Friday, 24 September 2010

Richard Ashby Wins WCOOP Event

Having only joined Black Belt Poker several days ago, Richard 'Chufty' Ashby has marked his arrival in emphatic style by taking down Event #54 of this year's WCOOP on PokerStars.

As one of the world's greatest Pot Limit Omaha players, it was perhaps fitting that victory came in the six-handed PLO $800,000 guaranteed event, a credible 480 players each investing $2,100 to create a sumptuous $960,000 prize pool.

The tournament boasted an esteemed cast with the likes of Barry Greenstein, Johnny Lodden, Greg Raymer, Joe Cada, and Bertrand "ElkY" Grospellier all competing for WCOOP gold. However, they were little more than a passing memory as Richard ran rampant through the tournament, amassing a hefty stack early doors and remaining among the leaders throughout.

Later on in the event, Richard ran into some tough competition, but was able to work his way onto the final a respectable third in chips. Also going deep was fellow Brit Jon 'LUFCBas' Spinks who finished 15th for $9,120, whilst other familiar names included Brett 'get crank' Richey and Chris 'Money800' Moneymaker in 10th and 34th respectively.

As with the November Nine, there was somewhat of a hiatus prior to the final, players asked to return the next day at 10pm UK time to compete for the $185,760 first prize. Whilst others took 40 winks, this was an opportunity for Richard to join Neil Channing in Day 1b of the WSOPE Main Event. Despite bringing his laptop along, Richard's fate was sealed early doors, his flopped pair and a flush draw bettered by a bigger flush draw which ultimately hit.

After such an early exit in Leicester Square, only a WCOOP win would soften the blow, and that's exactly what happened as Richard refused a deal before toppling unknown entity 'Shatkhi' heads-up to take the lion's share of the prize pool. Not only had Richard sealed yet another victory, but he'd impressed players and railers alike with his unrelenting aggression and ability to apply pressure on his weaker opponents.

Richard is now a proud member of the Black Belt Poker team and will soon become a permanent blogger and much-anticipated Sensei on the site. If you would like to learn from a bracelet and WCOOP winner, then make sure you check out our Enlightenment Training Programme to see how you can scale the ranks and take advantage of all the benefits on offer.

1st CHUFTY -- $185,760
2nd Shatkhi -- $137,760
3rd LukeFromB13 -- $103,200
xlllll -- $50,880.00
5th shinbunshi -- $32,640

Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Brown Belt Wins IPO Seat in Leg 7

Last night's Super Tuesday was possibly one of the most exciting to date. Leg 7 of League VI showcased an intriguing mix of players: those who were fighting for their place in the top 10 of the League standings, and others who were simply vying for the added value of a free seat into the much-anticipated International Poker Open (IPO) in Dublin.

With so much up for grabs, all the usual suspects were present, but it was perhaps one of the most 'usual' who took down top honours and that hotly contested IPO seat: Rob '7Enygma7' Jarrett-Smith. One of three Brown Belts, Rob is an Enlightenment Sensei and one of the winners of Grading II: Destination Dublin, where he earned himself an all-expenses paid trip to play in the 2010 Irish Open.

Fresh off his recent effort in the WSOPE £1,000 event (Rob, sadly, lost a race on Day 1), Rob took home $104, and the IPO seat, after overcoming a tough final table that included UKIPT Galway runner-up Paul Marrow and Leg 5 winner Simon 'GayWaiter' Shaw. His final opponent was Jonathan 'jonnyboy1987' Cross who collected $71.50 for his second place finish.

1st 7Enygma7 -- $104.00 + IPO Seat
2nd jonnyboy1987 -- $71.50
3rd TheGayWaiter -- $43.87
4th 99Ranny -- $32.50
5th 1080Sniper -- $24.37
6th paulmarrow -- $19.50
7th bizmarkkk -- $16.25
8th MisterMick -- $13.00

With the IPO seat snapped up, all eyes were now on the League standings. Current leader Darren 'TheZartog' Meredith finished a disappointing 38th, Robert 'huddy2602' Hudson 27th, and even a normally consistent Peter 'PeterV1972' Vasiliou could only muster 45th - the combination of which meant that, once again, we had a new League leader in Mark 'Ranny99' Ranson, whose final table appearance saw him leapfrog to the top with an impressive 396 points.

1st 99Ranny -- 396 points
2nd TheZartog -- 372 points
3rd bizmarkkk -- 366 points
4th huddy2602 -- 366 points
5th SirNutFlopper -- 361 points
6th cleavertrevor -- 349 points
7th TheSimian -- 348 points
8th ourkidsid -- 345 points
9th PeterV1972 -- 341 points
10th paddyjim67 -- 333 points

An hour later, we witnessed a record-breaking field in the Mulligan, a welcome 43 players stumping up the $15 buy-in fee to battle it out for the bragging rights. In the end, it was Yellow Belt Jon 'Ourkid888' Laight who snapped up first prize, whilst Rob Jarrett-Smith finished in 11th.

1st Ourkid888 -- $258
2nd lionrampant27 -- $161.25
3rd BelterMan -- $103.20
4th FlaxseedGoji -- $70.95
5th Jduckworth -- $51.60

The Donkament was equally well contested, first place going to none other than Brown Belt and Enlightenment Sensei Jerome 'GONGONONGO' Bradpiece who bested 43 of BBP's finest.

1st GONGONONGO -- $28.20
2nd SitNutFlopper -- $17.62
3rd bbpjimjam -- $11.28
4th Werrrrd -- $7.75
5th AngelVickie48 -- $5.64

With just one Leg of League VI remaining, there's still plenty up for grabs. Although 99Ranny takes a lead of 24 into the final Leg, just one slip-up could see all his good work unravel at the death. Meanwhile, the top 10 is by no means signed and sealed, and with Blue Belts Gavin Hall, Kevin Williams, Simon Mairs, and Owen Robinson sitting in 12-15th respectively, Leg 8 could easily witness a changing of the guards.

Who will win a trip to the Late Night Poker studios? Who will reap the rewards of finishing in the top 10? Who will snap up that final IPO seat? To quote a giant animated finger, "It could be you," but only if you register for the final Super Tuesday of League VI.

To open an account is easy, simply download the poker client and follow the step-by-step process provided.

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IPO Giveaway

Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Gone to Pieces

After continual pressure from his peers, Neil Channing has finally lost the plot and agreed to sell pieces of himself in the World Series of Poker Europe Main Event: no premium, no registration fee, no catch - just a face value investment of one of the UK's most celebrated players.

For years, Neil has been regarded as one of the most renowned stakers in the industry, backing players such as Sam Trickett, Sunny Chattha, Steve Jelinek and, more recently, the Blue and Brown Belt players on Black Belt Poker. In 2009, he bought 25 percent of James Akenhead in the WSOP Main Event, who went on to make the November Nine, finishing in ninth place for $1,263,602.

Now, fresh off his victory at the Luton GUKPT, Neil is reversing the roles to give you a chance to become the staker and back the 2008 Irish Open winner in one of the biggest events on the poker calendar. With an estimated $1,000,000 plus first prize, this is an opportunity you simply can't ignore!

"I've totally gone to pieces," commented Neil with a shake of the head, "'I cracked and just couldn't take the pressure anymore, so I've decided to spread the wealth and give people the chance to stick their finger in the Channing pie. I'm virtually giving money away! There's no way I'm cutting up the bracelet into multiple pieces though!"

"I'm very concerned about him," added Neil's psychiatrist. "He's been very stressed of late, but this latest offer is just madness. I don't know why Neil would want to give away his winnings. It's as if he wants to reward his loyal players or something."

To purchase a piece of Neil in the WSOPE Main Event, investors are invited to make an online transfer via the Black Belt Poker client using the following details:


The 'online transfer' option can be located in the left hand menu of the 'Account' tab in the cashier of the Black Belt Poker lobby. Investments will be a minimum of £50 (0.5%) and a maximum of £500 (5%) with no more than 25% being sold.

All payments must be received before 12pm, Friday, September 24. Any payments received after this time/date, will not qualify and will be returned immediately. All investors will receive a confirmation email upon transfer of funds, and will receive any winnings via the same online transfer method.

This offer is exclusive to Black Belt Poker players of Yellow Belt and above. If you're not yet a Yellow Belt, then it's not too late, simply download the poker client, and follow the step-by-step process to opening your account and linking to your community profile.

Friday, 17 September 2010

IPO Giveaway

Despite the recent launch of our Enlightenment Training Programme, the value at Black Belt Poker continues to run rampant as we add additional value to the final legs of League VI.

With just two legs remaining, we've decided to reward our loyal player base by adding a free IPO seat to first place on each leg. To win the prize, you must have registered, and played, in all three Super Tuesday events for that evening: League VI (7.30pm), The Mulligan (8.30pm), and The Donkament (9.30pm).

With in excess of a thousand poker fanatics making the now annual pilgrimage to the Emerald Isle, the International Poker Open (IPO) has quickly become Europe's largest live tournament and is also one of the most cosmopolitan, attracting players from countries such as Scotland, Holland, Belgium and, most notably, France.

Scheduled for October 15-17 at the Regency Hotel in Dublin, the IPO is set to be another roaring success, with players looking to repeat the success of reigning Champion Markus Sippe of Germany who defeated a field of 1,440 to take home the title and $62,250 first prize. Now is your chance to follow in his footsteps.

If you've never played the Black Belt Poker League, then don't worry, you can still enter Legs 7 and/or 8 and battle it out for an IPO seat. Just find 'League VI' in 'Black Belt Tournaments' in the cardroom lobby and click 'register' to secure your seat. If you're yet to play on the site, then opening an account couldn't be easier: simply download the poker client and follow the step-by-step process provided.

Last Tuesday, League VI entered Leg 6 with 51 players eager to make their mark. The man who shone brightest, however, was the legendary Chris 'cyprusdonkey' Poutashi, the community favourite picking up first place for $81.60.

1st cyprusdonkey -- $81.60
2nd Ruaction -- $56.10
3rd russelhansen -- $34.42
4th insider66666 -- $25.50
5th delhartley -- $19.12
6th bizmarkkk -- $15.30
7th generalshifty -- $12.75
8th TheSimian -- $10.20

Also making the final was Nigel 'bizmarkkk' Clifford. He finished in sixth place for $15.30, which was just about enough to sneak him into ninth place in the League table with 301 points. The leader, however, remains Darren 'TheZartog' Meredith who pulls away slightly with 344 points, his closest rival being Robert 'huddy2602' Hudson who sits in second with 327 points.

But it's not over yet. Any of the top 10 could pull out consecutive final tables in the last two legs and be heading to Cardiff to watch the Late Night Poker final unfold as Neil Channing's special guest.

1st TheZartog -- 344 points
2nd huddy2602 -- 327 points
3rd 99Ranny -- 322 points
4th PeterV1972 -- 320 points
5th TheSimian -- 319 points
6th SirNutFlopper -- 304 points
7th paddyjim67 -- 303 points
8th cleavertrevor -- 302 points
9th bizmarkkk -- 301 points

Meanwhile, Richard 'generalshifty' Hurst won the Mulligan…

1st generalshifty -- $82.50
2nd bbpjimjam -- $49.50
3rd JHobbit1 -- $33.00

… whilst Kim 'insider66666' Vernon took down the Donkament.

1st insider66666 -- $12.25
2nd RedKiteBlackBelt -- $7.35
3rd generalshifty -- $4.90

It's been a great League so far, but it's just about to get better as we throw a couple of IPO seats into the mix. Register now for next Tuesday's leg and don't miss out on what is an incredible opportunity.

* to qualify for the extra chips promotion, players will still need to rake $15 for September and/or October.

Monday, 13 September 2010

Richard Ashby Joins Black Belt Poker

Black Belt Poker are proud to announce that 2010 WSOP bracelet winner Richard 'Chufty' Ashby has joined the Black Belt Poker team and will play the circuit as a Black Belt and sponsored player for the company.

A former Options and Futures Market Maker from London, Richard started playing poker at his local tennis club and with his dad at home, before entering his first live tournament at the age of 18. 17 years on, and Richard's ascent has been nothing short of spectacular.

Richard's first recorded win came in a Seven-Card Stud event back in 2001, but since then he has collated a near $1.2 million in live tournament winnings including final table appearances in the Aussie Millions, GUKPT, WSOP and UK Open.

Richard's greatest moment, however, came at this year's World Series when he won his first bracelet, taking down the $1,500 Seven Card-Stud event for $140,467. Two weeks later, he finished second in the $10,000 H.O.R.S.E. Championship for a further $378,027.

Perhaps Richard's most impressive achievement is the mountains he has climbed in the virtual world, playing some of the largest stakes available online and quickly becoming known as one of the world's most prolific Pot Limit Omaha players.

Only last night, Richard won the award for Best All-Round Player at the British Poker Awards, an illustrious honour that was judged by a panel of professional poker players. This award further showcased the respect Richard had garnered from his peers.

Many have noted Richard's commitment to putting in the hours, his dedication to developing his skills across all games, and his hunger for success, and it is for this reason that we believe Richard and Black Belt Poker are a perfect match. Black Belt Poker is centred around improving via our Enlightenment Training Programme, and Richard is destined to play a vital role in that process.

"Richard has quite rightly just won the best all-round player at the British Poker Awards," highlighted 2010 GUKPT Luton Champion Neil Channing. "He's been on multiple finals, has won a bracelet, is skilled in all formats, and has conquered the nosebleed stakes like no other UK player. Why wouldn't we want him on board?"

Grading III: Journey to Oz

For over a decade, the Aussie Millions has been one of the first dates circled on the poker calendar with players travelling from all over the world to play the most celebrated tournament outside of the World Series. Now, thanks to Black Belt Poker, you can join them.

Grading III: Journey to Oz is set to take the poker world by storm by offering three players an all-expenses paid Aussie Millions package worth £10,000. Winners will also be promoted to Brown Belt status on Black Belt Poker and receive $4,000 in live tournament backing every month!

The Grading officially kicks off on Friday, October 08, 2010 with the Pre-Grading Selection, by which players are subjected to our unique screening process. By Sunday, October 17, 2010, you will be required to have completed one of the following three routes at minimum stakes of $0.25/0.50:

(i) 10,000 hands of full-ring
(ii) 8,000 hands of six-max
(iii) 6,250 hands of heads-up

Once you have completed the required number of hands, you will be eligible for selection for the Grading. If you are one of the lucky 40 chosen, you will become a member of the Aussie Four-O, and be just six weeks away from winning an Aussie Millions package!

Even if you aren't selected, then you will still be rewarded with Purple Belt status for successfully completing the Pre-Grading. Purple Belt offers a number of exciting benefits that tie in with our our brand new Enlightenment Training Programme including a DeucesCracked token, Hold'em Manager tracking software, a Database Keihatsu and a monthly invite to one of our acclaimed Dojo Sessions, all absolutely free!

The Grading is a unique concept created by Black Belt Poker co-founders Neil Channing and Nik Persaud to unearth some of the UK's unfound talent. Over the course of six weeks, players will battle it out on the Black Belt Poker skin with Neil and Nik personally selecting the top performing players across several different scoring criteria. If you finish in the top three, then you can look forward to playing at the Aussie Millions in February.

The Grading process is a great learning tool and involves Workshops with contributions from the likes of UKIPT Brighton winner Jamie Burland and Aussie Millions finalist Richard Ashby. Many former Graders have gone on to win major events, such as 2010 Irish Open Champion James Mitchell.

2010 EPT Vilamoura Champion Toby Lewis:

"Just to talk to Neil, Nik and any of those people at the Grading was a good learning experience to do. I didn't know anybody really in the live scene until then. Now I know a lot more people, and that helps a lot to have friends in the game whose opinions you respect."

ECOOP VI Event #1 Winner Eoin Kennedy:

"The whole experience of the Grading was excellent and a very important part in the development of my poker game. It introduced me to some great contacts in the poker world and showed me how beneficial doing sessions online while someone is watching and discussing your plays can be for both people."

UKIPT Nottingham finalist Owen Robinson:

"It [The Grading] hit home the need and importance for working on your game outside of the hours that you are playing. I would recommend it to anyone that is in any way serious about poker because you get a lot out of it, and get to meet some great people."

Black Belt Poker will be releasing all those finer details in due course, but if you would like to contact us directly with any queries, then please feel free to do so by emailing

To open an account is easy, simply download the poker client and follow the step-by-step process provided.

Sunday, 12 September 2010

(Black Belt) Poker in the Park

Following a successful showing at last year's event, Black Belt Poker once again ambushed London's Leicester Square as Poker in the Park returned for a third consecutive year.

Located two tents away from legendary boxer Evander 'Real Deal' Holyfield, Black Belt Poker were packing a punch of our own as we offered tuition from 2010 Luton GUKPT Champion Neil Channing, as well as sponsored pros Gavin Hall, Kevin Williams, Jerome Bradpiece, Rob Jarrett-Smith and Adam Latimer.

A number of familiar faces from the Black Belt Poker community were present, including former Graders Andy Brisland, Carey Hollick and Joe Roberts, as well as community members Tom Drew, Dean Watson and Chris Poutashi. However, we also introduced the site to plenty of new faces, many of whom will hopefully become a part of what is UK poker's fastest growing social network.

When he wasn't sharing his pearls of wisdom or kissing babies' heads, Channing was hosting a Q&A in the opposing tent, answering any' impromptu' question that the audience felt the urge to throw at him from his experiences with staking to his many, many TV appearances. Also pencilled in was Blue Belt and Enlightenment Sensei Kevin Williams who gave a lecture on G Bucks midway through the day.

Poker in the Park was a huge success for Black Belt Poker as we were able to open ourselves up to an even wider audience, and continue to showcase the numerous benefits to playing on the site. We'd like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who attended, and we hope that you enjoyed the tuition on offer. If you have a thirst for more, then be sure to check out our new Enlightenment Training Programme.

All images courtesy of Anne Laymond. Anne is a highly sought after photographer in the poker industry. If you would like to contact her regarding offers of work or to purchase a high-res image, you can do so by emailing her at or visiting

Kevin Williams, Gavin Hall & Sam Tye (cameo from Snoopy)

Random Norkage

Sensei Channing

Sensei Jarrett-Smith

Ibiza Angels

Sensei Channing & Co.

Sensei Bradpiece

Sensei Williams

Sensei Latimer

Sensei Channing, Dean Watson & Jake Cody

Tom Drew, Joe Roberts, Kevin Williams & Rob Jarrett-Smith

Ed Lao

Sensei Channing

The BBP Squad

Jerome Bradpiece's Other Half, Sarah, & Evander Holyfield

Sensei Channing

Sensei Hall

Star Photographer Anne Laymond

Neil Channing: A Broken Man

After year's of staking many of the UK's best known pros, Neil Channing has finally cracked and revealed all the downfalls of being a poker player's most flexible friend. In an exclusive interview at the World Poker Open, Channing was asked about the life of a staker, and in particular his relationship with James Akenhead who Channing has staked a number of times.

"There's 3,900 people in the tournament," starts Channing referring to Akenhead's 2008 near bracelet miss, "and I have 50 percent of him and he comes second. He gets it all in with A-K versus T-4. He didn't even have a pair. All he won was $520,000, and he could have won $850,000."

"As if he hasn't destroyed me enough," he continues with a tear in his eye, "the next year he sells me 25 percent of himself [in the Main Event]. He makes the November Nine and he finishes ninth. He doesn't realise what it's done to me."

"I'm a sad and bitter individual," he concludes, "and I wouldn't recommend staking to anybody out there. Don't do this at home."

To view the exchange in its entirety, select play on the following clip:

Akenhead's lack of respect for the 2008 Irish Open Champion grew even worse at the World Poker Open in Mayfair, London, as Channing sacrificed himself in the opening heat so that Akenhead would have less players to defeat, and could go onto to win the tournament.

Faced with a cut-off raise from Sam Trickett, Channing correctly identified that his opponent had Ac-Jh and would call an all-in, and so took the opportunity to make the game easier for Akenhead by coming over the top with a dominated Ad-8d. Trickett called, and after a Ts-Kd-Ks-9s-Qh board, Channing's job was done and he was eliminated in eighth.

"I tried my best to help James," commented a frustrated Channing afterwards, "and make one last effort to rebuild the bridge between us, but he just wasn't interested. With me in the field, he had no chance, so I intentionally put myself on the sidelines. It was the perfect opportunity for him to at least win a spot in the runners-up heat. Seeing as I didn't have a percentage, I was sure he was going to win, but he dropped the ball once again."

Despite this act of heroism, Akenhead was unable to defeat the depleted field, and could only manage a third when he pushed 15 big blinds from the button with Qs-Jd before being looked up by Trickett's 9c-9h. The board rolled out 7h-As-6c-4c-Ah, and Akenhead's lack of gratitude officially knew no bounds. He'd been beaten by a man who likely wouldn't stand a chance in the final, and some Irish dude who once came to a tournament handcuffed to leprechaun.

"James was in the gutter when I found him," added Channing, desperately fighting back the tears, "and not once did he try to give me a walk in this heat. I play every tournament at a disadvantage now; I'm the only player battling with a broken heart. My painful experiences with James make it very difficult to ever stake anyone again."

If you would like to be staked by Neil Channing, then please check out our Belt-Up Rewards system to find out how you can scale the ranks to Brown Belt and receive $4,000 in sponsorship every month.

Saturday, 11 September 2010

GayWaiter Serves Up a Win in Leg 5

Nerves were a jangling last Tuesday evening as Leg 5 of the Black Belt Poker League got underway. With the halfway mark behind us, everyone realised that each of the four final legs were vitally important, and that just one slip-up could allow a latecomer to steal their top 10 slot.

With the League standings neck and neck, it was of no surprise to see 62 poker fanatics hit the felt. Blue Belts and Enlightenment Sensei Owen Robinson, Kevin Williams, Gavin Hall and Simon Mairs were present and correct, as was GUKPT Luton Champion Neil Channing. There was also an array of familiar names, likely lured in from a fruitful Poker in the Park experience.

But, only one man could win, and although last week's winner SEAMROG was back to defend, it was ultimately Simon 'TheGayWaiter' Shaw who served up victory. He was closely followed in second by Brown Belt Adam Latimer - making, incidentally, his second consecutive final - whilst Darren 'TheZartog' Meredith finished in third.

1st TheGayWaiter -- $99.20
2nd trojandonkey -- $68.20
3rd TheZartog -- $41.85
4th JackReacher77 -- $31
5th KidDonut -- $23.25
6th generalshifty -- $18.60
7th Broski1 -- $15.50
8th mbdnr235 -- $12.40

If ever there were proof of how close League VI is, then this is it, as a disappointing 46th place finish saw last week's League leader Simon 'AlwaysMissing' Mairs plummet from first to sixth, thus allowing TheZartog to take his turn at the top with 312 points. Peter 'PeterV1972' Vasiliou, meanwhile, trails by just 7 points after a number of consistent performances, whilst Patrick 'paddyjim67' Winterbottom is 10 points behind him.

Turn over a page and you'll see a motley, but dangerous crew lurking in the chasing pack: Quad Aces winner SirNutFlopper, Blue Belt Kevish47 and previous league winners cleavertrevor and DiddavidBEL09 are all still in with a shout.

1st TheZartog -- 312 points
2nd PeterV1972 -- 305 points
3rd paddyjim67 -- 295 points
4th huddy260 -- 291 points
5th 99Ranny -- 279 points
6th AlwaysMissing-- 278 points
7th TFMonty007 -- 275 points
8th TheSimian -- 271 points
9th miggy -- 270 points

In the Mulligan an hour later, 19 players battled it out for the $142.50 first prize, but the man who rose highest was Blue Belt Gavin Hall.

1st TFMonty007 -- $142.50
2nd huddy2602 -- $85.50
3rd ourkidsid -- $85.50

From first to last, Gavin's success didn't carry over to the Donkament as he was first to his the deck and pick up an unwanted wooden spoon. At the other end of the spectrum lay Chris 'cyprusdonkey' Poutashi, the community favourite defeating 17 others to lap up $35.00 for his late-night reign of terror.

1st cyprusdonkey -- $35.00
2nd bbpjimjam -- $21.00
3rd WarrenW -- $14.00

League VI will return next Tuesday to sort the men out from the boys. If you're near the top, then you simply can't miss out. If you've just arrived, then you can still join in with the fun and frolics. Simply download the poker client and follow the step-by-step process provided before locating the Black Belt Tournaments in the iPoker lobby.

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Sunday, 5 September 2010

SEAMless Victory in Leg 4

Although Poker in the Park encapsulated the poker audience this week, last Tuesday evening was still hustle and bustle on Black Belt Poker as players battled it out in Leg 4 of League VI.

As usual, an array of familiar names mixed in with some new faces combined to form a field of 59, all mustard keen to turn their $5 investment into a pot of gold. After a dogged fight, it was unkown entity SEAMROG who rose highest, morphing his bowl of rice into a tasty $94.40 first prize within a few hours.

Also finaling were League I Champion Adam 'JHobbit1' Saunders, Blue Belt Gavin 'TFMonty007' Hall and Chief Enlightenment Sensei Adam 'trojandonkey' Latimer, whilst Leg 2 winner Richard 'nakgeela4' Dally bubbled in ninth.

1st SEAMROG -- $94.40
2nd JHobbit1 -- $64.90
3rd 99Ranny -- $39.82
4th AlwaysMissing -- $29.50
5th TFMonty007 -- $22.12
6th TheSimian -- $17.70
7th bbpjimjam -- $14.75
8th trojandonkey -- $11.80

Glancing at the updated league standings, it's tighter than a french waiter's trousers at the top as Blue Belt and Enlightenment Sensei Simon 'AlwaysMissing' Mairs leads by just one point. Just a remarkable 24 points separate the top 10, meaning that as the halfway mark passes, it's still anyone's game.

1st AlwaysMissing -- 261 points
2nd 99Ranny -- 260 points
3rd PeterV1972 -- 259 points
4th paddyjim67 -- 256 points
5th sandy1611 -- 253 points
6th TFMonty007 -- 250 points
7th TheSimian -- 245 points
8th huddy2602 -- 240 points
9th miggggy -- 239 points

Over in the Donkament, it was an Irish victory as Blue Belt Owen 'Ruaction' Robinson bested a field of 22 to triumph for $23.00, pipping Grant 'betyama' Darnley into second. A few fresh faces stumped up the $0.50 buy-in fee, including scrappykid, harukilopez and Andy 'Boatdrink' Butcher.

1st Ruaction -- $23.00
2nd betyama -- $13.80
3rd KGB386 -- $9.20

The Blue Belts were ever present in the Mulligan with Simon Mairs, Jamie Burland and Gavin Hall all looking to prove their worth. On this occasion, however, it was Robyn 'Madchatter' Oneail who reigned supreme, toppling Simon 'TheSimian' Morris heads-up to snap up first place.

1st Madchatter -- $127.50
2nd TheSimian -- $76.50
3rd generalshifty -- $51.00

Super Tuesday is really hotting up with the League causing much excitement. Unlike previous Leagues in which the eventual winners seemed glued to the top spot throughout, the League VI standings seem to change dramatically on a weekly basis with no one player able to hold onto that top rung. To see if you can take the mantle away from Simon, make sure you join us next Tuesday for a much-anticipated Leg 5.

To open an account is easy, simply download the poker client and follow the step-by-step process provided.

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