Friday, 31 August 2012

Ogilvie Crowned Lord of the Samurai

Last night, 46 poker warriors sharpened their Bushido blades for Samurai, Black Belt Poker's exclusive $250+25 quarterly freezeout with a $10,000 guaranteed prize pool.

Sole surviving Samurai was Fredrik YoungTeddy Ogilvie. He defeated IlikeSpades heads-up to prise open the $4,600 treasure chest, whilst Orange Belt Geoff G3OFF Douglas snuck onto the podium in third.

Lady Luck was seated beside Ogilvie right from the start as he aided the descent of the tournament's first casualty. Victim Keith Stingerz79 Nettleship at least had a bad beat story to accompany his wooden spoon:

All in with A-Ks versus Ah-Kh, Stingerz79 seemed destined for half the pot until a Jh turn teased a Royal Flush draw only for a Th to deal the devastating blow - a river card that would have made even Phil Ivey's poker face wince.

From thereon in, Ogilvie never looked back, capturing the title a few hours later and joining inaugural winner Alan Vinson as one of only two Samurai champions.

A 29-year old poker pro from London, Ogilvie is a cash game stalwart who frequents the Vic, as well as the big cash games in Macau. He has also been nominated as 'Best Cash Player' in this year's British Poker Awards.

The Samurai once again served up a field of both poker pros and amateurs alike, with online qualifiers joining the likes of Ian IFRAZER Frazer, Toby eightenofclub Lewis, and Richard CHUFTY11 Ashby at the virtual felt.

Bubbling the final table in seventh was Shane nobby5 Norman, who had won his seat after dressing up as a clown for Nottingham Live and making the final as one of Koddzilla's Carps. In doing so, he raised $1,900 for Cancer Research.

Squeezing into the money was Adam JHobbit1 Saunders. He cashed for $920, having recently started a thread on the boards titled 'Has the Magic Gone?'. He later added: "I would like to say a big thank you for all your advice and support; just shows I'm in the right site / place anyway."

Many thanks to those who played this month's Samurai - keep your eyes peeled for the confirmed date of Samurai III. Meanwhile, you can catch our League, as always, every Tuesday at 19:30.

1st  YoungTeddy -- $4600.00
2nd  IlikeSpades -- $2,875.00
3rd  G3OFF -- $1,840.00
4th  WarrenW -- $1,265.00
5th  JHobbit1 -- $920.00
6th  Touagorimou

Thursday, 30 August 2012

BoatDrink Ships Leg 5

It was five alive this week as the Black Belt Poker League returned to the cyber felt. A healthy 95 took their seat, but it was a familiar name that lapped up top honours: Andy BoatDrink Butcher.

Competition was stiff, however: former Champion Mark 99Ranny Ranson finished seventh, and Blue Belt and UKIPT winner Jamie StilettoMafiosa Burland was pipped at the post by the Orange Belt.

As a result, BoatDrink collected $130.67, as well as a spot in our Second Chance SNG, the winner of which will receive a cool 2,500 Belt Points.

1st  BoatDrink -- $130.67
2nd  StilettoMafiosa -- $87.87
3rd  mavperth -- $66.50
4th  mozchops -- $45.12
5th  Sarannedipity -- $33.25
6th  Eastbeast90 -- $24.93
7th  99Ranny -- $20.18
8th  stevegw -- $16.62
9th  13kendo13 -- $14.25
10th  JKitin -- $11.87
11th  livinginhope2 -- $11.87
12th  UsainZeus988 -- $11.87

In the overall standings, BobbersAllin snatched top spot off ourkidsid after finishing 22nd, whilst Iceman78Danny's 31st place was enough to overtake dionysian into 3rd. But with only 56 points separating the top 10, it's still anyone's game.

1st  BobbersAllin -- 438 points
2nd  ourkidsid -- 422 points
3rd  Iceman78Danny -- 417 points
4th  dionysian -- 413 points
5th  tealcSVU -- 401 points
6th  mavperth -- 398 points
7th  Barty1uk -- 392 points
8th  BoatDrink -- 388 points
9th  PhilDee64 -- 384 points
10th  Wally19 -- 382 points
11th  bas2604 -- 365 points
12th  13kendo13 -- 359 points
13th  veg41 -- 356 points
14th  pbsef81 -- 349 points
15th  RykanShadow -- 346 points
16th  baligirl13 -- 344 points
17th  bornTOflirt -- 336 points
18th  Mrdroodle -- 335 points
=19th  NPStars1 -- 332 points
=19th  BubbleCloud -- 332 points

This week sees the return of Samurai, and in last night's satellite, Black Belt Poker guaranteed four seats into the $250+25 Main Event, taking place tonight at 20:00.

The qualifiers were: Elysiumjay, TFMonty007, goneflushfishin, and bornTOflirt, whilst a nice consolation prize of $195.00 went to turnupturnip in fifth.

This left one final path: the Samurai Showdown Orange Belt Freeroll. 51 of Black Belt Poker's finest took a shot, but only one lucky player could walk away with the star prize. That man was Nick nickhem1 Hemming.

1st  nickhem1 -- Samurai seat ($250+25)
2nd  bas2604 -- Samurai satellite seat ($35+3.50)
3rd  LegendKing1 -- Samurai feeder seat ($5+0.50)
4th  tealcSVU -- Samurai feeder seat ($5+0.50)
5th  HammerHorror

The qualifiers might be done and dusted, but this doesn't mean you can't get your feet wet. Direct registration is now available via the tournament lobby and there will also be late registration on offer for any latecomers.

The tournament is guaranteed $10,000 in prize money, so there could be an overlay - be sure to check it out under Scheduled > Black Belt Tournaments > The Samurai.

Finally, the trusted Mulligan was back again, and after a runner-up spot in the previous night's league bout, Jamie Burland proved he's not just a face by besting a field of 20 for a $135.00 payday.

1st  StilettoMafiosa -- $135.00 (200 Belt Points)
2nd  Touagorimou -- $90.00 (60 Belt Points)
3rd  TheZartog -- $45.00 (20 Belt Points)
4th  2LAMCHOP2 -- $30.00 (5 Belt Points)
5th  7onyB (5 Belt Points)

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Week 2 - Leg 2; A Doddle for 'mrdroodle'Week 3 - Bruce Plays His Cards Right in Leg 3

Monday, 27 August 2012

Samurai: Feeder Frenzy

The British summer may have finally made its appearance, but this week Black Belt Poker will be spreading a little sunshine of our own with our exclusive online event: Samurai.

Scheduled for 20:00, this Thursday, August 30, Samurai is a $250+25 deepstack freezeout with a $10,000 guarantee. Last time, Alan Vinson collected $4,480 when he captured the inaugural title.

If you would love to become only the second ever Champion, but are working from a limited bankroll, then we have some great news:

On Wednesday, August 29, Black Belt Poker are hosting a one-off Mega Satellite. The buy-in will be $35+3.50 with four seats guaranteed into the following day's Samurai.

In addition, there will be a feeder frenzy leading up to the Mega with $5+0.50 qualifiers running every half an hour on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday evenings.

The first feeder kicks off tonight at 18:00, followed by a further six feeders with the final one taking place at 21:00. If you want to turn a small acorn of an investment into a giant redwood of a cash prize, then this is the route for you.

Tokens for both the Mega Satellite and preceding feeders are now available in the Store.

Of course, if you have more money than Scooge McDuck and would prefer to skip the qualifiers and buy in directly, then you can do so by locating the tournament in the lobby and selecting 'register'.

The tournament can be found under: Scheduled > Black Belt Tournaments > The Samurai.

Alternatively, you can purchase a token from the Black Belt Poker Store for 8,250 Spending Points.

Good luck on the battlefield.

Thursday, 23 August 2012

Leg 4: Making a Staitment

The Black Belt Poker League reached its halfway point this week as 98 battled it out at the cyber felt. The winner would not only secure 123 points, but also a seat in our Second Chance SNG in which all leg winners compete for 2,500 Belt Points.

The fourth player to join the lineup was Orange Belt Bradley bas2604 Staight, who won the second leg of the previous season.

This time, he picked up $134.76 for first prize, just pipping fellow Orange Belt Simon ourkidsid Herrick at the poker post, who improved his seventh place finish last week with a runner-up spot this time around.

Taking bronze was BobbersAllin - who also made his second consecutive final table - whilst close-but-no-cigar places went to Blue Belt Kevin Kevish47 Williams (15th), Leg 3 winner Bruce UsainZeus88 Jones (14th) and bubbleboy Peter Touagorimou Brown (13th).

1st  bas2604 -- $134.76
2nd  ourkidsid -- $90.65
3rd  BobbersAllin -- $68.60
4th  TheZartog -- $46.55
5th  WiseOwlBB -- $34.30
6th  NPStars1 -- $25.72
7th  PhilDee64 -- $20.82
8th  veg41 -- $17.15
9th  tentofollow -- $14.70
10th  CarpyGAS -- $12.25
11th  thehingster -- $12.25
12th  losbert40 -- $12.25

Ourkidsid's third top 10 finish means he's now 10 points clear at the top, with BobbersAllin slotting into second. Completing the trio of Orange Belts is Spencer dionysian Lawrence, whose 22nd place finish was enough to see him leapfrog Iceman78Danny and Spalding91 into third.

1st  ourkidsid -- 374 points
2nd  BobbersAllin -- 364 points
3rd  dionysian -- 354 points
4th  Iceman78Danny -- 352 points
5th  baligirl13 -- 344 points
=6th  Ourkid888 -- 326 points
=6th  RykanShadow -- 326 points
=6th  pbsef -- 326 points
9th  tealvSVU -- 320 points
10th  NPStars1 -- 318 points
11th  Wally19 -- 310 points
=12th  PhilDee64 -- 309 points
=12th  Barty1uk -- 309 points
14th  bas2604 -- 301 points
15th  Spalding91 -- 298 points
16th  ChipRead77 -- 295 points
=17th  Mrdroodle -- 290 points
=17th  mavperth -- 290 points
=19th  losbert40 -- 288 points
=19th  RedKiteBlackBelt -- 288 points
=19th  2LAMCHOP2 -- 288 points

With the League dust settled, it was time for a slice of deep-stack action in the Mulligan. This week's victor was Paul 2LAMCHOP2 Lamonby, with former League Champion Mark 99Ranny Ranson grabbing second.

1st  2LAMCHOP2 -- $90.00 (50 Belt Points)
2nd  99Ranny -- $54.00 (30 Belt Points)
3rd  dionysian -- $36.00 (10 Belt Points)
4th  Ourkid888 (5 Belt Points)
5th  g1m3n3s (5 Belt Points)
Running parallel to the Mulligan was our latest Orange Belt Freeroll: Slice of the Action. Congratulations to our four winners, who will now have a share of Neil Channing in September's English Poker Open.

1st  HammerHorror -- $100 sponsorship
2nd  slipfone -- $50 sponsorship
3rd  TFMonty007 -- $25 sponsorship
4th  WiseOwlBB -- $25 sponsorship

Tonight, at 20:00, is the penultimate qualifier for next week's Samurai, a $250+25 freezeout exclusive to Black Belt Poker players, yet armed with a $10,000 guaranteed prize pool.

The super satellite is a $35+3.50 buy-in commencing at 20:00, and already there are three confirmed entrants with myteamouse, 7onyB and Elysiumjay scrapping their way through $5+0.50 feeders.

If you want to skip the cheaper route, then direct buy in is available via the tournament lobby. Simply locate the event under Scheduled > Black Belt Tournaments and hit 'register' to enter.

If you don't already have an account, then opening one is easy: just download the poker client and follow the step-by-step process provided.

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Bruce Plays His Cards Right in Leg 3

Thursday, 16 August 2012

Bruce Plays His Cards Right in Leg 3

Nottingham Live may be done and dusted, but it was business as usual on this week as the Black Belt Poker League returned for its third leg.

The final table produced a fresh-faced lineup from Leg 2, including Purple Belt and former Champion Bob myteamouse Bulman. Although myteamouse snuck onto the podium, the gold medal went to Bruce UsainZeus88 Jones who pipped MajorMustard at the finishing iine.

1st  UsainZeus88 -- $136.17
2nd  MajorMustard -- $91.57
3rd  myteamouse -- $69.30
4th  13kendo13 -- $47.02
5th  BobbersAllin -- $34.65
6th  RykanShadow -- $25.98
7th  ourkidsid -- $21.03
8th  RedKiteBlackBelt -- $17.32
9th  tealcSVU -- $14.85
10th  ToddCoxeter -- $12.37
11th  StilettoMafiosa -- $12.37
12th  a1lecs -- $12.37

With below-par performances from the league leaders, the standings are wide open with Beverley baligirl13 Monks just about holding onto top spot after a 64th finish. Just one point behind is Koddzilla Carp Jon Ourkid888 Laight who leapt from 4th to 2nd after going out in 30th.

's victory wasn't enough to see him break into the top 20 / prize points, but he at least secured his seat into the Second Chance SNG in which all leg winners will compete for a bonus 2,500 Belt Points.

1st  baligirl13 -- 290 points
2nd  Ourkid888 -- 289 points
3rd  RykanShadow -- 283 points
4th  Spalding91 -- 279 points
5th  Iceman78Danny -- 278 points
6th  dionysian -- 277 points
7th  ourkidsid -- 259 points
8th  BobbersAllin -- 253 points
9th  2LAMCHOP2 -- 252 points
10th  tealcSVU -- 250 points
11th  13kendo13 -- 249 points
12th  pbsef81 -- 246 points
13th  Wally19 -- 241 points
14th  Mrdroodle -- 241 points
15th  mavperth -- 239 points
16th  JonGill3000 -- 238 points
17th  ChipRead77 -- 233 points
18th  mikeymixitup -- 232 points
19th  VBlueBBP -- 232 points
20th  flipfone -- 231 points

On the following evening, 44 Orange Belts registered for the returning Barney Rubble freeroll, in which the winners received tokens into the daily $10+1 freezeout on Black Belt Poker. Last man standing was tandy26, who earned five shots - and if he cashes in any of them, we'll double his money!

1st  tandy26 -- 5 tokens
2nd  TheZartog -- 3 tokens
3rd  eixip50 -- 1 token

The Deepstack Mulligan was back again, this time with a 23-strong field. No Kevin Birt in the top five paved the way for Dean blackbeltkickbox Aldred to capture the temporary crown.

1st  blackbeltkickbox -- $138.00 (50 Belt Points)
2nd  Ourkid888 -- $93.15 (30 Belt Ponts)
3rd  mona821 -- $51.75 (10 Belt Points)
4th  ourkidsid -- $34.50 (5 Belt Points)
5th  myteamouse -- $27.60 (10 Belt Points)

Don't forget that the Samurai is almost upon us; on Thursday, August 30 at 20:00, players will compete for a $10,000 guaranteed prize pool in our quarterly $250+25 event, exclusive to Black Belt Poker players.

Tonight, at 20:00, is your chance to earn your seat for just $35+3.50. If you have a free token, then don't let it go to waste.

If you don't already have an account, then opening one is easy: simply download the poker client and follow the step-by-step process provided.

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Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Nottingham Live II Results

Main Event Results:

Event: $200+20 Main Event
Date: 10-12 Aug
Entires: 258
Prize Pool: $75,000

1st  Kevin Williams -- $15,000 ($15,825)
2nd  Jack Sambrook -- $10,000
3rd  David Craigon -- $7,500
4th  Matthew Heap -- $6,000
5th  Chris Keyworth -- $4,600
6th  Shane Norman -- $3,800
7th  Russ Swift -- $3,100
8th  Luke Bindon -- $2,500
9th  Jerome Bradpiece -- $2,000 ($2,250)
10th  Dominic Sakal -- $1,600
11th  Steven Fitzpatrick -- $1,300
12th  Adam O'Connell -- $1,100
13th  Byron Brewer -- $950
14th  Steven Parry -- $850
15th  James Smith -- $750
16th  Brett Pinder -- $650
17th  Liam Batey -- $600
18th  Craig Sidders -- $550
19th  Raghubinder Aujla -- $500
20th  Tyrone MacLean -- $500
21st  Sarah Berry -- $500 ($550)
22nd  Jalal Rasoul -- $500
23rd  Daniel Bland -- $500
24th  Matthew Holliday -- $500
25th  Mark Wilson -- $500
26th  Lee Taylor -- $500
27th  Nicholas Tony Fellone -- $500
28th  Hasmukh Khodiyara -- $450
29th  Peter Brown -- $450 ($725)
30th  Chris Dodd -- $450
31st  Sam Bowtell -- $450
32nd  Fred Wise -- $450
33rd  Richard Hurst -- $450 ($495)
34th  Mark Valentine -- $450 ($495)
35th  Clive Morrison -- $450
36th  Orlando Anderson -- $450
37th  Ramazanali Abbassi -- $400
38th  Paul Monks -- $400
39th  Nick Mazur -- $400 ($440)
40th  Marty Smyth -- $400
41st  Daniel Seabury -- $400
42nd  David Lawrence -- $400
43rd  Rob Painter -- $400
44th  Phillip Ryding -- $400
=45th  Kerryjane Craigie -- $200
=45th  Ben Glanville -- $200

Figure in brackets includes Belt Bonuses and bounties

Bounty Eliminations:

James Keys by Mike Shaw ($100)
Jamie Burland by Nick Hemming ($100)
Neil Channing by Kevin Williams ($250+25 Samurai seat)
Nik Persaud by Jalal Rasoul
Peter Wigglesworth by Kevin Williams
($250+25 Samurai seat)
Sam Razavi by Matthew Sheils
Paul Jackson by David Tompkins
Stuart Hyson by Matthew Caister
Richard Ashby by Kerryjane Craigie
Stephen Dickson by Daniel Bland
Marty Smyth by David Tompkins
Jerome Bradpiece by Shane Norman
Kevin Williams by no one!

Belt Bonuses:
1st  Kevin Williams -- $250+25 Samurai seat (Blue Belt)
9th  Jerome Bradpiece -- $250+25 Samurai seat (Brown Belt)
21st  Sarah Berry -- $50 (Orange Belt)
29th  Peter Brown -- $250+25 Samurai seat (Purple Belt)
33rd  Richard Hurst -- $45 (Orange Belt)
34th  Mark Valentine -- $45 (Orange Belt)
39th  Nick Mazur -- $40 (Orange Belt)

Koddzilla's Carps:

Kerryjane Craigie -- $200
Shane Norman -- $1,900
Marty Smyth donated $400
Total donated to Cancer Research: $2,500

Side Events Results:

Event: £50+6 £5,000 GTD
Date: 10 Aug
Entires: 92
Prize Pool: £5,000

1st  Matthew Rossetti -- £1,750
2nd  Frank Flanagan -- £1,050
3rd  Stephen O'Keeffe -- £700
4th  Weswell Ellis -- £450
5th  Joseph Cockburn -- £350
6th  William Swinscoe -- £250
7th  Phillip Leedham -- £200
8th Adam Wright -- £150
9th  Anthony Evans -- £100

Event: £15+5 £500 GTD
Date: 10 Aug
Entires: 70
Prize Pool: £1,050

1st  Philip Dudley -- £367.50
2nd  Ken Sharp - £220.50
3rd  Jeremy Carlin -- £147
4th  David Clark -- £94.50
5th  Thomas Lowery -- £73.50
6th  Malcom Coleman -- £52.50
7th  Richard Bell -- £42.00
8th  Richard Pinder -- £31.50
9th  Sam Popple -- £21.00

Event: £15+5
Date: 11 Aug
Entires: 35
Prize Pool: £525

1st  Ricky Cook -- £236.25
2nd  Tom Morley -- £141.75
3rd  Dean Aldred -- £94.50
4th  Nigel Walters -- £52.50

Event: £50+6 tubro £5,000 GTD
Date: 11 Aug
Entires: 108
Prize Pool: £5,400

1st  Vinicius Bitencourte -- £1,890
2nd  HAdley Andrews -- £1,134
3rd  Mark Smith -- £756
4th  Angus MacDonald -- £486
5th  Deborah Worley-Roberts -- £351
6th  Steven Smith -- £270
7th  Ray Mackintosh -- £189
8th  Ben Vinson -- £135
9th  Luke Bindon -- £108
10th  Tina Ainsworth -- £81

Event: £50+6 Super 50 £5,500 GTD
Date: 12 Aug
Entires: 90
Prize Pool: £5,000

1st  Jav Javed -- £1,750
2nd  Jangir Khan -- £1,050
3rd  Ruben Francis -- £700
4th  Dale Moulton -- £450
5th  Nick Woodward -- £350
6th  Roy Sharp -- £250
7th  Matthew Southam -- £200
8th  Orlando Anderson -- £150
9th  Patroklos Patroklou -- £100

Event: £25+5 £1,000 GTD
Date: 12 Aug
Entires: 89
Prize Pool: £2,225

1st  Steven Gray -- £778.75
2nd  Daniel Gatward -- £467.25
3rd  Adam Richmond -- £311.50
4th  Richard McKenzie -- £200.25
5th  Mark Langdale -- £155.75
6th  Steve Mooney -- £111.25
7th  Klimis Andreou -- £89.00
8th  Andrew Davis -- £66.75
9th  Theodorus Kryiakou -- £44.50

For more information, check out the following links:

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Academy: Preflop Aggro!

 Sick of being bullied by more aggressive players? Is the young pro to your left three-betting all your raises? Are you being pushed out of your comfort zone?

If so, then we have the solution.

On Saturday, September 8, the Black Belt Poker team will be on hand to answer all your prayers in our latest Academy: Preflop Aggro - How to Beat the Kids at Their Own Game.

Making its debut at the Genting Casino Mint Cromwell in South Kensington, the Academy will offer players six hours of intensive training with lectures, demonstrations and workshops in smaller groups.

Poker is fast becoming a preflop game, with aggression a common attribute of many of the top players. Our expert mentors will teach you strategies needed to combat aggressive play, as well as developing the skills required to apply pressure yourself.

"A lot of players know full well that a three-bet or even a four-bet from a young hoodie is often nowhere near as strong as it is for regular players," explains head coach Alex Rousso. "The big question is what should they do about it?

"We're going to break down what an aggressive preflop strategy involves, i.e. what sort of hands and situations might justify a light three- or four-bet. Crucially, we're also going to show you how to combat it - and that doesn't always mean fighting fire with fire!"

Tickets remain a bargain-bucket price of just £99, yet the level of training will be top shelf with coaches sharing the many pearls of wisdom that they have gained from their years in the game.

To secure your seat, simply drop us a line at where you'll be guided through the various payment options. Similarly, if you are Green Belt and above, and would like to utilise your free ticket, then contact us at the same address.

Alternatively, you can purchase your seat via the Black Belt Poker Store for the reduced price of 4,250 Spending Points or take a shot at our Enlightenment Freeroll on Wednesday, September 5 in which the winner will earn a free seat.

If you want to keep up with the opposition and take on the kids at their own game, then this Academy is a must. And who knows, maybe in time you will be the one wearing the hoodie and 'bashing up' the table.

Click here for more information.

Sunday, 12 August 2012

Kevin Williams Wins Nottingham Live II

While the sun was shining outside, it was raining value inside Dusk Till Dawn this week as Black Belt Poker returned to the East Midlands armed with a $75,000 guaranteed prize pool.

Nottingham Live II attracted 258 hopefuls over the weekend, but it wasn't enough to reach the guarantee as players were treated to a whopping $23,400 overlay.

After an exciting final day, it was Kevin Williams who prospered most from the added value, defeating Jack Sambrook in a short-but-sweet heads-up battle. In doing so, he scooped the $15,000 first prize as well as a big, shiny trophy.

Williams' achievement was even more admirable when glancing at the field, a fearsome lineup that included Neil Channing, Richard Ashby, Marty Smyth, Paul Jackson, James Keys and reigning Nottingham Live Champion Stuart Hyson.

The tournament had a fun atmosphere, thanks in part to Sam Razavi and Babis Lappas who sponsored six players into the event with the promise of a £2,000 Vegas package if they captured the title. The T&Cs were simple: 50% of their winnings would be donated to Cancer Research and any brave volunteers had to compete in full clown garb.

Kerryjane Craigie kindly donated her entire $200 winnings to the cause after creeping into the money, but last clown standing was Shane Norman who made the final second in chips. He was joined by Black Belt Poker sponsored pros Jerome Bradpiece and Kevin Williams.

Seat 1: Matthew Heap -- 205,500
Seat 2: Luke Bindon -- 308,500
Seat 3: Shane Norman -- 697,000
Seat 4: Jack Sambrook -- 728,500
Seat 5: Kevin Williams -- 515,000
Seat 6: David Craigon -- 441,500
Seat 7: Chris Keyworth -- 196,500
Seat 8: Russ Swift -- 448,000
Seat 9: Jerome Bradpiece -- 336,000

The final table was a brisk affair, with Jerome Bradpiece the first domino to fall when his K-Q failed to outgun the A-K of Shane Norman. He was followed by Luke Bindon in eighth whose K-J was out-flipped by Chris Keyworth's 7-7.

Perhaps the most pivotal hand of the final was played out between Kevin Williams and Russ Swift. After Williams opened and Swift defended his big blind, the latter check-raised the As-Kc-8s flop before leading out on the 9d turn and moving all in on the 5d river. Despite his fears, Williams made the call with Ah-Jd and was shown an inferior Kd-Qc to scoop both the pot and the scalp.

Sixth place went to Shane Norman, whose downfall witnessed more drama than an Eastenders omnibus. First, he doubled up Heap in a dramatic hand with A-A versus 7-7 (despite flopping a third bullet!) and then sang his swan song with Q-6 versus the 7-6 of David Craigon on a 5-8-6 flop when the river came a 4. Nevertheless, his efforts netted Cancer Research $1,900.

Two more causalities were forthcoming. Chris Keyworth was unlocked in fifth when his flopped flush draw failed to improve against Kevin Williams' K-K. Matthew Heap was then added to the rail in fourth when his short stack push with 4s-3s was looked up by the Ac-6c of Williams.

Kevin Williams then took out his third consecutive opponent, this time David Craigon whose 9-6 was unraveled by 6-3. A crab on the river brought us to our final two players with Jack Sambrook the underdog and facing a 1.4 to 2.5 chip disadvantage.

Those getting the popcorn in for a long heads-up battle were to be left disappointed; on the very first hand, Sambrook check-raised all in on the turn of 4s-6s-7d-4d board with As-Kh, but was met by a call from Williams who tabled 6d-3d. No change on the river and the fat lady belted out her opening chord.

A Blue Belt on Black Belt Poker, Kevin Williams won no fewer than three Samurai seats worth $250+25 over the weekend, two for eliminating bounties Neil Channing and Peter Wigglesworth, and another for placing in the money. He also became the first bounty to win a Black Belt Live title.

"The inhabitants of my trophy cabinet have been a little lonely of late," commented Williams, "so I'm glad they've finally got a new friend. I was disappointed at how tough the final table was, but now I can laugh at everyone who used up their one time in the Euro Millions lottery."

Nottingham Live II may have reached its exciting conclusion, but the Black Belt tournament bus will back later this month. On Thursday, August 30, the Samurai returns for its second outing, along with a $250+25 buy-in and $10,000 guaranteed prize pool.

Final Table Results:

1st  Kevin Williams -- $15,000
2nd  Jack Sambrook -- $10,000
3rd  David Craigon -- $7,500
4th  Matthew Heap - $6,000
5th  Chris Keyworth -- $4,600
6th  Shane Norman -- $3,800
7th  Russ Swift -- $3,100
8th  Luke Bindon -- $2,500
9th  Jerome Bradpiece -- $2,000

Bounty Eliminations:

James Keys by Mike Shaw
Jamie Burland by Nick Hemming
Neil Channing by Kevin Williams
Nik Persaud by Jalal Rasoul
Peter Wigglesworth by Kevin Williams
Sam Razavi by Matthew Sheils
Paul Jackson by David Tompkins
Stuart Hyson by Matthew Caister
Richard Ashby by Kerryjane Craigie
Stephen Dickson by Daniel Bland
Marty Smyth by David Tompkins
Jerome Bradpiece by Shane Norman
Kevin Williams by no one!

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Nottingham Live II - Day 1B Chip Counts

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Liam Batey -- 136,300
Daniel Bland -- 126,800
Adam O'Connell -- 117,200
Craig Sidders -- 110,400
Jerome Bradpiece -- 106,400
Anonymous -- 103,400
Brett Pinder -- 100,600
Matthew Sheils -- 88,900
Mark Wilson -- 80,200
Byron Brewer -- 79,100
Shane Norman -- 72,500
Hasmukh Khodiyara -- 70,000
Matthew Heap -- 69,500
Jack Sambrook -- 68,100
Mark French -- 68,100
Chris Keyworth -- 67,100
Tyrone MacLean -- 67,000
Fred Wise -- 62,500
Mitchell Johnson -- 61,800
Matthew Holliday -- 61,400
Chris Dodd -- 54,200
Steve Parry -- 53,200
Russ Swift -- 50,200
Stephen Monaghan -- 49,300
Nick Mazur -- 47,600
Daniel Seabury -- 46,400
Richard Hurst -- 45,400
Orlando Anderson -- 45,300
Nick Woodward -- 44,600
Sam Bowtell -- 44,500
Rob Painter -- 44,500
Darius Demetriou -- 43,300
Steven Fitzpatrick -- 43,000
Kerryjane Craigie -- 42,900
Lee Taylor -- 42,500
Richard Garcia -- 37,600
Ramazanali Abbassi -- 37,600
Phil Walker -- 36,700
Phillip Ryding -- 36,600
David Lawrence -- 36,100
Mark Valentine -- 34,800
Ben Glanville -- 32,700
Kevin Birt -- 32,600
Antony Flatman -- 32,300
Sarah Berry -- 31,900
Dean Clay -- 30,500
David Tompkins -- 29,400
Dominic Sakal -- 28,000
James Martin Smyth -- 23,900
Clive Morrison -- 23,800
Paul Monks -- 22,300
Stephen Dickson -- 22,200
Adam Carey - -21,600
James Smith -- 21,200
John Hayes -- 20,500
Gary Bauld -- 17,000
Stuart Preston -- 16,300
Peter Brown -- 12,300
Wipa Manapien -- 7,500
Bounty Eliminations:

Sam Razavi - eliminated by Matthew Sheils
Paul Jackson - eliminated by David Tompkins
Stuart Hyson - eliminated by Matthew Caister
Richard Ashby - eliminated by Kerryjane Craigie

See here for Day 1a Chip Counts...

Nottingham Live II - Day 1A Chip Counts

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57 started the day (well, eventually), and 9 survived. Those warriors are:

Kevin Williams (bounty) -- 251,700
Jalal Rasoul -- 158,100
Luke Bindon -- 128,400
David Craigon -- 94,100
Raghubinder Aujla -- 74,700
Jack Allen -- 44,500
Ross Wood -- 40,900
Nick Hemming -- 35,800
Gary Cornwell -- 27,800

Bounty Eliminations:

James Keys - eliminated by Mike Shaw (prize: $100)
Jamie Burland - eliminated by Nick Hemming (prize: $100)
Neil Channing - eliminated by Kevin Williams (prize: $250+25 Samurai seat)
Nik Persaud - eliminated by Jalal Rasould
Peter Wigglesworth - eliminated by Kevin Williams (prize: $250+25 Samurai seat)

Thursday, 9 August 2012

Leg 2; A Doddle for 'mrdroodle'

The Black Belt Poker League rode into town this week with Andy mrdroodle Erskine firmly in the saddle. He bested a field of 110, which included Black Belt Poker pros Sam Razavi and Jamie Burland.

His final hurdle was Jon Ourkid888 Laight, who is set to play for Cancer Research at Nottingham Live as one of Koddzilla's Carps. Laight took away $93.50 for his troubles, whilst Mrdroodle coliected $137.52.

1st  mrdroodle -- $137.52
2nd  Ourkid888 -- $93.50
3rd  VBlueBBP -- $71.50
4th  baligirl13 -- $50.87
5th  ACarey -- $35.75
6th  flipfone -- $28.87
7th  NPStars1 -- $23.37
8th  bas2604 -- $19.25
9th  Iceman78Danny -- $15.12
10th  ourkidsid -- $13.20
11th  gazthechippy -- $13.20
12th  mikemixitup -- $13.20
13th  dionysian -- $11.55
14th  BoatDrink -- $11.55
15th  S0lution -- $11.55

Mrdroodle's win means he's jumped up to 11th in the overall standings, whilst last week's winner, Simon TheSimian Morris, has slipped to 20th.

Iceman78Danny is currently in the bronze medal spot after 11th and 9th place finishes, but the one they're all chasing is baligirl13 who is the only player to have made both final tables.
As a result, three Yellow Belts dominate the podium:

1st  baligirl13 -- 254 points
2nd  Spalding91 -- 240 points
3rd  Iceman78Danny -- 223 points
4th  Ourkid888 -- 219 points
5th  dionysian -- 213 points
6th  Heppo321 -- 208 points
7th  gazthechippy -- 208 points
8th  flipfone -- 201 points
9th  VBlueBBP -- 200 points
10th  JonGill3000 -- 197 points
11th  mrdroodle -- 195 points
12th  RykanShadow -- 181 points
13th  pbsef81 -- 181 points
14th  2LAMCHOP2 -- 179 points
15th  ChipRead77 -- 179 points
16th  direbus -- 178 points
17th  mavperth -- 177 points
18th  veg41 -- 176 points
19th  Barty1uk -- 175 points
20th  TheSimian -- 171 points

Whilst the action was fast and furious in the League, most eyes were fixated on our final week of Nottingham Live satellites. On Monday and Tuesday, two more players cemented their ticket to Dusk Till Dawn.

$15+1.50 freezeout, 15 runners:

1st  originalcynic -- Nottingham Live seat ($200+20)
2nd  aseefoAK -- $5.00
3rd  TopSicko
4th  JonGill3000
5th  robrussell

$5+0.50 rebuy, 19 runners:

1st  MichelleB1 -- Nottingham Live seat ($200+20)
2nd  myteamouse -- $115.00
3rd  JimmyTheBhoy
4th  youkickmydog
5th  HammerHorror

The aforementioned qualifiers may have left it late, but on Wednesday night there was one final opprotunity to secure a seat in our $40+4 Mega Satellite. With a generous 10 seats guaranteed, 47 players created a tidy overlay of $320 with the following players reaping the rewards and earning entry at the latest possible stage:


Congratulations to all our satellite winners. We look forward to seeing you at the weekend.

This week's Orange Belt Freeroll was a slobberknocker, and one that paid down to 12 players - not bad considering only 48 played! On this occasion, the prizes were satellite tokens for the Samurai on August 30, with former League Champion Mark 99Ranny Ranson scooping the biggest reward.

1st  99Ranny -- 3 x $30+3 Samurai satellite tokens
2nd  nakgeela -- 2 x $30+3 Samurai satellite tokens
3rd  nickhem1 -- 1 x $30+3 Samurai satellite token
4th  2LAMCHOP2 -- 3 x $5+0.50 feeder Samurai satellite token
5th  BobbersAllin -- 2 x $5+0.50 feeder Samurai satellite tokens
6th  tristiano -- 2 x $5+0.50 feeder Samurai satellite tokens
7th  13kendo13 -- 2 x $5+0.50 feeder Samurai satellite tokens
8th  eixip50 -- 1 x $5+0.50 feeder Samurai satellite token
9th  paul6543 -- 1 x $5+0.50 feeder Samurai satellite token
10th  cheekyweeguy -- 1 x $5+0.50 feeder Samurai satellite token
11th  habbad -- 1 x $5+0.50 feeder Samurai satellite token
12th  CareybearBBP -- 1 x $5+0.50 feeder Samurai satellite token

To wrap up a crazy week of hot poker action, the Deepstack Mulligan was back with a bang, and last night's winner was debuting Carp Spencer dionysian Lawrence.

1st  dionysian -- $114.75 (50 Belt Points)
2nd  ourkidsid -- $76.50 (30 Belt Points)
3rd  tealcSVU -- $38.25 (10 Belt Points)
4th  losbert40 -- $25.50 (5 Belt Points)
5th  JHobbit1 (5 Belt Points)

Nottingham Live II kicks off tomorrow at 14:00, but it's not too late for you to enter: all you have to do is locate the tournament in Scheduled > Black Belt Tournaments > Day 1A/B Nottingham Live 2012 and select 'register'.

If you don't already have an account, then opening one is easy: simply download the poker client and follow the step-by-step process provided.

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League XVI - Prizes Make PointsSimon Says... Morris Dances Ahead

Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Vote BBP: Your Cardroom Needs You

Get ready to blow the dust off your tuxedo and buff your 'going out' shoes as the British Poker Awards are back for a third consecutive year.

This time, Black Belt Poker have been voted for 'Best Forum', and with the trophy cabinet a little light of late we'd love some shiny metal to polish.

If you would like to help us achieve that goal, then casting your vote if easy: simply go to and tick the relevant boxes.

Once you've submitted your vote, then you'll be thrown into a free draw in which five lucky voters will win a free subscription to Bluff Europe Magazine.

This means you'll get to read my column every single month!

Also nominated is Black Belt Poker co-founder Neil Channing, who has snuck into two categories this year: 'Best Poker Blogger / Social Media' and 'Poker Personality of the Year'.

Despite evading the categories for achievements in actually playing poker, Neil boasts in excess of $3.3 million in tournaments winnings, including an Irish Open title and two runner-up spots in WSOP bracelet events.

But this year he's asking for your support in his off-table antics, in particular the poker world's celebration of his sparkling personality, which is undoubtedly deserving of public recognition.

The Awards ceremony will take place on September 17, with the red carpet being rolled out aboard the Yacht H.M.S. President. If you would to find out in person whether or not Neil and the Black Belt Poker team get to share their acceptance speech, then you can purchase a ticket by clicking here.

Vote now, or forever hold hold your peace. Or wait for next year, of course, when I'm sure Neil's personality and Twitter skills will be equally as impressive as they are this year.

Saturday, 4 August 2012

Sam Misses Out on Cash Macau

In the lead up to Nottingham Live II, Sam Razavi proved he was in fine form with a final table appearance at the Asian Poker Tour's latest stop in Macau.

Despite a promising start to the final, he ultimately finished in ninth place for $14,257.

Hosted by the StarWorld Casino - home to some of today's biggest cash games - the Main Event attracted a field of 288 with each player handing over HK$23,000 for the privilege of competing for a HK$1,913,100 ($246,608) first prize.

Sam's journey to the final wasn't plain-sailing, and indeed he was a short stack on the bubble until he found aces versus kings.

After doubling through with Kd-Td versus 2-2, Sam headed into the ten-handed final eighth in chips, and in confident mood. On the very first hand, he doubled his stack with K-9 versus A-Q, the latter flopping a flush draw but succumbing to an off-suit 9 turn and K river.

However, that was as good as it got for Sam as he slid downhill quicker than a jellied eel with 8-8 out-flipped by A-J and J-J running into K-K.

His swan song came with K-T versus 2-2, and despite catching a king, the flop also brought a third deuce to send him packing.

"If my eights had held, I would have been second in chips, so I'm disappointed to have not sealed the deal," commented Sam in the aftermath. "The APT is a really well run tour and great value. I'm considering spending most of the year in Thailand and heading to Macau every weekend, so this was a chance to check the action was still juice. Confirmed yes."

Having finished second in Cebu earlier in the year, Sam is now in contention for APT Player of the Year. His ninth place finish also means he now boasts $488,350 in live tournament winnings, including a UKIPT Cork Title and final table at the 2011 Aussie Millions.

As a Black Belt on Black Belt Poker, Sam will be a bounty at the upcoming Nottingham Live on August 10-12, and will be leading his Koddzilla's Carps into action in aid of Cancer Research.

Final results:

1st  Carlos Chang (Taiwan) -- $246,608
2nd  Winfred Yu (Canada) -- $131,019
3rd  Richard Zhu (China) -- $61.655
4th  Aaron Lim (Australia) -- $46,238
5th  Tom Alner (England) -- $38,543
6th  Zhang Min (China) -- $30,834
7th  Yue Zhou (China) -- $23,126
8th  Yi-Po Lee (China) -- $15.804
9th  Sam Razavi (England) -- $14,257
10th  Martin Nilsson -- $13,110

Friday, 3 August 2012

Nottingham Live Mega Satellite - 10 Seats Guaranteed

Nottingham Live is just one week away and the clock is ticking for those looking to satellite their way to Dusk Till Dawn.

However, on Wednesday, August 8 at 20:00, we're going to give you one last chance to play for a reduced price with our Nottingham Live Mega Satellite.

For the very final qualifier, there will be a whopping 10 guaranteed seats up for grabs into the $200+20 Main Event

The Mega Satellite will be a No Limit Hold'em freezeout with a $40+4 buy-in. The tournament can be located in the lobby under Scheduled > Black Belt Tournaments.

To cater for all bankroll sizes, there will also be an array of $5+0.50 turbo feeders leading up to the satellite. They will take place at the following times.

Monday:           20:30, 21:00, 21:30 & 22:00
Tuesday:          20:30, 21:00, 21:30 & 22:00
Wednesday:      18:00, 18:30, 19:00

Every feeder will guarantee one seat into the Mega Satellite.

There is a high chance of an overlay, so make sure you join us next week on to take advantage of the value on offer.

Don't forget that even if you plan to participate in the satellites, then you can still buy in directly beforehand in order to secure your seat.

Nottingham Live I sold out days before kick off, so register now to avoid disappointment.

To enter, locate the tournament in Scheduled > Black Belt Tournaments > Day 1A/B Nottingham Live 2012 and select 'register'.

If you don't already have an account, then opening one is easy: simply download the poker client and follow the step-by-step process provided.

For more information on Nottingham Live II, including details of our High-Roller and side events, please see our FAQs.

Thursday, 2 August 2012

Simon Says... Morris Dances Ahead

Points make prizes make points for the Black Belt Poker League as we prepare to hand out in excess of 15,000 in Belt Points - that's over $500 in tournament entries!

With so much up for grabs, it was thus no surprise to see 129 players drawn to the cyber felt for the sixteenth season's first outing. Included in that pack were Blue Belts Jamie Burland and Kevin Williams, as well as Black Belt Neil Channing.

Capturing inaugural spoils was Orange Belt Simon TheSimian Morris, who earned $148.50 for his troubles. He defeated Sean Spadling91 Spadling heads-up, leaving Jonathan JonGill3000 Gill to pick up bronze.

Meanwhile, reigning League Champion Stephen FalconAyr Dickson was a disappointing 96th, whilst his closest competitor, David livinghope2 Hall, evaded the wooden spoon by just one place.

1st  TheSimian -- $148.50
2nd  Spalding91 -- $103.20
3rd  JonGill3000 -- $78.36
4th  2LAMCHOP2 -- $58.05
5th  baligirl13 -- $38.70
6th  Heppo321 -- $32.25
7th  direbus -- $25.80
8th  TopSicko -- $19.35
9th  Barty1uk -- $16.12
10th  pbsef81 -- $14.51
11th  Iceman78Danny -- $14.51
12th  tealcSVU -- $14.51
13th  RykanShadow -- $13.86
14th  generalshifty -- $13.86
15th  dionysian -- $13.86
16th  NeilChanning -- $13.22
17th  13kendo13 -- $13.22
18th  HammerHorror -- $13.22

The League standings after just one leg are therefore as follows, with bonus points being allocated to anyone who made the final table:

1st  TheSimian -- 154 points
2nd  Spalding91 -- 146 points
3rd  JonGill3000 -- 142 points
4th  2LAMCHOP2 -- 138 points
5th  baligirl13 -- 135 points
6th  Heppo321 -- 132 points
7th  direbus -- 129 points
8th  TopSicko -- 126 points
9th  Barty1uk -- 123 points
10th  pbsef81 -- 121 points
11th  Iceman78Danny -- 119 points
12th  tealcSVU -- 118 points
13th  RykanShadow -- 117 points
14th  generalshifty -- 116 points
15th  dionysian -- 115 points
16th  NeilChanning -- 114 points
17th  13kendo13 -- 113 points
18th  HammerHorror -- 112 points
19th  Bambury -- 111 points
20th  tristiano -- 110 points

With Nottingham Live II just over a week away, the satellites were a hive of activity with all and sundry seeking a cheap passage to Dusk Till Dawn.

In all, five players achieved that goal, including former League Champion Mark bornTOflirt Atkinson who earned free entry through this week's Orange Belt Freeroll.

Monday, $15+1.50 freezeout:

1st  SennaBRB -- Nottingham Live seat ($200+20)
2nd  nobby5
3rd  mona821
4th  lollolloyd
5th  JKitin

Tuesday, $5+0.50 rebuy:

1st  KentKesney -- Nottingham Live seat ($200+20)
2nd  drinko103 -- $46.00
3rd  EliWallach -- $31.05
4th  BubbleCloud -- $17.25
5th  njw1978 -- $11.50
6th  Kevish47 -- $9.20

Wednesday, $30+3 freezeout:

1st  garbanza -- Nottingham Live seat ($200+20)
2nd  fishwebnet -- Nottingham Live seat ($200+20)
3rd  originalcynic -- $4.50
4th  garcman -- $3.00
5th  VitamynC -- $1.50
6th  The8ofSpades

Wednesday, Nottingham Live Freeroll:

1st  bornTOflirt -- Nottingham Live seat ($200+20)
2nd  TheSimian -- Nottingham Live satellite token ($30+3)
3rd  2LAMCHOP2 -- Nottingham Live satellite token ($30+3)
4th  S0lution -- Nottingham Live satellite token ($30+3)

If you would like to join the aforementioned in Nottingham, then registration is now available via the Black Belt Poker cardroom. Alternatively, you can purchase a token from the Store using Spending Points.

August is a bumper month as it also plays home to only the second ever Samurai, a $250+25 exclusive freezeout with a $10,000 guaranteed prize pool.

The first player to win his seat was Adam JHobbit1 Saunders who triumphed in our Samurai Showdown Freeroll. Then, last week, Jamie Burland followed suit by topping a field of 17 in Thursday's $35+3.50 satellite.

1st  StilettoMafiosa -- Samurai seat ($250+25)
2nd  Ka7ieVick -- $40.00
3rd  cheekyweeguy
4th  losbert40
5th  gotokalooki

Finally, and perhaps in the week's biggest news, Kevin Birt didn't win the Mulligan. Instead, the honour went to multiple WSOP finalist Spencer dionysian Lawrence, who also snapped up a Nottingham Live seat in a recent satellite.

1st  dionysian -- $87.75 (50 Belt Points)
2nd  eixip50 -- $58.50 (30 Belt Points)
3rd  2LAMCHOP2 -- $29.25 (10 Belt Points)
4th  losbert40 -- $19.50 (5 Belt Points)
5th  Touagorimou (10 Belt Points)

As proved by League XV's photo finish, just because you missed the opening leg, it doesn't mean you can't compete for the title. And even if you don't top the charts, you can still win big in our Second Chance SNG in which all leg winners compete for a star prize.

So, make sure you log in next time for what promises to be another week of hot poker action.

To download the software, simply click here and follow the step-by-step process provided.

Previous League reports:

League XVI - Prizes Make Points

Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Live & Kicking with Sensei Razavi

The Black Belt Nottingham Live II is fast-approaching, and is set to land at Dusk Till Dawn Poker Club in less than two weeks' time. Players from all across the country will battle it out at the live felt in one of the most affordable, yet fun-filled events of the year.

For many, Nottingham Live II will be their first foray into the world of live poker, and some will likely be anxious about making that nerve-wracking transition from the virtual felt to the green of the live baize and competing in a 400-runner field in the UK's largest poker cardroom.

But don't worry, as help is available in the form of Black Belt and UKIPT Cork Champion Sam Razavi.

Armed with a decade of experience at the live felt, Sam will seek to guide you through those first steps in a one-off live Dojo Session. Starting at 18:00 on Friday, August 10, our 'Going Live' Dojo Session is the perfect opportunity for beginners to learn from one of the game's best players before entering the battlefield themselves the following day.

A poker pro from the mean streets of Brighton, Sam burst onto the Black Belt Poker scene when he was one of two winners in Grading III, earning himself an Aussie Millions package. Several weeks later and Sam was A$225,000 richer courtesy of a sixth place finish in the Main Event. He would later go on to win UKIPT Cork and become the overall UKIPT Leaderboard Season Two Champion.

Oozing in confidence and a master of 'table talk', Sam is the perfect host and will be on hand to answer any questions you may have regarding the live experience, as well as warning you of some of the pitfalls debutants tend to stumble into. And if anyone can tell you about what live tells to be aware of, it's Sam, whose thespian background has made him an expert at reading players and detecting bluffs.

If you would like one of the game's top young(ish) players to help quench those last-minute nerves and introduce you to the world of live poker, then sign up now by purchasing a token with your Spending Points. Tickets are a bargain at just 300 Spending Points, and can be located in the Black Belt Poker Store under 'Dojo Sessions'. But don't delay, as the Session is limited to 10 seats and is sure to sell out long before the event.

'Going Live' is just one of many new Dojo Sessions announced for the next six months, which include the return of Mental Game coach Jared Tendler. Click here to check out the full schedule.