Friday, 30 August 2013

'Forgot2piknik' Remembers to Win Leg 3

It was third time lucky for Jim forgot2piknik Parberry this week as he triumphed in the latest Black Belt Poker League event.

Earlier in the year Jim finished third in East End Live II for $5,700, and on Tuesday he added a further $93 to the bankroll courtesy of Leg 3.

A Yellow Belt on Black Belt Poker, Jim topped a field of 62, including final opponents stevegw and two-time League Champion JHobbit1.

Last week's winner, veg41, lost momentum with a 54th place finish, but runner-up AMANESS13 managed a second consecutive final table in 9th.

1st  forgot2piknik -- $93.00
2nd  stevegw -- $62.00
3rd  JHobbit1 -- $46.50
4th  lee189fan -- $31.00
5th  PastiemanCnaC -- $23.25
6th  myteamouse -- $17.05
7th  ToddCoxeter -- $13.95
8th  wendygee54 -- $12.40
9th  AMANESS13 -- $10.85

In the overall standings, 17th for LillJem means she's leading the way after three events, while myteamouse lies in second having finished sixth for the second week running.

1st  LillJem -- 216 points
2nd  myteamouse -- 210 points
3rd  ourkidsid -- 202 points
4th  1894IAIN -- 201 points
5th  eixip50 -- 189 points
6th  JHobbit1 -- 181 points
7th  Touagorimou -- 176 points
8th  lionrampant27 -- 174 points
9th  2LAMCHOP2 -- 171 points
=10th  mikeymixitup -- 166 points
=10th  HoltenderCnaC -- 166 points
=10th  WiseOwlBB -- 166 points
13th  ChipRead77 -- 165 points
=14th  nickhem1 -- 164 points
=14th  Barty1uk -- 164 points
16th  AMANESS13 -- 161 points
=17th  BoraBoraBoy -- 156 points
=17th  Papasnook -- 156 points
19th  SturtSan -- 152 points
20th  liquidpoker101 -- 149 points

As always, there are plenty of tournaments throughout the week on Black Belt Poker, and you don't have to wait long to get back in the thick of the action…

Our 'Unbelievable, Jeff!' tournament was so well-received the first time around that we've decided to bring it back for a return leg.

Ticket price costs $10+1 with the starting whistle sounding tonight at 20:00.

As before, if you can predict the first team to score in tomorrow's 3pm Premiership games then we'll double your winnings.

To make your prediction simply post on the official thread on the boards (click 'Groups' in the above menu) before tonight's kick off.

Last time, Samurai Champion Ken NPStars1 Johnston doubled his fourth-place winnings after selecting Arsenal, who scored after just six minutes.

The event can be found in the Black Belt Poker cardroom lobby via Scheduled > Black Belt Tournaments > Unbelievable Jeff.
To download the software, simply click here and follow the step-by-step process provided.

Results from this week:

Turbo Takedown (Monday, 20:30) - 5 runners:

1st  2LAMCHOP2 -- $50.00
2nd  Touagorimou
3rd  HammerHorror
4th  7onyB
5th  sprinterz

Nifty at Nine (Monday, 21:00) - 20 runners:

1st  HoltenderCnaC -- 500 Belt Points
2nd  eixip50 -- 350 Belt Points
3rd  kippery -- 225 Belt Points
4th  PhilDee64 -- 125 Belt Points
5th  Touagorimou -- 50 Belt Points

'Ninja Nuttiness' Orange Belt Freeroll (Wednesday, 19:30) - 35 runners:

1st  LegendKing1 -- Ninja Season Ticket
2nd  themackem1968 -- Entry into Ninja Event #6 ($50+5)
3rd  liquidpoker101 -- Entry into Ninja Event #6 ($50+5)
4th  ourkidsid -- Entry into Ninja Event #2 ($20+2)
5th  HammerHorror -- Entry into Ninja Event #3 ($15+1.50)
6th  Papasnook -- Entry into Ninja Event #1 ($10+1)
7th  WiseOwlBB -- Entry into Ninja Event #4 ($7+1)
8th  JHobbit1 -- Entry into Ninja Event #5 ($5+0.50)
9th  dionysian -- Entry into Ninja Event #5 ($5+0.50)

Deepstack Mulligan (Wednesday, 20:30) - 17 runners:

1st  myteamouse -- $114.75 (150 Belt Points)
2nd  2LAMCHOP2 -- $76.50 (60 Belt Points)
3rd  Touagorimou -- $38.25 (20 Belt Points)
4th  thehingster -- $25.50 (5 Belt Points)
5th  HoltenderCnaC (5 Belt Points)

Yellow Belt No-Lose Deepstack (Thursday, 20:00) - 39 runners:

1st  AlbusBB -- $31.00
2nd bluborg316 -- $21.00
3rd  BlackMadonna26 -- $13.50
4th  DarkPrincess13 -- $10.50
5th  cikarang5-- $8.50
6th  FLYINGPROFISH -- $7.00
7th  ajb456 -- $6.00
8th  Wally19 -- $5.00
9th  shaolin4aces -- $4.00
10th  elijah66 -- $3.50

Turbo Takedown satellite (Thursday, 20:30) - 5 runners:

1st  Touagorimou -- Turbo Takedown seat ($10+1)
2nd  Mo33a
3rd  ourkidsid
4th  2LAMCHOP2
5th  PastiemanCnaC

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Saturday, 24 August 2013

'NPStars1' Shines in Samurai

Swords clashed on the Black Belt Poker battlefield this week as Samurai returned for another night of poker warfare.

The last warrior sitting was Ken NPStars1 Johnston who slew Elysumjay heads-up to capture the illustrious title and $4,000 first prize.

In total, 38 players polished their armour to create a $550 overlay. Among the lineup were Richard Ashby, Jerome Bradpiece, David Pomroy and defending Champion Owen Ruaction Robinson.

Having missed out by one spot last time around, Neil Channing came close once again in seventh (aces cracked by fives). The splash of the bubble, however, was felt by Orange Belt PastiemanCnaC.

Making the money, and consequently the final table, were Black Belt Poker sponsored pro Jamie StilettoMafiosa Burland and East End Live II Champion Nik NikStilly Stylianou.

However, it was NPStars1 who reigned supreme. Hailing from Carlisle, Ken qualified for free courtesy of the Purple Belt Freeroll, and then continued momentum with victory in Monday's Nifty at Nine.

Ken also runs popular poker club Northern Poker Stars for players in the North of England and hosts a weekly online League event on Black Belt Poker every Tuesday at 19:30.

"It was indeed a fantastic tournament," beamed Ken, "and that is not a biased opinion. That [the tournament] was tough to take down and I must say that Jason [Elysiumjay] took some getting rid of.

"It was great to see all of the cash remain in the community, with players that support Black Belt week in, week out. $4,000 from a seat won in the PBF [Purple Belt Freeroll] - I love Black Belt!"

The next Samurai will arrive later in the year, but before then we have the return of Ninja this October 21-27. Check out our promotions page for the complete schedule.

1st  NPStars1 -- $4,000
2nd  Elysiumjay -- $2,300
3rd  NikStilly -- $1,600
4th  eixip50 -- $1,200
5ht  StilettoMafiosa -- $900

Friday, 23 August 2013

Meaty Win for 'Veg41'

It was Round 2 this week as the Black Belt Poker League returned to Super Tuesday for another knockout night.

The winner was Yellow Belt Trevor veg41 Kinsey who took the meat of the prize pool for a $114.00 payday. Darius AMANESS13 Demetriou finished second.

From the 76 field, just one would feel the splash of the bubble; that player was mikeymixitup who just missed out on the final after finishing seventh the week prior.

Meanwhile, Leg 1 winner Simon ourkidsid Herrick exited in 40th while defending League Champion Andrew LegendKing1 Dwyer fared better in 21st.

1st  veg41 -- $114.00
2nd  AMANESS13 -- $76.00
3rd  SturtSan -- $57.00
4th  eixip50 -- $38.00
5th  LillJem -- $28.50
6th  myteamouse -- $20.90
7th  ASSASSIN1111 -- $17.10
8th  shaolin4aces -- $15.20
9th  kippery -- $13.30

Stephen eixip50 Andrews' second consecutive final table means he now leads the standings with 177 points. Just 7 points behind lies Purple Belt LillJem.

1st  eixip50 -- 177 points
2nd  LillJem -- 170 points
3rd  mikeymixitup -- 166 points
4th  ourkidsid -- 160 points
5th  HoltenderCnaC -- 155 points
6th  1894IAIN -- 152 points
7th  nickhem1 -- 146 points
8th  myteamouse -- 145 points
9th  BoraBoraBoy -- 142 points
10th  ChipRead77 -- 141 points
11th  SturtSan -- 139 points
12th  Touagorimou -- 135 points
13th  thegaryc -- 134 points
14th  insider66666 -- 131 points
=15th  lionrampant27 -- 130 points
=15th  liquidpoker101 -- 130 points
=15th  HermantheHermit -- 130 points
18th  WiseOwlBB -- 129 points
19th  Barty1uk -- 124 points
20th  scousemanc11 -- 122 points

The League will return next Tuesday at 19:30. With just two legs played, there's still plenty of time for you to make your debut and challenge for the title.

Don't forget that we also hold plenty of other exclusive tournaments, including Monday's double whammy: Turbo Takedown and Nifty at Nine.

To download the software, simply click here and follow the step-by-step process provided.

Results from this week:

Samurai Mega Satellite (Sunday, 18:00) - 20 runners:

lee189fan -- Samurai seat ($250+25)
4KSuited -- Samurai seat ($250+25)
Usttantanoldu -- Samurai seat ($250+25)

Turbo Takedown (Monday, 20:30) - 9 runners:

1st  CheckNorris76 -- $45.00
2nd  PastiemanCnaC -- $27.00
3rd  bagpussrocks -- $18.00

Nifty at Nine (Monday, 21:00) - 28 runners:

1st  NPStars1 -- 476 Belt Points
2nd  2LAMCHOP2 -- 476 Belt Points
3rd  Saraanedipity -- 252 Belt Points
4th  PhilDee64-- 140 Belt Points
5th  baligirl13 -- 56 Belt Points

Samurai Mega Satellite (Tuesday, 20:00) - 45 runners:

CroadYuk -- Samurai seat ($250+25)
flipfone -- Samurai seat ($250+25)
Ruaction -- Samurai seat ($250+25)
nickhem1 -- Samurai seat ($250+25)
2LAMCHOP2 -- Samurai seat ($250+25)
wacko92 -- Samurai seat ($250+25)
worldwarten -- Samurai seat ($250+25)

'Sunday Sizzler' Orange Belt Freeroll (Wednesday, 19:30) - 30 runners:

1st  S0lution -- $150K GTD token
2nd  bagpurssrocks -- $150K GTD Mega token
3rd  JHobbit1 -- $150K GTD Mega token
4th  paul6543 -- $150K GTD Mega token

Deepstack Mulligan (Wednesday, 20:30) - 21 runners:

1st  flipfone -- $126.00 (100 Belt Points)
2nd  JHobbit1 -- $85.05 (30 Belt Points)
3rd  7onyB -- $47.25 (10 Belt Points)
4th  HoltenderCnaC -- $31.50 (5 Belt Points)
5th  1894IAIN -- $25.20 (5 Belt Points)

Samurai (Thursday, 20:00) - 38 runners:

1st  NPStars1 -- $4,000
2nd  Elysiumjay -- $2,300
3rd  NikStilly -- $1,600
4th  eixip50 -- $1,200
5ht  StilettoMafiosa -- $900

Yellow Belt No-Lose Deepstack (Thursday, 20:00) - 38 runners:

1st  Bambury -- $31.00
2nd  insider66666 -- $21.00
3rd  aaarggghhh -- $13.50
4th  BeatTheDonk123 -- $10.50
5th  1PedroMex -- $8.50
6th  Essxhg -- $7.00
7th  HoltenderCnaC -- $6.00
8th  banin78 -- $5.00
9th  jmpoker2006 -- $4.00
10th  vinvgo -- $3.50

Turbo Takedown satellite (Thursday, 20:30) - 7 runners:

1st  Touagorimou -- Turbo Takedown seat ($10+1)
2nd  7onyB -- $3.00
3rd  kippery
4th  HoltenderCnaC
5th  ourkidsid
6th  1mightfold
7th  AMANESS13

Deepstack Mulligan satellite (Thursday, 21:00) - 7 runners:

1st  Touagorimou -- Deepstack Mulligan seat ($15+1.50)
2nd  HoltenderCnaC -- $4.50
3rd  7onyB
4th  bagpussrocks
5th  kippery
6th  ourkidsid
7th  Snotterz

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Wednesday, 21 August 2013

$10,000 GTD Samurai - Tonight

Greetings, noble warriors. It's that time again when we ask you to polish your armour and sharpen your Bushido blade…

Samurai is back!

Battle commences tonight at 20:00, only on Black Belt Poker, with players fighting it out over a $10,000 guaranteed prize pool.

As always, the buy-in is $250+25 and registration is now available in the Black Belt Poker lobby via Scheduled > Black Belt Tournaments > Samurai.

Alternatively, if you've got a few points gathering dust, then you can use them tonight by purchasing a token in the Black Belt Poker Store.

If you don't yet have an account, then opening one couldn't be easier: simply click here to download the poker client and follow the step-by-step process provided.

Last night, seven players took advantage of a $575 overlay in our $30+3 Mega Satellite, including worldwarten who qualified from a $5+0.50 feeder:

1st  CroadYuk -- Samurai seat ($250+25)
2nd  flipfone -- Samurai seat ($250+25)
3rd  Ruaction -- Samurai seat ($250+25)
4th  nickhem1 -- Samurai seat ($250+25)
5th  2LAMCHOP2 -- Samurai seat ($250+25)
6th  wacko92-- Samurai seat ($250+25)
7th  worldwarten-- Samurai seat ($250+25)

The Samurai is a high level tournament exclusive to Black Belt Poker, which attracts both amateurs and pros alike. Previous participants include Praz Bansi, Toby Lewis and Black Belt Neil Channing.

Reigning Samurai Champion is former Grader Owen Ruaction Robinson, who topped a 36-strong field for $4,000.

You've all heard of the Seven Samurai… are you going to be number five?

See our promotions page for all the details.

Friday, 16 August 2013

Simple for Simon

The Black Belt Poker League turned 21 this week and celebrated in traditional style with the first of eight $5+0.50 legs.

A total of 98 RSVP-ed to the invite including the three latest Champions: LegendKing1 (39th), HammerHorror (47th) and bornTOflirt (69th).

Also on the dance floor was Carey CareybearBBP Hollick, who won entry into all legs courtesy of the Orange Belt Freerolls. She got off to a shaky start in 69th.

Lady Luck instead lurked behind Purple Belt Simon ourkidsid Herrick; he overcame newcomer aspersmick12 to cull the lion's share of the prize pool and secure a spot in the Second Chance SNG.

1st  ourkidsid -- $134.76
2nd  aspersmick12 -- $90.65
3rd  lionrampant27 -- $68.60
4th  CheckNorris76 -- $46.55
5th  1894IAIN -- $34.30
6th  ChipRead77 -- $25.72
7th  mikeymixitup -- $20.82
8th  PhilDee64 -- $17.15
9th  eixip50 -- $14.70
10th  HoltenderCnaC -- $12.25
11th  LillJem -- $12.25
12th  nickhem1 -- $12.25

Victory means that ourkidsid is the pacesetter in the league table with 123 points. If he remains on top he'll receive a Ninja Season Ticket including free entry into all events.

1st  ourkidsid -- 123 points
2nd  aspersmick12 -- 115 points
3rd  lionrampant27 -- 111 points
4th  CheckNorris76 -- 107 points
5th  1894IAIN -- 104 points
6th  ChipRead77 -- 101 points
7th  mikeymixitup -- 98 points
8th  PhilDee64 -- 95 points
9th  eixip50 -- 92 points
10th  HoltenderCnaC -- 90 points
11th  Lilljem -- 88 points
12th  nickhem1 -- 87 points
13th  liquidpoker101 -- 86 points
14th  BobbersAllin -- 85 points
15th  slapdash1248 -- 84 points
16th  HermantheHermit -- 83 points
17th  DarkPrincess13 -- 82 points
18th  Barty1uk -- 81 points
19th  Papasnook -- 80 points
20th  Snotterz -- 79 points

Next week the focus will be on Samurai, with the $10,000 Guaranteed Main Event taking place on Wednesday, August 21 at 20:00.

If you would like to play, then you can buy in directly via Scheduled > Black Belt Tournaments > The Samurai. Alternatively, you can purchase a token from the Black Belt Poker Store.

If the $250+25 buy-in is out of reach, then don't fear as we're holding a Mega Satellite this Sunday at 18:00 with three seats guaranteed.

The buy-in is $30+3, but there will also be feeders running every 30 minutes from 14:15 to 17:15 meaning you could qualify for as little as five bucks.

To download the software, simply click here and follow the step-by-step process provided.

Results from this week:

Turbo Takedown (Monday, 20:30) - 8 runners:

1st  flipfone -- $56.00
2nd  7onyB -- $24.00
3rd  Touagorimou
4th  ourkidsid
5th  2LAMCHOP2
6th  bagpussrocks
7th  themackem1968
8th  PastiemanCnaC

Samurai feeder (Monday, 21:00) - 5 runners:

1st  7onyB -- Samurai satellite token ($30+3)
2nd  eixip50
3rd  Touagorimou
4th  HoltenderCnaC
5th  mavperth

Nifty at Nine (Monday, 21:00) - 26 runners:

1st  PhilDee64 -- 520 Belt Points
2nd  KBV1TALS -- 364 Belt Points
3rd  7onyB -- 234 Belt Points
4th  wendygee54 -- 130 Belt Points
5th  Touagorimou -- 52 Belt Points

Samurai feeder (Wednesday, 19:30) - 4 runners:

1st  NPStars1 -- Samurai satellite token ($30+3)
2nd  paul6543
3rd  Touagorimou
4th  eixip50

'Samurai Showdown' Orange Belt Freeroll (Wednesday, 19:30) - 32 runners:

1st  PastiemanCnaC -- Samurai seat ($250+25)
2nd  JHobbit1 -- Samurai satellite token ($30+3)
3rd  flipfone -- Samurai feeder token ($5+0.50)
4th  NPenfold666 -- Samurai feeder token ($5+0.50)

Deepstack Mulligan (Wednesday, 20:30) - 10 runners:

1st  nickhem1 -- $75.00 (50 Belt Points)
2nd  2LAMCHOP2 -- $45.00 (60 Belt Points)
3rd  S0lution -- $30.00 (10 Belt Points)
4th  Touagorimou (10 Belt Points)
5th  NPStars (10 Belt Points)

Samurai feeder (Thursday, 19:30) - 8 runners:

1st  DConTour1 -- Samurai satellite token ($30+3)
2nd  TableKnight
3rd  flipfone
4th  1894IAIN
5th  Touagorimou
6th  HoltenderCnaC
7th  VBlueBBP
8th  2LAMCHOP2

'Samurai Showdown' Purple Belt Freeroll (Thursday, 19:30) - 12 runners:

1st   NPStars1 -- Samurai seat ($250+25)
2nd  LillJem -- Samurai seat ($250+25)

Yellow Belt No-Lose Deepstack (Thursday, 20:00) - 39 runners:

1st  banin78 -- $31.00
2nd  kippery -- $21.00
3rd  AlbusBB -- $13.50
4th  1mightfold -- $10.50
5th  vinvgo -- $8.50
6th  xxrichwashxx -- $7.00
7th  Usttantanoldu -- $6.00
8th  Hounddog66 -- $5.00
9th  gazthechippy -- $4.00
10th  kiiiii -- $3.50

Turbo Takedown satellite (Thursday, 20:30) - 4 runners:

1st  kippery -- Turbo Takedown seat ($10+1)
2nd  7onyB
3rd  Touagorimou
4th  2LAMCHOP2

Deepstack Mulligan satellite (Thursday, 21:00) - 4 runners:

1st  2LAMCHOP2 -- Deepstack Mulligan seat ($15+1.50)
2nd  7onyB
3rd  Touagorimou
4th  aspersmick12

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Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Unbelievable Value!

The football Premiership League is braced for kick-off this Saturday, and to mark the occasion we have an 'unbelievable' offer for you to score some extra money.

At 20:00 on Friday, August 16, we're blowing the starting whistle on a $10+1 No Limit Hold'em Freezeout, exclusive to Black Belt Poker players

The tournament can be located in the poker client lobby via Scheduled > Black Belt Tournaments > Unbelievable Jeff.

As an added bonus, if you can correctly predict the first team to score from the 3 p.m. matches, then we'll double any winnings from the tournament.

The fixtures are as follows:

Arsenal vs. Aston Villa
Norwich vs. Everton
Sunderland vs. Fulham
West Bromwich Albion vs. Southampton
West Ham vs. Cardiff

To make your prediction, simply visit the 'Unbelievable Jeff Thread' on the Black Belt Poker boards by logging in at and clicking 'Groups' from the homepage. All predictions must be made prior to the start of the tournament.

So, will Arsenal run through Aston Villa at home, will West Ham brush aside newcomers Cardiff or will Sunderland surprise Fulham with a rare goal? Who will hit the back of the net first?

If you'd like to have a shot at giving yourself a goal bonus, then join us on Friday for the 'Unbelievable, Jeff!' freezeout.

To download the software, simply click here and follow the step-by-step process provided.

Saturday, 10 August 2013

Sun, Sea... Poker!

The current heatwave may have given the local suntan lotion industry a surprise boost, but warm weather in the UK is like a disobedient puppy - it doesn't stay for long.

But don't worry, as Black Belt Poker are giving you the chance to avoid the November rain and continue basking in the sunny spells with iPoker's Caribbean Poker Tour.

Taking place from November 08-25, players will be jetting off to the exotic islands of Punta Cana and St. Maarten for a daily dose of sun, sea and poker.

The first event will be the Caribbean Open in Punta Cana on November 08-15, culminating in a €1,170 Main Event. Then on November 15-25, players will move on to St. Maarten to play in the CPT Open.

There are three packages up for grabs such as the Ultimate Caribbean Experience which includes entry into both Main Events as well as a host of other juicy delights.

If you fancy the taste of paradise, then check out our weekly satellites now:

The Ultimate Caribbean Experience
Sundays (20:00) - €300+30 NLH Freezeout

The Punta Cana Experience
Mondays (20:30) - €150+15 NLH Freezeout

The St. Maarten Experience

Wednesdays (20:30) - €180+20 NLH Freezeout

If the buy-ins sound too spicy for your poker cocktail, then we have a plethora of feeders running throughout the week to keep you nice and refreshed.

For the full line-up of satellites, simply log in to the Black Belt Poker client and check out the 'Caribbean Poker Tour' tab in the main lobby.

Sick of coolers and cold decks? Make sure you think ahead this autumn and exchange the inevitable British rainfall for the hot poker fun of the Caribbean.

See our promotions page for more information.

Tuesday, 6 August 2013

The League Goes Ninja

The balloons and poppers are on standby as the Black Belt Poker League turns 21 this summer - and you're all invited to the party!

To celebrate this coming of age, we're offering players the chance to play the upcoming Ninja, Black Belt Poker's exclusive online tournament mini-series.

Ninja will run from October 21-27 and feature six unique events with buy-ins ranging from $5+0.50 right up to the $50+5 Main Event.

With League XXI, you could win tickets into every single Ninja event!

As with previous outings, the League will run over eight legs with tournaments taking place every Tuesday at 19:30. Each event can be located in the cardroom lobby under Scheduled > Black Belt Tournaments and costs just $5+0.50 to enter.

The first leg will take place on August 13.

Points for each leg will be awarded in reverse order, so that in a 50-runner event, 50th would earn 1 point, and 1st 50 points. The top 10 finishers per leg receive the following additional points:

1st          25 Points
2nd         18 Points
3rd          15 Points
4th          12 Points
5th          10 Points
6th          08 Points
7th          06 Points
8th          04 Points
9th          02 Points
10th        01 Point

In total, we're adding an incredible 32 seats into the various Ninja events, including prizes for those who finish outside the top 10.

1st               Ninja Season Ticket* & Personalised Hoodie
2nd              Entry into Ninja events #1, #2, #3, #4 & #6
3rd               Entry into Ninja events #2, #3 & #6
4th               Entry into Ninja events #2 & #6
5th               Entry into Ninja event #6
6th               Entry into Ninja event #6
7th               Entry into Ninja event #2
8th               Entry into Ninja event #2
9th               Entry into Ninja event #3
10th             Entry into Ninja event #3
11th-15th     Entry into Ninja event #1
16th-20th     Entry into Ninja event #5

*See our promotions page to check out the Ninja schedule.

If you can't make all the legs, then don't worry as all tournament winners will be invited to compete for a Ninja season ticket in our Second Chance SNG, meaning even if you only play one event, you can still win a star prize.

For those who can make all eight legs, you'll be rewarded with an additional 150 Belt Points credited into your account. That's extra value just for turning up, regardless of your final position in the standings.

In the last venture, Andrew LegendKing1 Dwyer snapped up the title at his first attempt, thus becoming the first player to win both the League and Samurai titles.

This time around, it could be you...

Prizes are as follows:

League I:            Adam Saunders
League II:           Mark Brassington
League III:          David Meunier
League IV:          Andy Brisland
League V:           Trevor Myers
League VI:          Mark Ranson
League VII:         Tom Drew
League VIII:        Trevor Ingman
League IX:          Jamie Burland
League X:           Tom Drew
League XI:          Robert Bulman
League XII:         Mark Atkinson
League XIII:         Adam Saunders
League XIV:         Craig McKelvie
League XV:          Stephen Dickson      
League XVI:         Robbie Ayres
League XVII:        Spencer Lawrence
League XVIII:       Mark Atkinson
League XIX:         Timothy O'Mahoney
League XIX:         Andrew Dwyer
League XX:          ?...

To download the software, simply click here and follow the step-by-step process provided.

See our promotions page for more information.

Ninja III: Online Poker Series

After months of lurking in the shadows, Ninja is back and ready to pounce with another series of exclusive online poker tournaments.

Running from October 21-27, Ninja III will see players battle it out across six eclectic events with buy-ins from as little as $5+0.50 and culminating in a $50+5 Main Event.

The full schedule is as follows:

Mon, Oct 21 - Ninja #1: $10+1 Hold'em Freezeout
Tue, Oct 22 - Ninja #2: $20+2 Hold'em Six-Max
Wed, Oct 23 - Ninja #3: $15+1.50 Hold'em Deepstack
Thu, Oct 24 - Ninja #4: $7.50+1 Hold'em Bounty K/O
Fri, Oct 25 - Ninja #5: $5+0.50 Omaha 1 x Rebuy
Sat, Oct 26 - Main Event Mega: $8+0.80 Hold'em Satellite
Sun, Oct 27 - Ninja Main Event: $50+5 Hold'em Freezeout

Ninja is available to players of all bankrolls with qualifiers from as little as a single buck. Details of all satellites and feeders will be announced later this month.

"Poker players love to wear a hoodie while playing poker," commented Ninja King and Black Belt Poker co-founder Neil Channing. "With Ninja we're giving them the perfect opportunity to don their hoods and test their skills against some of our pros.

"We received very positive feedback on our two previous efforts," he continued. "I think in today's climate people appreciate the chance to play good-structured online tournaments at an affordable price."

Last time, Martin BoomBoom999 Sutcliffe topped a field of 96 to take home the Main Event title and $1,320 first prize. Meanwhile, former League Champion Timothy HammerHorror O'Mahoney earned a free East End Live seat courtesy of the Full Ninja Freeroll.

If you would like to echo Martin's achievement, then mark the aforementioned dates in your calendar and keep your eye on the site over the coming weeks as we announce satellite dates and added bonuses.

Ninja is an exciting series that offers low stakes players a chance to showcase their mad ninja poker skillz for a modest fee. If you want to play, then start by downloading the poker client
and getting yourself warmed up for the October festivities.

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