freeroll: Monkey Magic.

Monkey Magic is a new exclusive freeroll in which players are invited to grab a monkey, and scrap it out for a cool $500 in online tournament entries.

The winning player will earn entry into a dozen online events such as the $250+25 Samurai, the $80+8 Sunday Warm-Up, and every single one of Black Belt Poker's weekly tournaments.

Meanwhile, second and third place will both receive entry into seven juicy events, totalling $200 and $100 respectively.

Replacing Grab a Grand, the new Monkey Magic freeroll will take place every two months, making it that much easier to secure a seat.

To become eligible, all you have to do is be Orange Belt or above in the Belt-Up Rewards System for just two months.

Whether you're a new player, or have dropped down from a higher Belt, as long as you are a minimum of Orange Belt, you will be invited to play.

The first event will take place on Thursday, June 06. This means that you will need to be Orange Belt for May 01, and then hold on to your Belt for June 01.

There's no monkey business going on here - we're truly offering you $500 in free entries just for playing on Black Belt Poker.

Getting to Orange Belt is a doddle, and requires players to earn a mere 500 Belt Points through their play at the Black Belt Poker skin.

Even if you're yet to sign up to Black Belt Poker, you still have over five weeks to hit Orange for May and be in contention for the freeroll.

To open an account, simply click here and follow the step-by-step process provided.
Orange Belt already brings a plethora of other rewards, including our weekly Orange Belt Freerolls. Only last night, Paul Lamonby won a free 1-to-1 training session with acclaimed poker coach Jared Tendler in our first ever Mental Mayhem Freeroll.

If you want to take advantage, then join us at Orange Belt and make sure you maintain your Belt for the first ever Monkey Magic.

See here for more information, including a breakdown of the prizes.

Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Blue Belt Hits for Four at WPT

The WPT National made its London debut this week as it graced the shores of Aspers Casino in Stratford.

A total of 218 stumped up the $1,650 entry fee, including Blue Belt and reigning Nottingham Live Champion Kevin 'Kevish47' Williams.

With recent cashes at UKIPT Edinburgh and GUKPT London, Kevin carried his momentum into this event with yet another in-the-money finish.

This time, however, he worked his way onto the final fifth in chips with 394,000. Meanwhile, veteran Carlo Citrone sat on a short stack of 66,000 and chip leader Elior Sion held 1,731,000.

Despite a dogged showing, Kevin ultimately departed in a respectable fourth place, picking up a round £25,000 for his troubles.

His final hand saw him three-bet shove Kc-Tc, only to be looked up by the Kd-Jd of Robin Fisher. The Qd-8s-9c-9h-Th board was close, but no cigar, and Kevin was gone.

The eventual winner was Reece Lewis. He defeated Elior Sion heads-up with A-A versus A-T to collect the title and £80,000 first prize.

Kevin isn't the only Black Belt Poker player to have come close to gold. In March, fellow Blue Belt Jamie Burland cashed in EPT London for £11,000, while Black Belt Sam Razavi earned his first WPT cash the month prior at the L.A. Poker Classic.

In the coming weeks, Black Belt Poker will be heading to Dublin for this year's Irish Open, including Black Belt and 2008 Champion Neil Channing. Keep up to date with their progress by checking out the boards at

1st  Reece Lewis -- £80,000
2nd  Elior Sion -- £54,150
3rd  Robin Fisher -- £34,000
4th  Kevin Williams -- £25,000
5th  Rasmus Larsen -- £19,000
6th  Wang Weikang -- £15,000
7th  Carlo Citrone -- £12.500
8th  Emma Tolley -- £10,000

Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Mixed Fortunes for Chufty

Last week, Richard Ashby shared his winnings with Black Belt Poker players when he chopped the Eight-Game event at EPT London.

Although just 22 parted with the £10,000+300 buy-in, Richard was able to turn a profit when he escaped with £29,880.

Also involved in the six-way deal were Justin Bomono, Luke Schwartz and Ville Wahlbeck, the latter of whom took away the most.

Richard's win meant that four Orange Belts also enjoyed a payday courtesy of the 'Slice of the Action' Orange Belt Freeroll, in which we give away shares in our sponsored pros.

The winners were:

nickhem1 -- $289.90
paul6543 -- $144.95
ourkidsid -- $72.48
FumbDuck1 -- $72.48

Black Belt Richard Ashby is a mixed games specialist who also boasts a WSOP bracelet and an Aussie Millions final table. This score took his total live tournament earnings up to $1.65 million.

Richard isn't the only player to have showered Orange Belts with money. In May, 2011, four lucky Orange Belts received in excess of $16,000 after Sam Razavi captured his first UKIPT title in Cork.

For the final week of March, we're giving players yet another chance to win thousands by serving up slices of Black Belt Neil Channing as he returns to the Irish Open in a bid to repeat his victory from 2008.

Getting to Orange Belt is easy, and merely requires you to earn just 500 Belt Points through your play on the Black Belt Poker skin. As well as Freerolls, you will also collate points twice as fast and have the option to spend them in the Store on training, tournament tokens, merchandise, and more.

Check out our rewards page for more details.

Thursday, 14 March 2013

'BornTOflirt' Wins Second League Title

This Tuesday, 50-year-old Mark bornTOflirt Atkinson from Carlisle became the latest Black Belt Poker League Champion, joining JHobbit1 and Werrrrd as a two-time winner.

As with his showing in League XII, Mark enjoyed a runaway victory with consecutive final tables in the last two legs seeing him cross the finishing line 70 points ahead of the chasing pack.

Although Tristan tristiano Chaplin was able to secure second with a solid 24th, Mark's eighth place finish ensured he would lap up the title with ease and receive the Holy Grail: a personalised Black Belt Poker hoodie.

With three Black Belt Live seats up for grabs, the real race was the one for bronze, with a number of players in contention. However, when the dust had settled and the smoke cleared, it was Deborah whosurmama Worley-Roberts who snapped up her ticket, preying on a slip-up from 7onyB who departed in 77th.

Meanwhile, Black Belt Poker dished out a plethora of Belt Points to the runner-ups, including 100 points to anyone who finished in positions 11-20th, one of whom was dethroned Champion Spencer dionysian Lawrence.

1st  bornTOflirt (690 points) -- Black Belt Live Seat & Hoodie
2nd  tristiano -- (620 points) -- Black Belt Live Seat
3rd  whosurmama (612 points) -- Black Belt Live Seat

4th  BubbleCloud (589 points) -- 725 Belt Points
5th  Ourkid888 (582 points) -- 600 Belt Points
6th  oudkidsid (564 points) -- 500 Belt Points
7th  Bagheira1 (557 points) -- 400 Belt Points
8th  7onyB (554 points) -- 300 Belt Points
9th  KingOfTheBongo33 (530 points) -- 200 Belt Points
10th  PhilDee64 (522 points) -- 150 Belt Points

11th  TableKnight (508 points) -- 100 Belt Points
12th  JHobbit1 (499 points) -- 100 Belt Points
=13th  BoatDrink (498 points) -- 100 Belt Points
=13th  Ruaction (498 points) -- 100 Belt Points
15th  liquidpoker101 (493 points) -- 100 Belt Points
16th  dionysian (485 points) -- 100 Belt Points
17th  ToddCoxeter (482 points) -- 100 Belt Points
18th  mikeymixitup (475 points) -- 100 Belt Points
=19th  losbert40 (469 points) -- 100 Belt Points
=19th  bagpussrocks (469 points) -- 100 Belt Points

The final leg saw 79 hopefuls take to the felt, but at the final whistle it was Michael mikeymixitup Martin who prevailed. Second place went to Mark flipfone Gray, who last week cashed an impressive four times in Ninja, including sixth in the Main Event.

1st  mikeymixitup -- $118.52
2nd  flipfone -- $79.00
3rd  ToddCoxeter -- $59.25
4th  forgot2piknik -- $39.50
5th  whosurmama -- $29.62
6th  TheSimian -- $21.72
7th  Touagorimou -- $17.77
8th  bornTOflirt -- $15.80
9th  liquidpoker101 -- $13.82

On the Wednesday, all leg winners returned to the crime scene to battle it out for a fourth seat in our Second Chance SNG. Congratulations to Leg 7 winner James jimmyt31 Turner who emerged as the last man sitting.

Many thanks to the 151 of you who participated in this season's League. If you're itching for more, then don't worry as League XIX will be coming your way soon. Keep an eye on the site for details.

See below for results from our other exclusive tournaments:

Turbo Takedown (20:30, Monday):

1st  ourkidsid -- $42.00
2nd  bagpussrocks -- $18.00
3rd  Touagorimou
4th  habbad
5th  UliKoko
6th  sprinterz

Nifty at Nine (21:00, Monday):

1st  liquidpoker101 -- 540 Belt Points
2nd  KBV1TALS -- 378 Belt Points
3rd  jimmyt31 -- 243 Belt Points
4th  bagpussrocks -- 135 Belt Points
5th  CarpyGAS -- 54 Belt Points

Spring Sales Freeroll (19:30, Wednesday):

1st  BoatDrink -- $200,000 Sunday Special token ($120+10)
2nd  Elysiumjay -- $30,000 GP Freezeout token ($50+5)
3rd  sceaga2 -- $20,000 Sunday Warm-Up token ($40+4)
4th  WiseOwlBB -- $200,000 Mega Satellite token ($25+2.50)
5th  1894IAIN -- $2,000 GP Freezeout token ($10+1)
6th  TeeDeeEye1 -- $2,000 GP Freezeout token ($10+1)
7th  Sarannedipity -- $15,000 Guaranteed token ($5+0.50)
8th  JHobbit1 -- $15,000 Guaranteed token ($5+0.50)

Deepstack Mulligan (20:30, Wednesday):

1st  dionysian -- $84.00 (100 Belt Points)
2nd  Touagorimou -- $36.00 (60 Belt Points)
3rd  S0lution (10 Belt Points)
4th  JHobbit1 (5 Belt Points)
5th  Iceman78Danny (5 Belt Points)

To download the software, simply click here and follow the step-by-step process provided.

Previous reports:

Week 1 - King of League XVIII
Week 2 - 'Donielyons': The Mane Man in Leg 2
Week 3 - Nanoplankton Turns the Tables in Leg 3
Week 4 - Flirting With VictoryWeek 5 - Reflex Ruaction; Robinson Tops Leg 5Week 6 - '1stewtelf' Hits Them for SixWeek 7 - Turner Prize

Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Six New Freerolls Announced

You may be dazzled by value now, but the future's about to get even brighter for Orange Belts as Black Belt Poker introduce a feast of brand spanking new Freerolls for you to munch on.

Last week, Orange Belts experienced our first ever 'Sunday Sizzler', in which players fought for a seat into iPoker's biggest weekly tournament: the $200,000 Guaranteed.

Jason 'Elysiumjay' Layland was the man who picked up the $200+15 ticket, while three others received free entry into the Saturday Mega satellite.

Tonight at 19:30, players will be battling it out for a near $300 worth of tournament entries into the upcoming Spring Sales, including free entry into the $200K GTD and the Warm-Up earlier in the day. For those eager to take advantage of some of our fantastic guarantees, this is an unmissable event.

The following week, we're treating players to yet another new tournament: 'Mental Mayhem'. Top prize this time is a free one-to-one session with Jared Tendler, author of popular poker publication: The Mental Game of Poker.

Jared is an acclaimed poker coach who has mentored some of the industry's most successful players on the mental side of their game. Now is your chance to experience a private session, and find out why so many players are raving about Jared's techniques.

While we're excited to be introducing so many new events, we won't be forgetting our original freerolls, in particular Slice of the Action which once awarded four Orange Belts an incredible $16,000 when Sam Razavi became UKIPT Cork Champion.

For the final week of March, we're giving players yet another chance to win thousands by serving up slices of Black Belt Neil Channing as he returns to the Irish Open in a bid to repeat his victory from 2008. This time, however, you could be be sharing the rewards.

See our promotions page for the full upcoming schedule.

Getting to Orange Belt is easy, and merely requires you to earn just 500 Belt Points through your play at the Black Belt Poker skin. As well as Freerolls, you will also collate points twice as fast and have the option to spend them in the Store on training, tournament tokens, merchandise, and more.

If you can hit Orange Belt for April 1, then you will be eligible to play in that month's lineup, which will include the inaugural 'Warrior Whirlwind'. For the first time, we'll be giving you the chance to play the WSOP Warrior League for free where you'll compete for a number of incredible Vegas packages.

Forget the big screen, Black Belt Poker bring you more offers than you can handle as Orange Wednesday comes to your computer monitor each and every week. Check out our rewards page to see how you can join in the fun.
The six new freerolls are:

iPOPS IV Freeroll
Mental Mayhem
Spring Sales Freeroll
Sunday Sizzler
A Taste of Paradise
Warrior Whirlwind

Monday, 11 March 2013

Martin Sutcliffe Explodes to Victory in Ninja

Mission accomplished; Ninja has been and gone, with Martin BoomBoom999 Sutcliffe assassinating 95 others to be crowned Black Belt Poker king.

The field was littered with land mines, including recent Samurai winner Adam sirusthevirus1 Stoneham, Brown Belt Jerome GONGONONGO Bradpiece and defending Champion Hasmukh 45683ah Khodiyara.

Meanwhile, Black Belt Neil Channing inscribed a target on his forehead, offering would-be snipers a free ticket to EPT London if they could bust him from the tournament and go on to finish first.

Jason Elysiumjay Layland was the man vying for added gold when his J-2 unraveled Channing's A-K in 66th, but despite going sixth in chips with three times the average, he would ultimately fall short of the money in 21st.

A dirty dozen did manage to turn a profit, however, including Mega Satellite qualifier StakattakBBP and eighth place finisher HammerHorror, the latter of whom won his seat after eliminating bounty Ka7ieVick from Monday's opening Ninja event.

The money spots also featured a sibling combo: David DPommo Pomroy squeezed into the money in twelfth, while younger brother and inaugural East End Live Champion, Sonny SPommo Pomroy, was a gnat's nostril hair away from silverware in second.

The final hand was more explosive than a Jerry Bruckheimer flick as a ménage à trois triggered the fat lady's vocal chords.

With both opponents covered, BoomBoom999 made the call with J-J after short stack DConTour1 had moved all in with A-J and Spommo reshoved behind with A-5. The 5-T-Q flop teased, but the knaves stood firm to deliver the final pot.

Currently residing in Aberdeen, Scotland, BoomBoom999 witnessed $1,320 magically appear into his account, and became only the second Ninja Champion to date.

Ninja was a mini-series of affordable tournaments exclusive to Black Belt Poker. Each tournament was hosted by a Black Belt Poker pro, with assassins earning a free seat into Sunday's $50+5 Main Event.

The week got off to a jam-packed start when Steve HoltenderCnaC Udell finally found something to cheer about with victory in Ninja #1. He defeated a field of 68 to turn his $10+1 investment into $204.00. See below for the full list of results.

Many thanks to everyone who joined the party, and remember that if you participated in all six events, you will be eligible to play Wednesday's Full Ninja Freeroll in which players will be competing for a free seat into our next live event.

Ninja Main Event:

1st  BoomBoom999 -- $1,320
2nd  Spommo3 -- $888.00
3rd  DConTour1 -- $672.00
4th  StakattakBBP -- $456.00
5th  SofaKingLucky -- $336.00
6th  flipfone -- $252.00
7th  dionysian -- $204.00
8th  HammerHorror -- $168.00
9th  sprinterz -- $144.00
10th  pedders33 -- $120.00
11th  Touagorimou -- $120.00
12th  DavidBlackBelt -- $120.00

Ninja #1:

1st  HoltenderCnaC -- $204.00
2nd  Werrrrd -- $136.00
3rd  45683ah -- $102.00
4th  nicenutter -- $68.00
5th  BoraBoraBoy -- $51.00
6th  evilbow1 -- $37.40
7th  puggy1979 -- $30.60
8th  BoatDrink -- $27.20
9th  RedKiteBlackBelt -- $23.80

Ninja #2

1st  legomanips -- $390.00
2nd  UliKoko -- $224.24
3rd  flipfone -- $156.00
4th  PlayingTheB0ard -- $117.00
5th  cheekyweeguy -- $87.75

Ninja #3:

1st  13kendo13 -- $262.50
2nd  pbsef81 -- $168.75
3rd  G3OFF -- $112.50
4th  UliKoko -- $75.00
5th  flipfone -- $56.25
6th  Ruaction -- $41.25
7th  NPStars1 -- $33.75

Ninja #4:

1st  Lefox1978 -- $128.65
2nd  lionrampant27 -- $82.68
3rd  blackbeltkickbox -- $55.12
4th  insider66666 -- $36.75
5th  0LuckBeerLady0 -- $27.56
6th  themackem1968 -- $20.21
7th  nicenutter -- $16.53

Ninja #5:

1st  The3End1sN1gh -- $155.40
2nd  TeeDeeEye1 -- $105.00
3rd  ourkidsid -- $63.00
4th  tealcSVU -- $42.00
5th  HammerHorror -- $31.50
6th  flipfone -- $23.10

Bounty Winners:

Ninja #1: HammerHorror
Ninja #2: Barty1uk
Ninja #3: Ruaction
Ninja #4: LeFox1978
Ninja #5: flipfone

Saturday, 9 March 2013

Ninja Main Event: Win an EPT Seat

Everyone knows that Neil Channing loves a gamble, and this weekend he's putting his wallet on the line once more as we garnish Ninja with an extra layer of added value.

It's time to Bust a Black Belt. If you can eliminate Neil Channing from tomorrow's Ninja Main Event and then go on to capture the title, then we'll buy you into next week's EPT London Main Event, absolutely free!

That's a seat worth £5,000+250!

The Ninja Main Event takes place tomorrow, Sunday March 10 at 20:00, and is a $50+5 No Limit Hold'em Freezeout with a $2,500 guaranteed prize pool.

Late registration is available for the opening three levels, and the tournament can be located in the lobby via: Scheduled > Black Belt Tournaments > Ninja Main Event.

If the buy-in is slightly out of your reach or you like the words 'value' and 'overlay', then you'll be pleased to hear that tonight at 20:00 we're holding an $8+0.80 Mega Satellite with a generous 10 seats guaranteed.

Tokens for both events are currently available in the Black Belt Poker Store.

Last year, online pro Hasmukh '45683ah' Khodiyara was crowned Champion when he bested a field of 84 to take away the virtual silverware and $1,155 first prize. This time it could be you.

"Ninja is always great fun, and this time we could be sending someone off to play an even bigger event," commented 2008 Irish Open Champion Neil Channing.

"The only way I can 100 percent guarantee I don't go skint is if I come first. Given my history of seconds, I think I might have a sweat..."

If you fancy the opportunity to play alongside some of Europe's biggest stars in one of poker's most prestigious tournaments, then make sure you register for tomorrow's Ninja Main Event.

See our promotions page for all the details.

To download the software, simply click here and follow the step-by-step process provided.

Friday, 8 March 2013

Turner Prize

The League is warming up like a red hot (ahem) poker as Tuesday witnessed the penultimate leg of the eighteenth season, the man on everyone's hit list being league leader Trstian tristiano Chaplin.

On this night, however, the floor belonged to Yellow Belt James jimmyt31 Turner, who overcame a field of 87 to grab his slice of seventh heaven.

Last week's winner Stewart 1stewtelf Telford lost momentum in 53rd, while Spencer dionysian Lawrence's close-but-no-cigar 30th means he won't be retaining his crown.

1st  jimmyt31 -- $119.67
2nd  sceaga2 -- $80.47
3rd  baligirl13 -- $60.90
4th  bornTOflirt -- $41.32
5th  7onyB -- $30.45
6th  ToddCoxeter -- $22.83
7th  BoatDrink -- $18.48
8th  generalshifty -- $15.22
9th  10Royals -- $13.05
10th  cikarang5 -- $10.87
11th  veg41 -- $10.87
12th  Ruaction -- $10.87

A pivotal 63rd place finish for tristiano meant the gates were open; Mark bornTOflirt Atkinson took a giant step through with his final table appearance and is the new favourite for gold. Victory would make him the third two-time Champion.

It's a three-horse race for the title and personalised hoodie (woot), but there are three East End Live seats up for grabs, which could be feasibly snapped up by a number of players, including Leg 1 winner KingOfTheBongo33 in eighth.

1st  bornTOflirt -- 614 points
2nd  tristiano -- 564 points
3rd  7onyB -- 547 points
4th  whosurmama -- 527 points
=5th  BubbleCloud -- 520 points
=5th  Ourkid888 -- 520 points
7th  ourkidsid -- 510 points
8th  KingOfTheBongo33 -- 500 points
9th  Bagheira1 -- 492 points
10th  TableKnight -- 482 points
11th  Ruaction -- 477 points
12th  dionysian -- 472 points
13th  PhilDee64 -- 470 points
=14th  ChipRead77 -- 452 points
=14th  JHobbit1 -- 452 points
16th  BoatDrink -- 448 points
17th  losbert40 -- 430 points
18th  bagpussrocks -- 427 points
19th  TeeDeeEye1 -- 426 points
20th  lionramapant27 -- 423 points

Ninja has been absorbing the majority of the spotlight this week, but we also hosted our weekly events, such as the Turbo Takedown, which was won by… bornTOflirt! On the same night, BeatTheDonk123 won the Nifty at Nine, while Blue Belt Kevish47 topped the Mulligan on Wednesday.

The most eye-catching event of the week was perhaps the debut of Sunday Sizzler, one of a handful of new Orange Belt Freerolls that had been added to the schedule. The winner this time would earn free entry into iPoker's biggest weekly event: the $200,000 GTD.

1st  Elysiumjay -- $200K GTD ($200+15)
2nd  themackem1968 -- $200K GTD Mega Satellite token ($30+3)
3rd  cikarang5 -- $200K GTD Mega Satellite token ($30+3)
4th  baligirl13 -- $200K GTD Mega Satellite token ($30+3)

Ninja is now in full flow, with event #5 coming your way at 20:00 tonight. The event is a $5+0.50 PLO freezeout with one rebuy and add-on. Plus, we're offering a Main Event seat to anyone who can dispose of bracelet winner Richard CHUFTY11 Ashby.

If Lady Luck denies you a score during Ninja, then you'll have another shot at success in next week's concluding League leg. Don't worry if you're struggling, or have missed previous legs - just by winning this one event, you'll be eligible to compete for an East End Live seat alongside all other leg winners in our Second Chance SNG.

To download the software, simply click here and follow the step-by-step process provided.

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Sunday, 3 March 2013

Ninjary Time; Ninja II Starts Tonight!

Like a hooded mercenary lurking patiently in the shadows, Ninja is coiled and ready for action as we kick off Black Belt Poker's exclusive mini-series.

Ninja Week will serve up six exciting tournaments including an Omaha rebuy and a Hold'em bounty. What's more: buy-ins start from just $5+0.50!

Check our our promotions page to view the complete schedule.

The first tournament takes place tonight at 20:00, and will be a $10+1 No Limit Hold'em freezeout with a 2,000 starting stack and 12-minute clock.

To enter, all you have to do is locate the event in Scheduled > Black Belt Tournaments > Ninja #1 and hit 'register'.

Alternatively, you can purchase a token from the Black Belt Poker Store in exchange for Spending Points earned through our Belt-Up Rewards system.

If you don't already have an account, then setting one up is easy: simply click here to download the client and follow the step-by-step process provided.

As added value, each Ninja event will feature a special host with their assassin earning free entry into Sunday's $50+5 Main Event.

Tonight's opening bounty will be inaugural winner 'Ka7ieVick', who topped a field of 127 to take down the first ever Ninja event back in October.

The lineup for the rest of the week is as follows.

Ninja #2           Jamie Burland
Ninja #3           Kevin Williams
Ninja #4           David Gentry
Ninja #5           Richard Ashby

Ninja is a great chance to compete against both amateurs and pros alike, and enjoy the friendly atmosphere of a Black Belt Poker event.

And remember, if you participate in all events, you'll be invited to participate in our Full Ninja Freeroll in which players will compete for a free East End Live seat.

Saturday, 2 March 2013

'1stewtelf' Hits Them for Six

The Black Belt Poker League witnessed another debutant winner this week as Yellow Belt Stewart 1stewtelf Telford shone brightest from a field of 85 competitors.

Leg 6 was crucial for a number of players competing for top honours, but at the final whistle it was 1stewtelf who withdrew the $116.91 having overcome the toughest of heads-up foes: Blue Belt and UKIPT Champion Jamie StilettoMafiosa Burland.

While Tony 7onyB Booth and Russ nicenutter Cochran felt the splash of the cash and final table bubbles, last week's runner-up Bagheira1 enjoyed his second consecutive final table with an eighth place finish.

1st  1stewtelf -- $116.91
2nd  StilettoMafiosa -- $78.62
3rd  Ruaction -- $59.50
4th  TeeDeeEye1 -- $40.37
5th  13kendo13 -- $29.75
6th  whosurmama -- $22.31
7th  lionrampant27 -- 418.06
8th  Bagheira1 -- $14.87
9th  2LAMCHOP2 -- $12.75
10th  nicenuter -- $10.62
11th  themackem1968 -- $10.62
12th  BubbleCloud -- $10.62

At the top of the table, Tristan tristiano Chaplin extended his lead with a 16th place finish, while whosurmama advanced to joint third alongside BubbleCloud.

In the bottom half, leg 6 winner Owen Ruaction Robinson broke into the top 20, while reigning League Champion Spencer dionysian Lawrence continues his ascent in 15th after departing in 33rd.

1st  tristiano -- 539 points
2nd  bornTOflirt -- 518 points
=3rd  whosurmama -- 491 points
=3rd  BubbleCloud -- 491 points
5th  Bagheira -- 479 points
6th  Ourkid888 -- 463 points
7th  7onyB -- 454 points
8th  ourkidsid -- 451 points
9th  JHobbit1 -- 440 points
10th  TableKnight -- 435 points
11th  KingOfTheBongo -- 431 points
12th  losbert40 -- 416 points
13th  dionysian -- 414 points
14th  PhilDee64 -- 410 points
15th  lionrampant27 -- 404 points
16th  ChipRead77 -- 402 points
17th  Ruaction -- 401 points
18th  liquidpoker101 -- 394 points
19th  omnipokerist1 -- 372 points
20th  bagpussrocks -- 365 points

Starting this Monday, March 04, Ninja will be returning your monitors with six exclusive low buy-in tournaments culminating in a $50+5 Main Event with a $2,500 guaranteed prize pool.

Daily satellites are now running, and already we've had a number of qualifiers including Ken NPStars1 Johnston who earned himself free entry into all events courtesy of Wednesday's Orange Belt Freeroll:

1st  NPStars1 -- Ninja Season Ticket
2nd  S0lution -- Main Event seat ($50+5)
3rd  ChipRead77 -- Ninja #2 seat ($25+2.50)
4th  Wally19 -- Ninja #1 seat ($10+1)
5th  myteamouse -- Ninja Mega Satellite seat ($8+0.80)
6th  losbert40 -- Ninja Mega Satellite seat ($8+0.80)

See below for the week's other results:

Turbo Takedown, Monday, 20:30

1st  ourkidsid -- $40.00
2nd  sprinterz
3rd  Touagorimou
4th  7onyB

Nifty at Nine, Monday, 21:00

1st  nicenutter -- 540 Belt Points
2nd  scousemanc11 -- 378 Belt Points
3rd  losbert40 -- 243 Belt Points
4th  BeatTheDonk123 -- 135 Belt Points
5th  jimmyt31 -- 54 Belt Points

Deepstack Mulligan, Wednesday, 20:30:

1st  deadlydaveLDN -- $67.50 (50 Belt Points)
2nd  nickhem1 -- $40.50 (30 Belt Points)
3rd  dionysian -- $27.00 (20 Belt Points)
4th  stevegw (5 Belt Points)
5th  sprinterz (5 Belt Points)

Yellow Belt No-Lose Deepstack, Thursday, 20:00

1st  BoatDrink -- $31.00
2nd  AlbusBB -- $21.00
3rd  blueborg316 -- $13.50
4th  Bartukbb -- $10.50
5th  BlackLoko -- $8.50
6th  MasterG27uk -- $7.00
7th  elijah66 -- $6.00
8th  jmpoker2006 -- $5.00
9th  Bambury -- $4.00
10th  vinvgo -- $3.50

With the Spring Sales, Grab a Grand and a fresh lineup of Orange Belt Freerolls, March is set to be a slobberknocker of a month, but you don't have to wait long for the action to kick off as tomorrow from 13:00 to 19:00 there will be a Ninja satellite every hour.

If you want to take part and secure your seat in Black Belt Poker's exclusive mini-series, then check out all our events in the cardroom lobby via Scheduled > Black Belt Tournaments.

To download the software, simply click here and follow the step-by-step process provided.

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