Friday, 26 April 2013

Taste Orange; Play for a WSOP Seat

Earlier this month, Black Belt Poker announced that there would be a $10,000 WSOP Main Event Seat added to first prize at the upcoming East End Live II.

To become eligible, players simply have to reach, or maintain, Orange Belt for May 01, and so Orange at the time of the event.

Players now have less than a week to go before the deadline ends, but there's still time to make it to Orange Belt and take advantage of this incredible offer.

Orange Belt is one of the initial steps on the Belt-Up Rewards System, and can be achieved in just a few sessions of play.

Many players have completed this goal within several days just by playing Speed Poker. Others have hit the target in just a few hours.

To reach Orange Belt, you need to earn 500 Belt Points through your play at the cash, tournament or SNG tables before the conclusion of the month.

If you're new to Black Belt Poker, then you can take advantage of our first-deposit Belt Boost. If you deposit more than $100, your rate for the first four weeks will be x4, meaning you only need to rake $125.

To open an account is easy, simply click here to download the poker client and follow the step-by-step process provided. Finally, be sure to link your accounts so we can track your progress.

If you've already registered, or have been tackling the satellites, then you'd be crazy not to get to Orange. Imagine becoming East End Live Champion only to realise you could have been on your way to Vegas too!

East End Live II is set for May 10-12, at the popular Aspers Casino in Stratford. Entry costs just $200+25, and we're guaranteeing a cool $50,000 in prize money.

As always, it will be a fun and exciting event with plenty of added value. Registration is exclusively via the Black Belt Poker skin. The event can be located in the 'Scheduled' tab under 'Black Belt Tournaments'.

Please see our promotions page for further details on the offer, and also our FAQs.

Thursday, 25 April 2013

No Hassle for Brassell in Leg 5

The Black Belt Poker League witnessed its fifth leg of the season last Tuesday, with Orange Belt Iain 1894IAIN Brassell emerging as the latest victor.

He was numero uno from a crowd of 80 with CaptainJack5 taking second, and tandy26 third. 1894IAIN took away $120.00 for his efforts, as well as a seat in the Second Chance SNG.

The final table line-up featured nine fresh faces, including CarpyGAS who bubbled last week. Also present were Jason Elysiumjay Layland and Tony 7onyB Booth.

1st  1894IAIN -- $120.00
2nd  CaptainJack5 -- $80.00
3rd  tandy26 -- $60.00
4th  Elysiumjay -- $40.00
5th  ChopWonka -- $30.00
6th  Quasar999 -- $22.00
7th  7onyB -- $18.00
8th  forgot2piknik -- $16.00
9th  CarpyGAS -- $14.00

Despite a credible 27th place finish, Mark bornTOflirt Atkinson slipped two places to third in the overall standings, with HammerHorror's 13th just about enough to see him capture the top spot over final-tablist Quasar999 by a mere two points.

1st  HammerHorror -- 386 points
2nd  Quasar999 -- 384 points
3rd  bornTOflirt -- 372 points
4th  WiseOwlBB -- 358 points
5th  liquidpoker101 -- 351 points
6th  CarpyGAS -- 344 points
7th  2LAMCHOP2 -- 343 points
8th  tandy26 -- 341 points
9th  UliKoko -- 333 points
10th  Schitzzz -- 332 points
11th  kippery -- 324 points
12th  mikeymixitup -- 322 points
13th  clevski1 -- 319 points
14th  forgot2piknik -- 315 points
15th  Touagorimou -- 312 points
=16th  RykanShadow -- 301 points
=16th  veg41 -- 301 points
=16th  bagpussrocks -- 301 points
19th  baligirl13 -- 299 points
20th  ChipRead77 -- 297 points

HammerHorror has been running hotter than the sun this week, with victory in the Nifty at Nine guaranteeing him Orange Belt for next month's East End Live II.

1st HammerHorror -- 580 Belt Points
2nd cikarang5 -- 406 Belt Points
3rd flipfone -- 261 Belt Points
4th liquidpoker101 -- 145 Belt Points
5th Barty1uk -- 58 Belt Points

For those with 'May 10-12' circled in their diaries, there's still time for you to reach Orange Belt and compete for the free WSOP Main Event seat. Orange Belt can be achieved in just a few sessions of play.

That's not the only freebie we're giving away. For the upcoming weeks, we're gambling a free East End Live seat worth $200+25 to anyone who can win both the Turbo Takedown and Deepstack Mulligan in a row.

On Monday, Blue Belt Jamie Burland gave himself a freeroll to Stratford by taking down the Takedown for $108.00, but just missed out in the Mulligan when he departed in sixth.

Instead, the pressure now rests on the shoulders of Nick NPenfold666 Mazur, who will be hoping Lady Luck is singing his song in Monday's Takedown event.

1st StilettoMafiosa -- $108.00
2nd bagpussrocks -- $72.90
3rd blackbeltkickbox -- $40.50
4th CareybearBBP -- $27.00
5th RykanShadow -- $21.60

1st NPenfold666 -- $135.00 (50 Belt Points)
2nd Iceman78Danny -- $90.00 (30 Belt Points)
3rd nickhem1 -- $45.00 (10 Belt Points)
4th stevegw -- $30.00 (5 Belt Points)
5th Touagorimou (10 Belt Points)

Meanwhile, be sure to check out our weekly satellites. On Tuesday, Snotterz snapped up the latest ticket for just $5+0.50.

Tonight, you could be joining him courtesy of our $30+3 freezeout satellite. The action starts at 20:00 with a $5+0.50 feeder available an hour earlier at 19:00.

If your pockets are heavy, then of course you can simply register directly through our online cardroom. To enter, simply locate the event in Scheduled > Black Belt Tournaments and select your favoured starting day.

If you have any questions, then be sure to take a look at our FAQs or drop us an email at

To download the software, simply click here and follow the step-by-step process provided.

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Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Mental Game of Poker... 2!

Following the roaring success of his opening effort, acclaimed mental game coach Jared Tendler has returned to the world of poker literature with his hotly anticipated sequel: The Mental Game of Poker 2.

In an offer exclusive to Black Belt Poker players, The Mental Game of Poker 2 is now available in the Black Belt Poker Store for the discounted price of 1,000 Spending Points (inc. p&p), making it cheaper than retail price on online outlets like Amazon.

Ordering your copy couldn't be easier: simply log in to your community account at, select 'Store' in the top right-hand menu, and then locate The Mental Game of Poker 2 under the 'Merchandise' heading.

The book - and all its proven strategies - will then be in your hands within days.

Jared Tendler is a professional psychologist who has furthered the games of some of poker's most consistent pros, including names such as online phenom Dusty Leatherass Schmidt and EPT Champion Ben NeverScaredB Wilinofsky.

His work on The Mental Game of Poker has helped numerous players across the poker community, and revolutionised the way in which we think about the teaching of poker.

From controlling tilt to coping with variance, Jared discussed critical strategies to those elements of the game that are often ignored, and emphasised the increasing importance of our mental approach to a game of diminishing edges.

Now, with the help of poker journalist Barry Carter, Jared is back to offer yet more pearls of wisdom, and provide effective strategies on topics such a eliminating C-game mistakes, increasing focus and discipline, and much, much more.

For those yet to read the first offering, The Mental Game of Poker is also available in the 'Store' for the reduced price of 750 Spending Points.

If you don't currently have an account and would like to collate Belt Points, then opening one is easy. Once you've set-up a cardroom account, click here for information on how to open join the community and link your two accounts.

Sunday, 21 April 2013

Take Down a Free East End Live Seat

East End Live II is now less than a month away, and in the coming weeks Black Belt Poker will be giving players a chance to win a free seat.

If you can win both the Turbo Takedown and the Deepstack Mulligan consecutively, we'll buy you into East End Live. You don't even have to win them in the same working week!

The $10+1 Turbo Takedown takes place every Monday at 20:30 and is exclusive to Black Belt Poker players. The event can be located under Scheduled > Black Belt Tournaments > Turbo Takedown.

From a need to speed to deep-stack luxury, the $15+1.50 Mulligan arrives every Wednesday at 20:30 and can be found via Scheduled > Black Belt Tournaments > Deepstack Mulligan.

Both tournaments are exclusive to Black Belt Poker meaning you won't have to survive huge fields in order to be in with a shot of winning the seat.

East End Live II is Black Belt Poker's sixth live event to date, and is scheduled for May 10-12 at Asper's Casino in Stratford. The buy-in is $200+25 with a $50,000 guaranteed prize pool.

In what is a record-breaking and unprecedented offer, Black Belt Poker are adding an amazing $8,531,853 (est.) to first prize, although patrons may be required to win the WSOP Main Event to claim their full prize.

Yes, that's correct - we're giving the winner a free ticket to Vegas to play the $10,000 Main Event. All you have to do is be Orange Belt by May 01.

Direct entry is available via the Black Belt Poker online cardroom: Scheduled > Black Belt Tournaments > East End Live II Day 1A/B. Alternatively you can purchase a token from the Store or tackle our weekly satellites.

For the next three weeks, however, you'll have a chance to make East End Live an even cheaper journey with our exclusive promotion. So, join us this Monday as players look to take down the Takedown.

To download the software, simply click here
and follow the step-by-step process provided.

Thursday, 18 April 2013

Handy Andy Hammers Leg 4

The Black Belt League entered the halfway point this Tuesday as 84 met at the cyber felt, all hungry to make an impact and capture a free seat into next month's Samurai.

The winner of Leg 4 was Andrew thehingster Hingston, a Yellow Belt from Braintree, Essex. Second place went to Orange Belt David liquidpoker101 Manders, while Tim HammerHorror O'Mahoney took third.

The tournament wasn't prosperous for previous leg winners: 2LAMCHOP2 fell shot of the money in 22nd; nicenutter struggled in 73rd, while last week's victor, clevsk1, was the first casualty of the evening.

1st  thehingster -- $115.50
2nd  liquidpoker101 -- $77.70
3rd  HammerHorror -- $58.80
4th  Schitzzz -- $39.90
5th  BoraBoraBoy -- $29.40
6th  DarkPrincess13 -- $20.05
7th  losbert40 -- $17.85
8th  veg41 -- $14.70
9th  SturtSan -- $12.60
10th  CarpyGAS -- $10.50
11th  omnipokerist1 -- $10.50
12th  eixip50 -- $10.50

The real news this week is the emergence of a poker titan; with 318 points two-time and defending Champion Mark bornTOflirt Atkinson is once again at the top of the poker tree with HammerHorror two points behind.

Clevski1's slip means he's down from first to fourth, while kippery has also dropped, third to ninth. Meanwhile, silent assassins Schitzzz and Quasar sit in third and fourth following a trio of consistent performances.

1st  bornTOflirt -- 318 points
2nd  HammerHorror -- 316 points
3rd  Schitzzz -- 303 points
=4th  Quasar999 -- 301 points
=4th  clevski1 -- 301 points
6th  2LAMCHOP2 -- 292 points
7th  liquidpoker101 -- 291 points
8th  WiseOwlBB -- 286 points
9th  kippery -- 275 points
10th  CarpyGAS -- 270 points
11th UliKoko -- 267 points
12th  NPenfold666 -- 266 points
13th  veg41 -- 259 points
14th  mikeymixitup -- 257 points
15th  Touagorimou -- 255 points
16th  bagpussrocks -- 254 points
17th  DarkPrincess13 -- 253 points
18th  TheSimian -- 249 points
19th  tandy26 -- 248 points
20th  baligirl13 -- 246 points

With a $10,000 WSOP seat up for grabs, satellites for East End Live have been fiercely fought this week with another seat given away in Tuesday's $5+0.50 event. Anthony BoraBoraBoy Giuntini was the latest recipient, with Touagorimou close but no cigar.

Tonight at 20:00, Black Belt Poker are hosting a $30+3 freezeout satellite with one seat guaranteed. WiseOwlBB, jontheobald, and losbert40 have already booked their place courtesy of last night's $5+0.50 feeders. If you want to follow suit, then there's another feeder an hour before kick-off at 19:00.

In other news, Bambury won this week's Takedown, while JosseWales won an impressive 640 Belt Points in the Nifty at Nine. Mulligan honours went to Blue Belt Jamie StilettoMafiosa Burland.

Next week is set to be a slobberknocker with the arrivals of iPOPS IV, iPoker's Online Poker Series. In total, we're giving away an incredible $1.2 million in guarantees, including $500,000 in the Main Event.

The action kicks-off on Sunday with the first Mini event: a $50+5 No Limit Hold'em freezeout with a $40,000 guaranteed prize pool.

On Wednesday, our iPOPS Freeroll gave away four seats to the following players:

1st  Mrdroodle -- iPOPS #8H seat ($200+15)
2nd  bornTOflirt -- iPOPS #6H seat ($100+9)
3rd  BubbleCloud -- iPOPS #4H seat ($40+4)
4th  ChopWonka -- iPOPS #4H seat ($40+4)

If you want to join them, then see here to view the full schedule.

To download the software, simply click here and follow the step-by-step process provided.

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Friday, 12 April 2013

Cleverley Done

It was third time lucky for Simon clevski1 Cleverley this week as the Yellow Belt took down Leg 3 of the latest Black Belt Poker League.

As with last week's winner nicenutter, clevski1 celebrated his first league win to date, overcoming Orange Belt bagpussrocks heads-up and claiming a $118.26 first prize.

Also making up the 86-strong field were a number of former Champions including myteamouse, FolconAyr, dionysian, and Blue Belt Jamie StilettoMafiosa Burland.

1st  clevski1 -- $118.26
2nd  bagpussrocks -- $79.55
3rd  NPStars1 -- $60.20
4th  TheSimian -- $40.85
5th  NPenfold666 -- $30.10
6th  Quasar999 -- $22.57
7th  losbert40 -- $18.27
8th  1894IAIN -- $15.05
9th  PhilDee64 -- $12.90
10th  tandy26 -- $10.75
11th  flipfone -- $10.75
12th  bornTOflirt -- $10.75

Clevski's win was more than enough to see him elevate to the top spot in the standings, his previous scores being an impressively consistent 14th and 16th.

Meanwhile, reigning and two-time league Champion Mark bornTOflirt Atkinson is leading the chasing pack, sitting in second with 268 points.

1st  clevski1 -- 291 points
2nd  bornTOflirt -- 268 points
3rd  kippery -- 250 points
=4th  Quasar999 -- 246 points
=4th  WiseOwlBB -- 246 points
6th  NPenfold666 -- 237 points
7th  RykanShadow -- 230 points
8th  2LAMCHOP2 -- 229 points
9th  TheSimian -- 221 points
10th  forgot2piknik -- 220 points
11th  HammerHorror -- 219 points
12th  tandy26 -- 212 points
13th  Schitzzz -- 210 points
=14th  NPStars1 -- 207 points
=14th  bagpussrocks -- 207 points
16th  sandy1611 -- 205 points
17th  VBlueBBP -- 203 points
18th  mikemixitup -- 200 points
19th  UliKoko -- 196 points
20th  CarpyGAS -- 194 points

East End Live have been the three words on everyone's lips, particularly so following this week's exciting announcement: if you win the title as an Orange Belt, we'll add a WSOP Main Event seat worth a cool $10,000 onto your first prize.

Considering Orange Belt is only an initial step on the ladder of the Belt-Up Rewards System, this is an opportunity too good to miss, and one that could well be taken advantage of by our latest satellite winners.

This week alone we've witnessed four players earn their seat into the $250+25 Main Event, including generalshifty, stevegw, and TeeDeeEye1, the latter of whom reaped the rewards of a substantial overlay in Tuesday's $5+0.50 event.

The final seat went to Mark flipfone Gray; he earned his ticket for zero, zip, nada in the latest Orange Belt Freeroll, while three others also picked up tokens into our $30+3 satellite which takes place every Thursday at 20:00.

1st flipfone -- East End Live seat ($200+25)
2nd UliKoko -- East End Live satellite token ($30+3)
3rd habbad -- East End Live satellite token ($30+3)
4th 2LAMCHOP2 -- East End Live satellite token ($30+3)

Registration for East End Live II is currently available in the lobby; simply start up the poker client and locate your chosen starting day in Scheduled > Black Belt Tournaments.

Finally, results from our other exclusive tournaments:

Turbo Takedown, Monday (20:30):

1st  sprinterz -- $40.00
2nd  UliKoko
3rd  Touagorimou
4th  bagpussrocks

Nifty at Nine, Monday (21:00):

1st  WiseOwlBB -- 580 Belt Points
2nd  Barty1uk -- 406 Belt Points
3rd  Wally19 -- 261 Belt Points
4th  cikarang5 -- 145 Belt Points
5th  Sarannedipity -- 58 Belt Points

Deepstack Mulligan, Wednesday (20:30):

1st  S0lution -- $67.50 (50 Belt Points)
2nd  JHobbit1 -- $40.50 (30 Belt Points)
3rd  2LAMCHOP2 -- $27.00 (10 Belt Points)
4th  myteamouse (10 Belt Points)
5th  stevegw (5 Belt Points)

No-Lose Yellow Belt Deepstack, Thursday (20:00):

1st  1mightfold -- $31.00
2nd  BlackTen -- $21.00
3rd  nemorunsgood -- $13.50
4th  LockhartFlawse -- $10.50
5th  ajaybhadresa -- $8.50
6th  bamury -- $7.00
7th  elijah66 -- $6.00
8th  shaolin4aces -- $5.00
9th  BeatTheDonk123 -- $4.00
10th  Wally19 -- $3.50

To download the software, simply click here and follow the step-by-step process provided.
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Thursday, 11 April 2013

$8,531,853 Added to East End Live II *

Next month Black Belt Poker are offering you the chance to become a multi-millionaire by adding a record-breaking $8,531,853 (est.) to the first prize at our next live event. *

* Please note that the patron may be required to win the WSOP Main Event in order to claim the full prize. Terms and conditions apply.

East End Live II returns to the Aspers Casino in Stratford this May 10-12 for another weekend of poker fun and frolics, this time armed with a $200+25 buy-in and $50,000 guaranteed prize pool.

But the value bus doesn't stop there - if you win East End Live as an Orange Belt or above, we'll buy you into the $10,000 WSOP Main Event, absolutely free!

To claim the full estimated $8,531,853 prize is an absolute doddle - all you have to do is become the next WSOP Champion and let the bank manager know you'll be paying them a visit.

Actually, getting to Orange Belt and vying for a WSOP ticket truly is a breeze. Orange Belt is one of the initial steps on the ladder of our Belt-Up Rewards System, and can be achieved in just a few sessions.

And once you're there, you can reap the rewards of our weekly Orange Belt Freerolls, in which we give away an eclecticism of prizes including tournament tokens, training, shares in our pros and more.

"People are always talking about the large guarantees they offer in tournaments these days," commented head honcho Neil Channing, "so we thought we'd have a go at offering the biggest first prize ever seen in a UK poker event.

"Obviously we are having a little fun with our headline, but a $10,000 prize added to the winner is definitely a big bonus. Anyone can get to Orange Belt and have a chance of being World Champion."

Never before has so much money been added to just one prize, but thanks to East End Live you could be holding more bricks than a construction worker and adorning your wrist with the most sought after bling in the game.

This is your chance to win the biggest event of the year, by playing the most fun one, so make sure you register now for East End Live II.

To enter, simply locate the event in the online poker client under Scheduled > Black Belt Tournaments and hit 'register' on your chosen starting day.

For those with more limited bankrolls, then tonight we have a $30+3 freezeout satellite, with one seat guaranteed into East End Live. The starting whistle sounds at 20:00 with tokens currently available in the Store.

For more information on this incredible offer, see our promotions page and/or FAQs.

Friday, 5 April 2013

Nut High for Cochran

The League had a nutty flavour this week as Black Belt Poker stalwart Russ nicenutter Cochran sealed his first ever title in the second leg of the current campaign.

Victory didn't come easy; and after surviving the majority of a 91-strong field, he was left with the toughest of final hurdles: defending League Champion Mark bornTOflirt Atkinson.

But despite the scale of the challenge, nicenutter maintained his composure to top the poker charts for the evening and net himself a tidy $125.17.

Also making the final table was Orange Belt Nick nickhem1 Hemming, while new faces Quasar999 and Schitzzz also featured. Leg 1 winner Paul 2LAMCHOP2 Lamonby floundered in 75th.

1st  nicenutter -- $125.17
2nd  bornTOflirt -- $84.17
3rd  kippery -- $63.70
4th  Quasar999 --$43.22
5th  stevegw -- $31.85
6th  nickhem1 -- $23.88
7th  DarkPrincess13 -- $19.33
8th  Schitzzz -- $15.9210
9th  liquidoker101 -- $13.65
10th  BoatDrink -- $11.37
11th  NPenfold666 -- $11.37
12th  1stewtelf -- $11.37

Despite this week's glory, nicenutter is unable to squeeze into the top 20 placings, the pack instead being led by David kippery Read who followed up last week's 11th place finish with a bronze medal this time around.

1st  kippery -- 211 points
2nd  bornTOflirt -- 193 points
3rd  WiseOwlBB -- 187 points
4th  clevski1 -- 180 points
5th  forgot2piknik -- 178 points
6th  Schitzzz -- 177 points
7th  VBlueBBP -- 174 points
8th  stevegw -- 171 points
9th  HammerHorror -- 171 points
10th  UliKoko -- 170 points
11th  2LAMCHOP2 -- 160 points
12th  myteamouse -- 160 points
13th  RykanShadow -- 159 points
14th  moriarty3 -- 158 points
15th  Quasar999 -- 157 points
16th  PastiemanCnaC -- 157 points
17th  ToddCoxeter -- 156 points
18th  13kendo13 -- 153 points
19th  NPenfold666 -- 145 points
20th  cheekyweeguy -- 143 points

Black Belt Poker has been a hotbed of poker over the last several days, including the Deepstack Mulligan, which was conquered by JHobbit1 for 94.50 bucks and 50 Belt Points.

1st  JHobbit1 -- $94.50 (50 Belt Points)
2nd  eixip50 -- $63.00 (30 Belt Points)
3rd  UliKoko -- $31.50 (10 Belt Points)
4th  Touagorimou -- $21.00 (10 Belt Points)
5th  generalshifty (5 Belt Points)
On Monday, ourkidsid took down the Turbo Takedown and sprinterz turned 50 Belt Points into a free month at Orange with victory in the Nifty at Nine. Meanwhile, EthanH30 bested 39 others to win the Yellow Belt Freeroll and take full advantage of the $100 in added money.

Perhaps the most sought after prize, however, comes courtesy of our recently erected East End Live satellites, in which qualifiers get to play for the lion's share of $50,000 at our next event in Stratford.

Being crowned Champion has all the elements of a fairytale, and last night Kim insider66666 Vernon experienced the first two chapters by winning a satellite token in the latest Orange Belt Freeroll, before sewing up his ticket the following evening.

1st  insider66666 -- East End Live seat ($200+25)
2nd  slapdash1248 -- $37.50
3rd  ajaybhadresa -- $22.50
4th  paul6543 -- $15.00

If you would like to repeat his feat, then be sure to join us every Thursday at 20:00 for our $30+3 freezeout. And for those with tender wallets, there are $5+0.50 feeders on Wednesdays and Thursdays.

If you would prefer to buy in directly, then you can do so by locating the tournament in the Black Belt Poker lobby (Scheduled > Black Belt Tournaments) and hitting the 'register' button on your chosen day.

But, be quick, as each day is capped at 200 runners and there's a high chance of selling out.

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Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Grab a Grand in the Grand National

This Saturday, Black Belt Poker are celebrating one of the biggest sporting events of the year with a race of our very own.

The Grand Grand National is a $50+5 freezeout with a $2,500 guaranteed prize pool. The starter's gun will fire at 20:00 on Saturday, April 06.

To register simply locate the event in the Black Belt Poker lobby under Scheduled > Black Belt Tournaments.

As always, you're an odds on favourite to enjoy some juicy value, and for this event we're adding an extra $1,000 to your first prize if you can correctly predict the next Grand National Champion.
The current favourite to race to victory is On His Own, while some may fancy Seabass, Cappa Bleu or Colbert Station to edge a photo finish. At 200:1, Mortimer's Cross might be worth giving a wide berth.

To make your prediction, simply post the name of the horse in the groups thread titled 'The Grand Grand National' before the beginning of the race.

Click here to open a community account if you don't already have one.

You can always bank on us to cater for all bankrolls, and on Friday, April 05 at 20:00 we're holding a $10+1 Mega satellite with five seats guaranteed into The Grand Grand National.

"Even the most sensible of people can't resist a flutter on Grand National day," suggested Neil Channing, "and we thought we'd do the same at Black Belt Poker and gamble a grand. This is a great opportunity to boost your bankroll and give us a right 'mare."

The Grand National is scheduled to start at 16:15, so saddle up and join us this Saturday for what will be a bumper event. You're under starter's orders.

See here for terms and conditions.

To download the software, simply click here and follow the step-by-step process provided.