Friday, 27 December 2013

Marvellous! Channing Wins Newcastle Live

This weekend Black Belt Poker co-founder Neil Channing became the first ever Newcastle Live Champion, snapping up the title and £3,650 first prize just one day prior to his 46th birthday.

Aspers Casino played host to the inaugural event with 65 taking to the tables alongside the likes of community regulars Ken Johnston, Tom Thompson, Bruce Jones and Nottingham Live II Champion Kevin Williams.

After William Wharton’s 3-3 crumbled against A-3 to feel the splash of the bubble, we had our final table with Black Belt Channing leading the way. Not too far behind was Tristan Chaplin while Ji Woliane was further back in third.

Seat 1: Daniel Scott -- 60,000
Seat 2: David Woodward -- 65,000
Seat 3: Neil Channing -- 260,000
Seat 4: Colin Turbull -- 85,000
Seat 5: Paul Lamonby -- 55,000
Seat 6: Ji Woliane -- 100,000
Seat 7: Andy Brisland -- 90,000
Seat 8: Tristan Chaplin -- 250,000
Seat 9: Dean Aldred -- 55,000

Colin Turbull was the first casualty with A-9 vs. J-J, followed by David Woodward in eighth (Q-6 vs. A-K). They were joined on the rail by Daniel Scott, eliminated by neighbour Channing who woke up with A-A when Scott open-jammed Q-5.

Ji Woliane was the next to fall, the unfortunate victim of a set-over-set encounter with Paul Lamonby, who then completed the double KO by dispatching of Dean Aldred in fifth with K-K versus T-T.

Having turned his short stack into a towering inferno Lamonby nipped off to the gents only to return to find himself heads-up for the title. Channing was the cause, flopping the nut flush with Ad-5d on a 7d-Td-Jd flop with both Andy Brisland (Kc-Jc) and Tristan McDonald (As-Qd) all in before him.

Must be nice.

Despite spending a penny and receiving a minimum payday of £2,630, Lamonby was unable to overturn a 4:1 chip deficit, ultimately succumbing to Channing with A-2 versus A-Q and settling for second place.

Hailing from Maida Vale, London, Channing boasts more than $3.3 million in live tournament winnings and lies in seventh in the England all-time money list. In 2009 he co-founded Black Belt Poker and has since hosted seven live events across the country.

"I was delighted that we got so many of our most regular and loyal players to visit the frozen north,” revealed Channing in victory. “Aspers ran a great tournament and I was particularly pleased that so many familiar Black Belt Poker faces made the final. Thanks for letting me win - it was a lovely surprise."

Running parallel to the final table was a £35 charity tournament organised by long-standing members Dawn Cooke and Dean Aldred with £50 bounties and a plethora of spot prizes. The event raised circa £1,000 in support of Progressio and Multiple Sclerosis Society.

“People all over were coming up and giving money or pledging if they cashed," reported Dawn. “It was pretty overwhelming as were the folks who wanted to talk to me about MS and the experiences they and their families have had with it.”

Final results:

1st Neil Channing -- £3,650
2nd Paul Lamonby -- £2,630
3rd Tristan Chaplin -- £1,575
4th Andy Brisland -- £1,050
5th Dean Aldred -- £815
6th Ji Woliane -- £700
7th Daniel Scott -- £585
8th David Woodward -- £465
9th Colin Turbull -- £230

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