Friday, 21 September 2012

Sneak into Ninja

Get ready to polish your shuriken and slice up the Ninja buy-ins as we introduce a week of satellite sunshine.

Starting at 20:00 on Monday, September 24, we're hosting two satellites every day with each satellite corresponding with the following week's Ninja event.

Satellites will be available from as little as $1+0.10, meaning you can get involved in Black Belt Poker's first ever online poker series for just a single buck!

The schedule is as follows:

Monday, September 24 (20:00 & 21:00)
$2+0.20 No Limit Hold'em Freezeout (into Ninja #1)

Tuesday, September 25 (20:00 & 21:00)

$4+0.40 No Limit Hold'em Freezeout (into Ninja #2)

Wednesday, September 26 (20:00 & 21:00)

$3+0.30 No Limit Hold'em Freezeout (into Ninja #3)

Thursday, September 27 (20:00 & 21:00)
$2+0.20 No Limit Hold'em Freezeout (into Ninja #4)

Friday, September 28 (20:00 & 21:00)
$1+0.10 No Limit Hold'em Freezeout (into Ninja #5)

Saturday, September 29 (20:00 & 21:00)
$2+0.20 No Limit Hold'em Freezeout (into Mega)

To play, simply locate the satellite in the Black Belt Poker lobby under Scheduled > Black Belt Tournaments.

If you don't already have an account, then opening one is easy: click here to download the poker client and follow the step-by-step process provided.

Ninja is a recently announced series of fun, yet competitive tournaments exclusive to Black Belt Poker and running from October 1-7.

There are six events in total, kicking off with a $10+1 No Limit Hold'em freezeout, and culminating in the $50+5 Main Event with a £2,500 guaranteed prize pool.

What's more, each event will be hosted by a Black Belt Poker pro; sniper them down, and you'll win free entry into the Main Event.

Along with our Full Ninja Freeroll and Nightly Nifty tournaments, Ninja is destined to be a high value week of poker festivity for a minimal investment.

So don't miss out; make sure you earn your route into Ninja by ambushing our many satellites and taking advantage of the incredible value on offer.

See our promotions page for more details.

Thursday, 20 September 2012

Sweet Sixteen for 'BobbersAllin'

The sixteenth Black Belt Poker League reached its exciting conclusion this week with Yellow Belt Robbie BobbersAllin Ayres pipping Spencer dionysian Lawrence to the poker post and becoming the latest Champion.

Heading into the eighth and final leg, BobbersAllin was just one point behind pacesetter dionysian after taking down Leg 7. The objective was thus crystal clear: finish higher than his nemesis to evade defeat.

The standings threatened a photo finish, and that's precisely what we got as our spotlight players danced through the 83-strong field to ambush another final table alongside the likes of Russ nicenutter Cochran and Steve stevegw Westcott.

With added points for reaching the final table, this meant that whoever finished highest would be crowned Champion.

The key hand, however, occurred with two tables remaining. All in for five big blinds with 9s-9h, BobbersAllin needed to evade a bullet against the As-8c of dionysian, but was unable to do so as the flop came Kh-Qd-Ac with the Ad on the turn for good measure. However, the miracle 9c arrived on the river to keep both his hopes and tournament life alive.

This roller coaster would prove a crucial ride for BobbersAllin, who carried his stack over to the final table before finishing in fifth place, just one place ahead of dionysian who was forced to settle for seventh, and second place overall.

1st  nickhem1 -- $114.17
2nd  lionrampant27 -- $76.77
3rd  stevegw -- $58.10
4th  habbad -- $39.42
5th  BobbersAllin -- $29.05
6th  dionysian -- $21.78
7th  ToddCoxeter -- $17.63
8th  nicenutter -- $14.52
9th  bas2604 -- $12.45
10th  VBlueBBP -- $10.37
11th  shaolin4aces -- $10.37
12th  ourkidsid -- $10.37

The final leg drama means that BobbersAllin wins League XVI by just two points, taking away a hard-earned 2,500 Belt Points, as well as a personalised hoodie.

With dionysian collecting silver, the third spot on the podium goes to Simon ourkidsid Herrick whose 12th place was enough to leapfrog PhilDee64 who finished a disappointing 54th.

At the other end of the spectrum, Rykanshadow and Leg 5 winner BoatDrink both snuck into the prize positions at the last moment with 21st and 33rd respectively.

1st  BobbersAllin (657 points) -- 2,500 Belt Points & Personalised Hoodie
2nd  dionysian (655 points) -- 2,000 Belt Points
3rd  ourkidsid (592 points) -- 1,750 Belt Points
4th  PhilDee64 (586 points) -- 1,500 Belt Points
5th  Barty1uk (559 points) -- 1,250 Belt Points
6th  mavperth (548 points) -- 1,000 Belt Points
7th  Iceman78Danny (529 points) -- 750 Belt Points
8th  bornTOflirt (526 points) -- 500 Belt Points
9th  NPStars1 (518 points) -- 300 Belt Points
10th  bas2604 (515 points) -- 200 Belt Points
11th  veg41 (514 points) -- 100 Belt Points
12th  VBlueBBP (505 points) -- 100 Belt Points
=13th  tealcSVU (499 points) -- 100 Belt Points
=13th  pbsef81 (499 points) -- 100 Belt Points
15th  Ourkid888 (495 points) -- 100 Belt Points
16th  Mrdroodle (492 points) -- 100 Belt Points
17th  BoatDrink (483 points) -- 100 Belt Points
18th  Wally19 (475 points) -- 100 Belt Points
19th  13kendo13 (469 points) -- 100 Belt Points
20th  RykanShadow (466 points) -- 100 Belt Points

With more drama than an Eastenders' omnibus, it would have been easy to overlook the eventual winner of Leg 8; that man was Orange Belt Nick nickhem1 Hemming, who received $114.17 and the final spot in our Second Chance SNG.

The following players (excluding Champion BobbersAllin) will be battling it out for 2,500 Belt Points in next week's event:

Leg 1: TheSimian
Leg 2: mrdroodle
Leg 3: UsainZeus88
Leg 4: bas2604
Leg 5: BoatDrink
Leg 6: Ourkid888
Leg 7: BobbersAllin
Leg 8: nickhem1

If winning Leg 8 wasn't impressive enough, nickhem1 returned the following night to best a field of 18 in the Deepstack Mulligan, this time for a $121.50 reward. Second place went to dionysian who is likely sick of this position already.

1st  nickhem1 -- $121.50 (50 Belt Points)
2nd  dionysian -- $81.00 (30 Belt Points)
3rd  JHobbit1 -- $40.50 (10 Belt Points)
4th  Touagorimou -- $27.00 (10 Belt Points)
5th  ourkidsid (5 Belt Points)

The League may be done and dusted, but Ninja is fast-approaching. For those unaware, Ninja is a series of exclusive online poker tournaments with added value and a £2,500 guaranteed Main Event.

See our promotions page for more information.

On Wednesday, we offered our loyal players free entry into every single Ninja tournament, including the Full Ninja Freeroll for those who compete in all events. It was Colin cheekyweeguy Timms who lapped up the added value.

1st  cheekyweeguy -- Ninja Season Ticket ($126.50)
2nd  dionysian -- Main Event seat ($50+5)
3rd  7onyB -- Ninja #2 seat ($25+2.50)
4th  WiseOwlBB -- Ninja #1 seat ($10+1)
5th  ourkidsid -- Ninja Mega Satellite seat ($8+0.80)
6th  myteamouse -- Ninja Mega Satellite seat ($8+0.80)

If you want to join cheekyweeguy but are working from a limited bankroll, then don't fear as starting Monday, September 24, there will be two satellites every day for the corresponding event the following week. In addition, we're guaranteeing 10 seats with a Main Event Mega Satellite on October 6.

Along with bounties in each tournament, Ninja represents incredible value at an affordable price, and is an unmissable opportunity for recreational low stakes players looking to win a nice prize and capture some much-sought after bragging rights.

So join us next week and showcase your mad ninja poker skills to the rest of Black Belt Poker.

If you don't already have an account, then opening one is easy: simply download the poker client and follow the step-by-step process provided.
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Week 7 - Ayres to the Throne in Leg 7

Friday, 14 September 2012

Ninja: Online Poker Series

Join us in the shadows this autumn for Ninja, a series of online tournaments exclusive to Black Belt Poker.

Kicking off on Monday, October 1, Ninja will see players infiltrate the cyber felt for six eclectic tournaments with buy-ins starting from as little as $5+0.50 and culminating in a $50+5 Main Event with a $2,500 guaranteed prize pool.

The full schedule is as follows:

Ninja #1 - Monday, October 01 (20:00)
$10+1 No Limit Hold'em Freezeout

Ninja #2 - Tuesday, October 02 (20:00)
$25+2.50 No Limit Hold'em Six-Max Freezeout

Ninja #3 - Wednesday, October 03 (20:00)
$15+1.50 No Limit Hold'em Deep Stack Freezeout

Ninja #4 - Thursday, October 04 (20:00)
$10+1 No Limit Hold'em Turbo 1 x Rebuy / Add-on

Ninja #5 - Friday, October 05 (20:00)
$5+0.50 Pot Limit Omaha 1 x Rebuy & Add-on

Saturday, October 06 (20:00)
$8+0.80 No Limit Hold'em Mega Satellite (10 seats guaranteed)

Ninja Main Event - Sunday, October 07 (20:00)
$50+5 No Limit Hold'em Freezeout ($2,500 GTD)

Each event will be hosted by a Black Belt Poker pro; turn assassin and eliminate a pro and we’ll give you free entry into the Main Event.

What’s more, if you participate in all six Ninja events, you’ll be eligible to play our Full Ninja Freeroll and compete for a number of unique prizes.

Ninja is available to players of all bankrolls with qualifiers from as little as a single buck. At 20:30 during Ninja Week, there will be a satellite into the following day's Ninja event, as well as satellites all throughout the prior week.

And for those in need of more than one table, the Nightly Nifty at 21:00 is a brand new tournament that allows players to win a month's worth of Orange Belt maintenance in just one night.

Entry is just 50 Belt Points with players competing for a guaranteed 1,250 Belt Points prize pool. Tokens will become available in the Black Belt Poker Store within the next few days.

Ninja is an exciting new series that offers low stakes players a chance to showcase their mad ninja poker skillz for a modest fee. If you want to play, then each Ninja can be located in the cardroom lobby via Scheduled > Black Belt Tournaments.

For more details, including satellite schedule, bounties, and Freeroll prizes, see our promotions page.

Thursday, 13 September 2012

Ayres to the Throne in Leg 7

 It was a magnificent seven for Yellow Belt Robbie BobbersAllin Ayres this Tuesday as he was knighted champion for a week in the Black Belt Poker League.

Leg 7 attracted 81 to the felt, including a star-studded final table that included two former Champions in Mark 99Ranny Ranson (League VI) and Blue Belt Jamie StilettoMafiosa Burland (League IX), the latter of whom provided the final hurdle.

Following a competitive heads-up battle, BobbersAllin dispatched of the former UKIPT winner to capture top spot and the $111.41 first prize.

1st  BobbersAllin -- $111.41
2nd  StilettoMafiosa -- $74.92
3rd  99Ranny -- $56.70
4th  lionrampant27 -- $38.47
5th  NPStars1 -- $28.35
6th  VBlueBBP -- $21.26
7th  PhilDee64 -- $17.21
8th  CarpyGAS -- $14.17
9th  JosseWales -- $12.15
10th  TheZartog -- $10.12
11th  BoraBoraBoy -- $10.12
12th  WiseOwlBB -- $10.12

In total, 160 have given the League a crack this season, but it's recent Grab a Grand winner Spencer dionysian Lawrence who leads the way with 569 points. However, BobbersAllin's victory means he's just one point behind.

Meanwhile, Philip PhilDee64 Dronfield has jumped from fifth to third after an impressive final table showing.

1st  dionysian -- 569 points
2nd  BobbersAllin -- 568 points
3rd  PhilDee64 -- 556 points
4th  ourkidsid -- 520 points
5th  mavperth -- 516 points
6th  Barty1uk -- 495 points
7th  Iceman78Danny -- 491 points
8th  tealcSVU -- 487 points
9th  Mrdroodle -- 465 points
10th  pbsef81 -- 462 points
11th  bornTOflirt -- 461 points
12th  veg41 -- 458 points
13th  NPStars1 -- 457 points
14th  Ourkid888 -- 448 points
15th  bas2604 -- 438 points
16th  VBlueBBP -- 430 points
17th  CarpyGAS -- 428 points
18th  13kendo13 -- 427 points
19th  Wally19 -- 426 points
20th  BoatDrink -- 420 points

The very next day, 40 Black Belt Poker players had themselves an orgy… of the Omaha variant, in our latest Orange Belt Freeroll. Gary browndog0 Brown and Colin cheekyweeguy Timms will now be playing the Monday Night Omaha event for free.

1st  browndog0 -- Monday Night Omaha seat ($100+9)
2nd  cheekyweeguy -- Monday Night Omaha seat ($100+9)
3rd  PhilDee64 -- Monday Night Omaha satellite seat ($20+2)
4th  WiseOwlBB -- Monday Night Omaha satellite seat ($20+2)

At the same time, the Deepstack Mulligan was running parallel with Paul 2LAMCHOP2 Lamonby picking up the win.

1st  2LAMCHOP2 -- $121.50 (50 Belt Points)
2nd  StilettoMafiosa -- $81.00 (120 Belt Points)
3rd  DBPlatypus -- $40.50 (10 Belt Points)
4th  ourkidsid -- $27.00 (5 Belt Points)
5th  losbert40 (5 Belt Points)

With the League threatening another photo finish, next week should be another slobberknocker on Black Belt Poker, so make sure you join us. Remember, 20 get paid this time around, and even if you haven't played a single leg before, you can still earn entry into the Second Chance SNG in which all leg winners will compete for a juicy 2,500 Belt Points.

Please also note that we have updated our tournaments page so you can view all the details from past league. Click here to take a look.

If you don't already have an account, then opening one is easy: simply download the poker client and follow the step-by-step process provided.

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Monday, 10 September 2012

Spencer Lawrence Grabs a Grand

Last week, Orange Belt Spencer dionysian Lawrence topped a field of 48 in Grab a Grand III, Black Belt Poker's exclusive quarterly freeroll.

In doing so, he earned himself a cool $1,000 in online tournament entries, including free passage into events such as Samurai and the weekly $150,000 Guaranteed.

A 33-year old poker player from London, Spencer is a mixed games specialist with three WSOP final tables to his name, including the $2,500 H.O.R.S.E at the 2008 WSOPE. He's also leading the current Black Belt Poker League with just two legs remaining.

At Nottingham Live II, Spencer bravely volunteered to join Koddzilla's Carps and don full clown attire in aid of Cancer Research. On that occasion, however, he was left red-faced after evading the wooden spoon by just one spot.

But last week he enjoyed a return to form with a final table in the league, followed by victory in Grab a Grand. He now joins Ciaran HesGot2Aces Cole and Owen Ruaction Robinson as one of only three Grab a Grand Champions.

Grab a Grand takes place four times a year, and is only available to those who have been Orange Belt or above for a minimum of three months. If you are Purple or Green Belt at the time of the tournament, then first prize increases to $1,250 and $1,500 respectively.

If you would like to participate in our next Grab a Grand event, then simply work your way up to Orange and hold onto that Belt for a further three months. For example, if you reached Orange on October 1, and were still Orange on November 1 and December 1, you would become eligible for the freeroll.

See our promotions page for more information.

Thursday, 6 September 2012

A Laight Surge

Jon Ourkid888 Laight played for Cancer Research at Nottingham Live as one of Koddzilla's Carps, but there was no clowning around in the Black Belt Poker League as he took gold in this week's Leg 6.

He bested a field of 87 en route to victory, including a fresh-faced final table that included fellow Carp Spencer dionysian Lawrence. After edging Fieldmarrshal heads-up, Ourkid888 took top honours and the first prize of $121.00.

1st  Ourkid888 -- $121.00
2nd  Fieldmarrshal -- $81.40
3rd  CarpyGAS -- $61.60
4th  njw1978 -- $41.80
5th  gazthechippy -- $30.80
6th  PhilDee64 -- $23.10
7th  dionysian -- $18.70
8th  eixip50 -- $15.40
9th  tealSVU -- $13.20
10th  pbsef81 -- $11.00
11th  TeeDeeEye1 -- $11.00
12th  bornTOflirt -- $11.00

Victory means Ourkid888 has sprinted into the top 10, and is still in with a shout of topping the table with two legs remaining. However, he'll have to catch dionysian, whose final table appearance means he now leads Simon ourkidsid Herrick by six points.

1st  dionysian -- 501 points
2nd  ourkidsid -- 495 points
3rd  Iceman78Danny -- 485 points
4th  tealSVU -- 483 points
5th  PhilDee64 -- 475 points
6th  mavperth -- 473 points
7th  BobbersAllin -- 462 points
8th  Ourkid888 -- 445 points
9th  Barty1uk -- 440 points
10th  pbsef81 -- 429 points
11th  Wally19 -- 426 points
12th  bornTOflirt -- 413 points
13th  BoatDrink -- 402 points
14th  Mrdroddle -- 400 points
15th  13kendo13 -- 398 points
16th  veg41 -- 389 points
17th  ChipRead77 -- 388 points
18th  bas2604 -- 381 points
19th  BubbleCloud -- 379 points
20th  NPStars1 -- 370 points

There was a new name at the top of the list in this week's Deepstack Mulligan, Stephen Mona821 Monaghan capturing the $121.50 prize, with fellow Orange Belt Stephen eixip50 Andrews in second.

1st  mona821 -- $121.50 (50 Belt Points)
2nd  eixip50 -- $81.00 (30 Belt Points)
3rd  nickhem1 -- $40.40 (10 Belt Points)
4th  UliKoko -- $27.00 (5 Belt Points)
5th  diiscostu (5 Belt Points)

On Saturday, we welcome the return of the Black Belt Poker Academy, this time hosted by the Genting Mint Cromwell Casino in South Kensington. The topic will be Preflop Aggression with mentors Alex Rousso and Jerome Bradpiece.

Last night, 41 players battled it out for a free ticket in the latest Enlightenment Freeroll. The winner was Paul pauloc3 Corrway.

1st  pauloc3 -- Black Belt Academy (£99)
2nd  themackem1968 -- 1-to-1 Enlightenment
3rd  browndog0 -- 2 Dojo Session Tickets
4th  paul6543 -- 1 Dojo Session Tickets

And later that evening, Chris losbert40 Osborne joined Paul when he won the $10+1 satellite.

1st  losbert40 - Black Belt Academy Seat (£99)
2nd  cheekyweeguy
3rd  Touagorimou
4th  Lidg1
5th  JKitin
6th  diiscostu

If you fell short in the aforementioned qualifiers, then it's not too late to book your seat. Tickets are a snip at just £99. If you would like to attend, then please drop us an email at, or purchase a token via the Black Belt Poker Store.

If you don't already have an account, then opening one is easy: simply download the poker client and follow the step-by-step process provided.

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Week 5 - 'BoatDrink' Ships It

Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Win an Academy Seat for 10 Bucks!

This Saturday, September 8, we're inviting you in for a poker pit stop with our latest Black Belt Poker Academy: Preflop Aggro - How to Beat the Kids at Their Own Game.

In recent times, preflop warfare has become a major part of the game, and for successful pros like Vanessa Selbst, Isildur and recent APPT Champion Sam Razavi, aggression is a key weapon in their arsenal.

If you would like to learn how to add aggression to your game, whilst also developing skills in dealing with aggressive play, then join us this Saturday at the Genting Mint Cromwell Casino in South Kensington.

Tickets are a snip at just £99 with attendees treated to six hours of lectures and demonstrations, as well as workshops within smaller groups. To book your seat, simply drop us an email at, or purchase a ticket via the Black Belt Poker Store.

Joining head coach Alex Rousso will be Brown Belt Jerome Bradpiece. A cash game pro by day, Jerome is also well versed in tournaments, and boasts $725K in live tournament winnings including a GUKPT title and WSOPE final table.

The schedule for the day is as follows:

     Intro: The Basics of Preflop Aggression
     Workshop: 200BB Deep, No Ante; Nits & TAGs vs. LAGs!
     Mid Stages: Merged Ranges, Opponent Types and Tendencies
     Workshop: 100-50BB Deep, with Antes; Smallball vs. LAG
     Late Stages: ICM, Polarising Ranges & Going All-In
     Workshop: 50-25BB Deep, with Antes
     Recap & Open Session with Figures & Tables

For those seeking an even cheaper option, then be sure to check out tomorrow's qualifier. At 20:00, Black Belt Poker are hosting an exclusive satellite with one seat guaranteed. The buy-in is just $10+1.

On the same evening, Orange Belts will have the opportunity to attend for free with this week's Enlightenment Freeroll. The action starts at 20:00, with the winner securing himself a spot at Saturday's event.

Preflop aggression is a huge element of modern poker, and a skill all players should seek to develop, so if you're determined to improve your game and keep up with the curb, then be sure to snap up your Academy seat now.

For more information, see our training page.

Monday, 3 September 2012

Sam Razavi Wins APPT Melbourne

It was champagne all around earlier today as Black Belt Poker pro Sam Razavi became Master of Melbourne by taking down the latest leg of the APPT (Asia Pacific Poker Tour).

The Crown Casino played host to the week's poker fun and frolics, with 257 handing over the A$4,700 buy-in in hope of striking gold. After surviving three days on the battlefield, just nine remained with Sam sitting comfortably in second.

Sam was active on the final table, but managed to avoid the monster pots. He did, however, cause the first casualty of the day, disposing of a short-stacked Brendon Rubie with J-J versus Q-J having doubled him up just one hand previous.

It wasn't until short-handed that Sam truly began to excel, aiding the descent of fellow Brit Wayne Bentley before taking a small chip lead into the final three.

The podium-placers would engage in a long, hard-fought battle in which the chip lead changed multiple times. At one stage, Sam's stack was heading south, but a pivotal double-up with 9-9 vs. A-Ko provided some much-needed momentum that would see him reclaim the lead.

With confidence high, Sam defended his big blind to a raise from Tom Grigg, before calling continuation bets on the 7c-7h-5s flop and Qh turn. Sam's shove on the 3d river was then check-called all-in by Grigg who could only muck upon being shown 5h-5d for the flopped full house.

'Lovely. Beautiful,' as our hero would say.

As a result, Sam boasted a 3:1 chip lead heading into heads-up, and he secured the title in under 10 minutes. He was behind on the final hand with Ks-Ts versus Keith Walker's Jd-Jc, but an As-2d-5s-8s-Js board gave Sam hot flushes and the win.

Having finished second in Cebu, and then final-tabled the Macau leg, it was third time lucky for Sam who capped off another lucrative trip with victory in Melbourne, 18 months after finishing sixth in the Aussie Millions at the same venue.

In just a few years, Sam has collated a whopping $838,437 in live tournament winnings and a record of results longer than Mr. Tickle's arms, including a UKIPT title and several WSOP cashes.

"I feel amazing, because when we got three-way, I started dwindling," commented Sam in the post-match interview. "It felt like it was slipping away, and then just like that, it turned around… Everything just seemed to work out in the end."

"It was pretty tough. I know Brendon [Rubie] is a really good player and I was really concerned about having him on the table. It's a shame he went out, commiserations, but I wasn't too upset…"

A Black Belt in the Belt-Up Rewards System, Sam can be found playing on Black Belt Poker, and is a regular at Black Belt Live Events.

At the recent Nottingham Live II, he and friend Babis Lappas helped raise $2,500 for Cancer Research when Koddzilla's Carps ambushed Dusk Till Dawn dressed in full clown attire.

There was nothing fishy about today's display, though - Sam Razavi finishes on top Down Under to become 2012 APT Melbourne Champion, taking away the illustrious title and $326,125 first prize.

Or, in Koddzilla currency: 46,707 J├Ągerbombs.

1st  Sam Razavi -- A$326,125
2nd  Keith Walker -- A$205,345
3rd  Tom Grigg -- A$114,750
4th  Wayne Bentley -- A$87,575
5th  Gary Benson -- A$72,475
6th  James Bills -- A$57,375
7th  Kristian Lunardi -- A$45,300
8th  Nigel Andrews -- A$36,250
9th  Brendon Rubie -- A$27,175