Friday, 27 December 2013

Chaplin's Prayers Answered in League XXII

Earlier this week Orange Belt Tristan tristiano Chaplin became the latest Black Belt Poker League Champion when he secured the title with a fourth final table.

The concluding leg was fought between 46 hopefuls but final bragging rights fell to Tony BoraBoraBoy Giuntini who defeated Ourkid888 heads-up to get his hands on the $80.50 first prize.

The final also featured former Champion myteamouse as well as Leg 5 winner themackem1968. The unfortunate bubble spot went to veg41.

1st  BoraBoraBoy — $80.50
2nd  OurKid888 — $51.75
3rd  myteamouse — $34.50
4th  CareybearBBP — $23.00
5th  tristiano — $17.25
6th  themackem1968 — $12.65
7th  shaolin4aces — $10.35

Seventh place for Tristan capped off a dominating performance that kicked off in style with victory in the opening leg. His full sequence of results were more than impressive: 1st, 10th, 13th, 17th, 21st, 7th, 9th, 5th.

Tristan is a semi-pro MTT player. Earlier in the month he also made the final table in the inaugural Newcastle Live at Aspers Casino, finishing in fourth place for £1,575.

Second went to Sarannedipity whose 20th place finish was enough to see her secure silver. Mikeymixitup maintained his spot on the podium with 24th.

The top ten in the overall standings will now get to dip into Neil Channing’s Christmas Sack with tristiano getting first dibs. Prizes include a Kindle Fire HD and iPOD shuffle, as well as the chance to win a Desktop Computer.

1st  tristiano — 406 points
2nd  Sarannedipity — 365 points
3rd  mikemixitup — 352 points
4th  PhilDee64 — 334 points
5th  PhilNe2Q — 333 points
6th  shaolin4aces — 326 points
7th  baligirl13 — 319 points
8th  kippery — 318 points
9th  dionsyian — 314 points
10th  BoatDrink — 311 points
11th  TeeDeeEye1 — 310 points
12th  JHobbit1 — 301 points
13th  paul6543 — 296 points
14th  myteamouse — 280 points
15th  BoraBoraBoy — 277 points
16th  2LAMCHOP2 — 275 points
=17th  ourkidsid — 271 points
=17th  veg41 — 271 points
19th  stevegw — 255 points
20th  nickhem1 — 254 points

As with previous Leagues, Black Belt Poker hosted a Second Chance SNG in which all leg winners were invited to compete for a tournament goodie bag.
Leg 2 winner Andrew shaolin4aces Wells was the last man sitting and will now get to play exclusive tournaments such as the Deepstack Mulligan and “Unbelievable, Jeff!”

To download the software, simply click here and follow the step-by-step process provided.

This week’s results:

Turbo Takedown (Monday, 20:30) - 15 runners:

1st  CaptainJack5 — $67.50
2nd  Usttantanoldu — $45.00
3rd  13kendo13 — $22.50
4th  RedKiteBlackBelt — $15.00

Nifty at Nine (Monday, 21:00) - 23 runners:

1st  PastiemanCnaC — 500 Belt Points
2nd  HammerHorror — 350 Belt Points
3rd  liquidpoker101 — 225 Belt Points
4th  eixip50 — 125 Belt Points
5th  BoraBoraBoy — 50 Belt Points

Samurai Mega Satellite (Tuesday, 20:00) - 35 runners

1st  GONGONONGO — Samurai seat ($250+25)
1st  cikarang5 — Samurai seat ($250+25)
1st  tristiano — Samurai seat ($250+25)
1st  PhilNe2Q — Samurai seat ($250+25)

Last Chance Samurai Satellite (Wednesday, 19:00)  14 runners:

1st  LegendKing1 — Samurai seat ($250+25)
2nd  slapdash1248 — $33.75
3rd  Iceman78Danny — $22.50
4th  XandurrrrBaby — $11.25

‘The Season Ticket Giveaway’ Orange Belt Freeroll (Wednesday, 19:30) - 22 runners:

1st  S0lution — Full League Season
2nd  myteamouse — 7 League Matches
3rd  dionysian — 6 League Matches
4th  TeeDeeEye1 — 5 League Matches
5th  HammerHorror — 4 League Matches
6th  veg41 — 3 League Matches
7th  liquidpoker101 — 2 League Matches
8th  nickhem1 — 1 League Match

Samurai (Wednesday, 20:00) - 41 runners:

1st  TheB1gDog — $3,587.50
2nd  NikStilly — $2,306.25
3rd  Bowlyflush — $1,537.50
4th  NPStars1 — $1,025.00
5th  Ka7ieVick — $768.75
6th  NeilChanning — $563.75
7th  redarmi1 — $461.25

Deepstack Mulligan (Wednesday, 20:30) - 12 runners:

1st  nickhem1 — $90.00 (50 Belt Points)
2nd  Iceman78Danny — $54.00 (30 Belt Points)
3rd  Sarannedipity — $36.00 (10 Belt Points)
4th  stevegw (5 Belt Points)
5th  ourkidsid (5 Belt Points)

‘Purple Patch’ Purple Belt Freeroll (Thursday, 19:30) - 8 runners:

1st  myteamouse — 5 x Purple Patch tokens
2nd  NPStars1 — 4 x Purple Patch tokens
3rd  dajaroo — 3 x Purple Patch tokens
4th  worldwarten — 2 x Purple Patch tokens
5th  PhilNe2Q — 1 x Purple Patch tokens

Yellow Belt No-Lose Deepstack (Thursday, 20:00) - 48 runners:

1st  PhilIAm — $31.00
2nd  Wally18 — $21.00
3rd  brummybls12 — $13.50
4th  vinvgo — $10.50
5th  coziwant2 — $8.50
6th  aspersmick12 — $7.00
7th  BlackCB — $6.00
8th  RedDog736 — $5.00
9th  Iceman78Danny — $4.00
10th  D0l14hyd3 — $3.50

League XXII Second Chance SNG (Thursday, 20:00) - 7 runners:

1st  shaolin4aces — tournament goodie bag
2nd  themackem1968
3rd  Sarannedipity
4th  PhilNe2Q
5th  BoraBoraBoy
6th  PastiemanCnaC
7th  dionysian

“Unbelievable, Jeff!” (Friday, 20:00) - 13 runners:

1st  BBPAnnabel — $58.50
2nd  ChipRead77 — $39.00 ($78.00)
3rd  nickhem1 — $19.50
4th  HoltenderCnaC — $13.00

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Jeff Kimber Becomes Seventh Samurai

Black Belt Poker’s biggest online event returned last night as 41 poker warriors took to the battlefield in a bid to become the Seventh Samurai.

That honour went to Jeff TheB1gDog Kimber who turned his $250+25 buy-in into a treasure trove worth $3,587.50. In second place was former East End Live Champion Nik NikStilly Sylianou.

The tournament was rife with talent as well as plenty of online qualifiers. Community members like nickhem1 and TeeDeeEye1 were on a freeroll, while tristiano and cikarang secured their seat courtesy of the Mega Satellite.

The early chip leader was Ka7ieVick; he/she jumped up to 45,000 (from a starting stack of 5,000) after eliminating online pro Jamie Sykes, turning a flush with 5c-4c versus A-Q on an A-x-Q-x-x board.

Defending Champion Ken Johnston then took control, taking the chip lead onto a tough final table that featured Jack Ellwood - an online pro from Newcastle-upon-Tyne who boasts over $2.5 million in winnings to his name.

Also present was Black Belt Poker co-founder Neil Channing, the 2008 Irish Open Champion vying for an unprecedented double having captured the inaugural Newcastle Live trophy just ten days prior.

After a fast-paced final it was Jeff Kimber who scooped the top prize, with Nik Stylianou and Jack Ellwood joining him on the podium for silver and bronze.

“It was an excellent tournament,” complimented Jeff in victory. “Some really good play and I didn’t see any moaning about beats, despite the ones I was handing out. It was played in a great spirit.”

Jeff is a former sports journalist from (again!) Newcastle-upon-Tyne who’s been a circuit regular since 2006. In that time he has made an incredible eight GUKPT finals and amassed live career earnings in excess of $1.5 million.

And now he's Lord of the Samurai!


1st  TheB1gDog — $3,587.50
2nd  NikStilly — $2,306.25
3rd  Bowlyflush — $1,537.50
4th  NPStars1 — $1,025.00
5th  Ka7ieVick — $768.75
6th  NeilChanning — $563.75
7th  redarmi1 — $461.25

Go Forth With Samurai

The time has come to polish your Bushido blade and step back into the battlefield - Samurai is back!

The first swords will clang tomorrow, Wednesday, December 18 at 20:00 with Black Belt Poker once again serving up a juicy $10,000 guarantee despite overlays in our last two events.

If you want to take advantage of the added value then register now via the tournament lobby: Scheduled > Black Belt Tournaments > Samurai.
Community regulars Nick nickhem1 Hemming and Nick NPenfold666 Mazur have already sewn up their seat, but you could join them for a cut-price.

Tonight at 20:00 we're hosting one final Mega Satellite with survivors earning entry into the $250+25 Main Event the following day.

The buy-in is just $30+3 but we're guaranteeing four seats.

If that's not cheap enough then there will be $5+0.50 feeders leading up to the event from 17:15. Each feeder guarantees one seat into the Mega.

Last Samurai was Purple Belt Ken NPStars1 Johnston who took advantage of an overlay to capture the illustrious title and $4,000 first prize.

Ken will be defending his trophy this time around having earned his seat through the popular Northern Poker Stars League held weekly on Black Belt Poker.

If you want to deny him a second consecutive victory and treat yourself to an early Christmas present then be sure to join us for all the action.

To download the software, simply 
click here and follow the step-by-step process provided.

Pascoe Batters Leg 7

Last Tuesday witnessed the penultimate leg of the Black Belt Poker League with two players perched at the top of the tree and a bunch of others lurking on the branches below.

For the seventh leg, however, it was Derek PastiemanCnaC Pascoe who opened up a can of poker whoop ass. He munched on a pastie worth $75.27 after overcoming a tough final hurdle: dionysian.

Pascoe’s victory comes off a disappointing 41st the week prior, but this week he dazzled the 43-strong opposition which included bubble boy liquidpoker101, as well as fifth place TeeDeeEye1 who finished third in Leg 6.

1st  PastiemanCnaC — $75.27
2nd  dionysian — $48.37
3rd  kippery — $32.25
4th  ourkidsid — $21.50
5th  TeeDeeEye1 — $16.12
6th  PhilDee64 — $11.82
7th  PhilNe2Q — $9.67

Last week’s champion Sarannedipity performed credibly in 24th, but Tristan tristiano Chaplin has pulled away by 16 points after sneaking onto the final table in ninth.

1st  tristiano — 354 points
2nd  Sarannedipity — 338 points
3rd  mikeymixitup — 327 points
4th  PhilNe2Q — 317 points
5th  dionysian — 310 points
6th  PhilDee64 — 296 points
=7th  BoatDrink — 289 points
=7th  kippery — 289 points
9th  baligirl13 — 287 points
10th  shaolin4aces — 280 points
11th  TeeDeeEye1 — 277 points
12th  JHobbit1 — 265 points
13th  paul6543 — 261 points
14th  2LAMCHOP2 — 251 points
15th  ourkidsid — 237 points
16th  bornTOflirt — 232 points
17th  nickhem1 — 229 points
18th  veg41 — 228 points
19th  PastiemanCnaC — 226 points
20th  stevegw — 225 points

Samurai returns this week. Once again the buy-in will be $250+25 with a $10,000 guarantee, so if you like the words ‘value’ and ‘overlay’ in your stocking then be sure to check it out.

If the entry fee is out of reach then you’re in luck: at 20:00 on Tuesday there will be a $30+3 Mega Satellite with a generous four seats guaranteed. $5+0.50 feeders are also available.

Both satellite and main event are expected to witness some free bucks in the pot, so don’t miss out on what is a great chance to compete in one of the funnest, yet competitive tournaments around.

To download the software, simply click here and follow the step-by-step process provided.

This week's other results:

Turbo Takedown (Monday, 20:30) - 13 runners:

1st  PhilNe2Q — $58.50
2nd  stevegw — $39.00
3rd  Touagorimou — $19.50
4th  nickhem1 — $13.00

Nifty at Nine (Monday, 21:00) - 28 runners:

1st  HammerHorror — 560 Belt Points
2nd  Touagorimou — 392 Belt Points
3rd  nickhem1 — 252 Belt Points
4th  GOLDENSOMBRE — 140 Belt Points
5th  Elysiumjay — 56 Belt Points

‘Sunday Sizzler’ Orange Belt Freeroll (Wednesday, 19:30) - 26 runners:

1st  JosseWales — $200K GTD token ($200+15)
2nd  dionysian — $200K GTD Mega Sat token ($30+3)
3rd  nickhem1 — $200K GTD Mega Sat token ($30+3)

Deepstack Mulligan (Wednesday, 20:30) - 14 runners:

1st  NeilChanning — $94.50 (250 Belt Points)
2nd  S0lution — $63.00 (30 Belt Points)
3rd  NPStars1 — $31.50 (20 Belt Points)
4th  HoltenderCnaC — $21.00 (5 Belt Points)
5th  dionysian (10 Belt Points)

Monkey Magic Loyalty Freeroll (Thursday, 20:00) - 17 runners:

1st  WiseOwl — $500 in online entries
2nd  ourkidsid — $200 in online entries
3rd  TeeDeeEye1 — $100 in online entries

Yellow Belt No-Lose Deepstack (Thursday, 20:00) - 50 runners:

1st  1mightfold — $31.00
2nd  AlbusBB — $21.00
3rd  vinvgo — $13.50
4th  1PedroMex — $10.50
5th  Wally19  — $8.50
6th  PastiemanCnaC — $7.00
7th  BlackCB — $6.00
8th  brummybls12 — $5.00
9th  MForce16 — $4.00
10th  BlackyTen — $3.50

“Unbelievable, Jeff!” (Friday, 20:00) - 14 runners:

1st  JosseWales — $63.00
2nd  BBPAnnabel — $42.00
3rd  Touagorimou — $21.00
4th  flipfone — $14.00 ($28.00)

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Week 6: No Serendipity for Branter 

No Serendipity Needed for Branter

Newcastle Live may have been about to ambush brick and mortar, but all eyes remained focused on the online felt last Tuesday as players tackled a key leg of the Black Belt Poker League.

With just 12 points separating the top three, it was still anyone’s game; and in fact, it was fourth place Saranne Sarannedipity Branter who sparkled in leg 6 with a victory that took her to the top of the table.

Paul paul6543 Romain bubbled, leaving seven to take the money spots including Newcastle Live finalist Tristan tristiano Chaplin and reigning League Champion Bob myteamouse Bulman, who lost heads-up to Sarannedipity.

1st  Sarannedipity — $78.77
2nd  myteamouse — $50.62
3rd  TeeDeeEye1 — $33.75
4th  JHobbit1 — $22.50
5th  dajaroo — $16.87
6th  NPStars1 — $12.37
7th  tristiano — $10.12

That win means Yellow Belt Sarannedipity has snuck into the lead by just one point. It’s the latest in a run of consistent results and completed her hat-trick of final table finishes.

1st  Sarannedipity — 318 points
2nd  tristiano — 317 points
3rd  mikeymixitup — 299 points
4th  PhilNE2Q — 274 points
=5th  shaolin4aces — 261 points
=5th  BoatDrink — 261 points
7th  baligirl13 — 258 points
=8th  dionysian — 250 points
=8th  PhilDee64 — 250 points
10th  JHobbit1 — 243 points
11th  kippery — 233 points
=12th  paul6543 — 228 points
=12th  TeeDeeEye1 — 228 points
14th  2LAMCHOP2 — 225 points
15th  bornTOflirt — 214 points
16th  myteamouse — 209 points
17th  stevegw — 204 points
18th  veg41 —203 points
19th  nickhem1 — 202 points
20th  Touagorimou — 201 points

In just over a week Samurai will be returning to your monitors with another $10,000 guarantee. With the festive season distracting players, we could easily witness another overlay.

If you would like to play then registration is now available directly via the cardroom lobby at Scheduled > Black Belt Tournaments > Samurai. You can also purchase a token in the Store in exchange for Spending Points.

The event is a $250+25 exclusive freezeout taking place on Wednesday, December 18. This Thursday at 20:00 there will be a $30+3 satellite with one seat guaranteed into the Main Event.

To download the software, simply click here and follow the step-by-step process provided.

This week's other results:

Turbo Takedown (Monday, 20:30) - 23 runners:

1st  dionysian — $92.00
2nd  lionrampant27 — $62.10
3rd  teamcarlo — $34.50
4th  nickhem1 — $23.00
5th  eixip50 — $18.40

Nifty at Nine (Monday, 21:00) - 25 runners:

1st  NPStars1 — 500 Belt Points
2nd  RedKiteBlackBelt — 350 Belt Points
3rd  Touagorimou — 225 Belt Points
4th  PastiemanCnaC — 125 Belt Points
5th  nickhem1 — 50 Belt Points

‘Samurai Showdown’ Orange Belt Freeroll (Wednesday, 19:30) - 25 runners:

1st nickhem1 — Samurai seat ($250+25)
2nd TeeDeeEye1 — Samurai satellite token ($30+3)
3rd LegendKing1 — Samurai satellite feeder token ($5+0.50)

Deepstack Mulligan (Wednesday, 20:30) - 12 runners:

1st  nickhem1 — $87.75 (50 Belt Points)
2nd  generalshifty — $58.50 (30 Belt Points)
3rd  Iceman78Danny — $29.25 (10 Belt Points)
4th  2LAMCHOP2 — $19.50 (10 Belt Points)
5th  stevegw (5 Belt Points)

Newcastle Live Mega Satellite (Thursday, 20:00) - 25 runners:

tristiano -- Newcastle Live seat (£180+20)
1894IAIN -- Newcastle Live seat (£180+20)
NPStars1 -- Newcastle Live seat (£180+20)
Wahhhhhhhhhhhh -- Newcastle Live seat (£180+20)

'Belt Points Blowout' Purple Belt Freeroll (Thursday, 19:30) - 12 runners:

1st  dionysian — 3,000 Belt Points
2nd  Elysiumjay — 2,250 Belt Points
3rd  NPStars1 — 1,500 Belt Points
4th  worldwarten — 750 Belt Points

Yellow Belt No-Lose Deepstack (Thursday, 20:00) - 45 runners:

1st  AlRawling — $31.00
2nd  gazthechippy — $21.00
3rd  kippery — $13.50
4th  csl1872 — $10.50
5th  Wally19 — $8.50
6th  Usttantanoldu — $7.00
7th  cnacandy64 — $6.00
8th  PhilDee64 — $5.00
9th  BlackyTen — $4.00
10th  cnacbabs — $3.50

“Unbelievable, Jeff!” (Friday, 20:00) - 6 runners:

1st  dionysian — $50.00
2nd  Spruit1
3rd  7onyB
4th  Touagorimou
5th  generalshifty

Marvellous! Channing Wins Newcastle Live

This weekend Black Belt Poker co-founder Neil Channing became the first ever Newcastle Live Champion, snapping up the title and £3,650 first prize just one day prior to his 46th birthday.

Aspers Casino played host to the inaugural event with 65 taking to the tables alongside the likes of community regulars Ken Johnston, Tom Thompson, Bruce Jones and Nottingham Live II Champion Kevin Williams.

After William Wharton’s 3-3 crumbled against A-3 to feel the splash of the bubble, we had our final table with Black Belt Channing leading the way. Not too far behind was Tristan Chaplin while Ji Woliane was further back in third.

Seat 1: Daniel Scott -- 60,000
Seat 2: David Woodward -- 65,000
Seat 3: Neil Channing -- 260,000
Seat 4: Colin Turbull -- 85,000
Seat 5: Paul Lamonby -- 55,000
Seat 6: Ji Woliane -- 100,000
Seat 7: Andy Brisland -- 90,000
Seat 8: Tristan Chaplin -- 250,000
Seat 9: Dean Aldred -- 55,000

Colin Turbull was the first casualty with A-9 vs. J-J, followed by David Woodward in eighth (Q-6 vs. A-K). They were joined on the rail by Daniel Scott, eliminated by neighbour Channing who woke up with A-A when Scott open-jammed Q-5.

Ji Woliane was the next to fall, the unfortunate victim of a set-over-set encounter with Paul Lamonby, who then completed the double KO by dispatching of Dean Aldred in fifth with K-K versus T-T.

Having turned his short stack into a towering inferno Lamonby nipped off to the gents only to return to find himself heads-up for the title. Channing was the cause, flopping the nut flush with Ad-5d on a 7d-Td-Jd flop with both Andy Brisland (Kc-Jc) and Tristan McDonald (As-Qd) all in before him.

Must be nice.

Despite spending a penny and receiving a minimum payday of £2,630, Lamonby was unable to overturn a 4:1 chip deficit, ultimately succumbing to Channing with A-2 versus A-Q and settling for second place.

Hailing from Maida Vale, London, Channing boasts more than $3.3 million in live tournament winnings and lies in seventh in the England all-time money list. In 2009 he co-founded Black Belt Poker and has since hosted seven live events across the country.

"I was delighted that we got so many of our most regular and loyal players to visit the frozen north,” revealed Channing in victory. “Aspers ran a great tournament and I was particularly pleased that so many familiar Black Belt Poker faces made the final. Thanks for letting me win - it was a lovely surprise."

Running parallel to the final table was a £35 charity tournament organised by long-standing members Dawn Cooke and Dean Aldred with £50 bounties and a plethora of spot prizes. The event raised circa £1,000 in support of Progressio and Multiple Sclerosis Society.

“People all over were coming up and giving money or pledging if they cashed," reported Dawn. “It was pretty overwhelming as were the folks who wanted to talk to me about MS and the experiences they and their families have had with it.”

Final results:

1st Neil Channing -- £3,650
2nd Paul Lamonby -- £2,630
3rd Tristan Chaplin -- £1,575
4th Andy Brisland -- £1,050
5th Dean Aldred -- £815
6th Ji Woliane -- £700
7th Daniel Scott -- £585
8th David Woodward -- £465
9th Colin Turbull -- £230

Newcastle Live - Register Now!

The wait is finally over; in just one day’s time the Black Belt Live train will be making its first ever stop in the North of England for the inaugural Newcastle Live.

Hosted by Aspers Casino, players will have the chance to turn £180+20 into a sumptuous payday while being treated to a deep structure and fun atmosphere.

Poker players are renowned for leaving it to the last minute, but if you’re yet to join the lineup then its not too late to get involved.

To enter simply locate the tournament in the Black Belt Poker cardroom lobby via Scheduled > Black Belt Tournaments > Newcastle Live and hit 'register'.

To download the software, simply click here and follow the step-by-step process provided.

Entry is online only and exclusively via the Black Belt Poker cardroom, meaning if you turn up on the day with cash in hand you won’t be able to play.

If you've already booked your seat are are new to Aspers then please ensure you bring I.D. Players are also asked to arrive early in order to allow ample time to become a member at the front desk.

Last night witnessed our final satellite for the event, and yet another remarkable overlay. This time we gave away a further £175 as just 25 players competed for four seats.

With Neil Channing bursting the bubble, the following players were left to celebrate their upcoming weekend: ‘tristiano’, ‘1894IAIN’, ‘NPStars1’, and ‘Wahhhhhhhhhhhh’.

If you missed out on this value, then don’t worry as in Newcastle we’ll be dishing out a plethora of prizes, including Samurai satellite seats to bounty winners.

Samurai is a $250+25 exclusive freezeout and is just around the corner, taking place on Wednesday, December 18. If you fancy avoiding the cold weather, then this one could be for you.

Newcastle Live Mega - 4 Seats Guaranteed!

Newcastle Live is now less than one week away and the clock is ticking for those looking to satellite their way to Aspers.

However, on Thursday, December 05 at 20:00, we're going to give you one last chance to play for a reduced price with our Newcastle Live Mega Satellite.

For the very final qualifier, there will be a generous four guaranteed seats up for grabs into Saturday's £180+20 Main Event.

The Mega Satellite will be a No Limit Hold'em freezeout with a £25+2.50 buy-in. The tournament can be located in the lobby under Scheduled > Black Belt Tournaments.

To cater for all bankroll sizes, there will also be an array of £5+0.50 turbo feeders leading up to the satellite. They will run every 30 minutes from 17:15 tonight, Wednesday and Thursday.

Every feeder will guarantee one seat into the Mega Satellite.

There is a high chance of an overlay so make sure you join us this week on to take advantage of the value on offer.

Don't forget that even if you plan to participate in the satellites, then you can still buy in directly beforehand in order to secure your seat.

Prior live events have sold out before kick-off so register now to avoid disappointment.

To enter, locate the tournament in Scheduled > Black Belt Tournaments > Newcastle Live and select 'register'.

Alternatively, you can purchase a token from the Black Belt Poker Store in exchange for Spending Points.

If you don't already have an account, then opening one is easy: simply download the poker client and follow the step-by-step process provided.

For more information on East End Live II, please see our FAQs.

Overlay in iPOPS Main Event

The fifth instalment of iPOPS came to an exciting conclusion last night as players rolled up for the $200+15 Main Event.

Despite the 1,891-strong field the prize pool failed to match the $400,000 guarantee, thus creating a mouthwatering overlay of 21,800.

A total of 49 Black Belt Poker players heeded our words of value, including sponsored pros Jerome Bradpiece, Kevin Williams and Neil Channing.

A round 10 pulled in a profit with Blue Belt Jamie StilettoMafiosa Burland finishing 262nd for $340.00. Also in the money were Ian 1894IAIN Brassell and Ken NPStars1 Johnston.

Top bananas, however, went to Bruce UsainZeus88 Jones who captured the bronze medal in third for an impressive $36,000.00.

Currently an Orange Belt in the Belt-Up Rewards System, Jones was no stranger to the final table having earned $13,160.00 for fourth in last year’s opening iPOPS event.

“Thank you very much for the rail!” he commended in a forum post. “So pleased I got a bad beat rather than a blow-up (although it was standard play).”

Final results:

3rd UsainZeus88 — $36,000.00
46th AWondaX — $880.00
59th NPStars1 — $820.00
121st 2napkins — $560.00
123rd welljellflop — $560.00
194th Bluegooner1 — $420.00
206th Bowlyflush — $400.00
232nd SvenBenson66 — $380.00
262nd StilettoMafiosa — $340.00
276th 1894IAIN — $320.00

The iPOPS may be done and dusted, but Newcastle Live is just around the corner with the £180+20 Main Event taking place on December 07-08 at Aspers Casino.

Registration is exclusively via the online cardroom and can be located via Scheduled > Black Belt Tournaments > Newcastle Live.

For more information on the event see our FAQs.